Common Mistakes that Submission Heralds Make

Below you will find common mistakes that submission heralds make:

  1. Failing to date the letter.  Or, mailing the letter out more than one week from the date on the letter.  If the letter is mailed out more than one week after the date on the letter, it needs to be redated to the mailing date.  A simple solution is to postdate the letter.  The first page needs the date PROMINENTLY and should be in a header or footer on every page.  Note: to be counted for the month of on the LoI, it must be postmarked no later than the 1st of the following month.  E.G. A letter dated June must be postmarked by July 1.
  2. Failing to number the pages.
  3. Failing to number the mini-emblazons and/or failing to list the client's name near them.
  4. Incorrectly listing the type of submission it is.  Unless it is a resubmission to Laurel, it is not a resubmission.
  5. If it is a resubmission, list when Laurel returned the submission, why and why this submission is now acceptable.  E.g., this was returned for conflict with Smith, "Gules, an aardvark Or.", we have added a bordure which gives us a second CD.  The name was returned for incorrect construction.  We have fixed the problem by eliminating such and such.  The device was returned for conflict, this is a totally new design.
  6. The blazon for the armory (if any) should be easy to find.  Either put it by itself, or italicise it, or something like that.
  7. Use a legible font.  Readability is more important than pretty.
  8. Never say a name is found in "reference", unless the reference consists of solely period names.  Always, always, always, give the best information you can on the date.  Just saying that a name is found in reference X (e.g., Withycombe, Black, Reaney and Wilson, etc), and not providing a date for the name, can result in the submission being returned for inadequate summary of the documentation.
  9. When a client will not take corrections/changes, say so.
  10. If you are not sure of something, let the College know. 
  11. Saying that so-and-so says the name is fine is not documentation.  Summarize why they say it is fine.  If you can't summarize the documentation, quote it in full.