SCA College of Arms - Submissions Process

The Submissions Process

When starting a submission, it is recommended that you talk to a herald. A herald can help you make sure that your submission follows the rules set by Laurel and that there are no items that are too close to what you want.

Individuals can submit the following items:

  • Primary persona name
  • Device (it is called arms after you've received your AoA)
  • Household name
  • Badge
  • Alternate name
  • Alternate device

Individuals can have up to 6 name items registered and up to 6 armory items registered at a time.

Once you have a submission, the next step is to send it in. In some kingdoms, you must send your submission in through your local herald (who will in turn send it to the submissions herald); in others, you must send your submission directly to the submissions herald.

Once the submissions herald receives your submission, the submissions herald will put it into the kingdom commentary process. This process can take from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the kingdom; see your kingdom herald's website for specifics.

Once the kingdom commentary period is over, the kingdom submissions herald will determine if submissions should be sent to Laurel for final evaluation or should be returned because they don't follow the rules.

Once Laurel receives the submission, heralds in the College of Arms (CoA) spend the next two calendar months commenting on it. You can track your submission here. So if your submission is received by Laurel in February, the CoA will spend whatever time is remaining in February commenting, and will comment during March and April. Laurel will make a decision on the submission in May. Each month's decisions are written up in a Letter of Acceptance and Return (LoAR); this letter can take 4-6 weeks to be published after the end of that month. So if your submission is decided upon in May, the LoAR for it will likely be published near the end of June or early July. No decision is final until it is published in a LoAR.

If you feel that your submission was returned in error at either the kingdom or Laurel levels, you may file an appeal. If the appeal was for a kingdom return, the kingdom will review the appeal but must forward it to Laurel for Laurel to decide on the item. If the return was a Laurel return, then the Laurel team will review it again – Pelican (names) will review Wreath decisions (armory) and Wreath will review Pelican decisions.