SCA College of Arms - Armory Articles

Group Petitions

When a group registers a branch name and branch arms, the name and armory submissions must be accompanied by a petition. The petition must clearly state the name being submitted and include a description of the arms (either in plain English or in blazon). If a color copy of the arms can be included as well as a description, then that is ideal.

The Administrative Handbook provides the following form for petitions:

We the undersigned members and officers of ([Society branch name]) affirm that we approve of the submission of the branch name ([Society branch name submitted]) and device, ([blazon]), pictured below.

[Date] [Signatures of ruling noble, if applicable]

[Date] [Signatures of Officers and/or Populace]

The Handbook requires that, in addition to having the signatures from the ruling noble(s), where appropriate, a petition must include the signatures from:

  • over 50% of the people belonging to the group, OR
  • the seneschal and at least 3/4 of the other officers.

Only branch name and arms/device submissions require a petition. Order/award name submissions, order/award badge submissions, household/guild name submissions, and household/guild badge submissions only require the permission of the ruling noble(s) or seneschal.