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Submissions Herald Checklist (or How to Help the Laurel Office Process your Submission)

Every month, the Laurel office receives submissions from up to 19 kingdoms. That amounts to upwards of 300 name and armory submissions a month. With two color copies of armory and one copy of name paperwork (plus documentation), that a lot of paper. 

As a submission herald, there are a lot of things you can do to make processing all of this paperwork easier. In addition to following the requirements in the Admin Handbook, Ragged Staff (the file clerk) has the following suggestions.

General Packet Tips

  • Please put a note in with the packet stating what month and year the forms are for. A copy of the Letter of Intent for the month is even better. This way, the forms can be checked against the list and the office can get in touch with you if there is a discrepancy.
  • Please make sure that the correct number of copies of each form are included. This means one name form and two colored armory forms. Please don't put in extra copies 'just in case'. These copies will only get thrown away and increase your postage costs.
    For a little extra security, send the packet in with a tracking number from the postal service. Registered or certified mail is not necessary.
  • Please remove all staples before mailing. Also, remove all paperclips, string, and tape that are used to make “books” of documentation.
  • Make sure that petitions from groups conform to Admin Handbook requirements before submitting the paperwork. It is really a shame to have to return perfectly good names and/or armory for a group at the decision meeting because the petition is incorrect, incomplete, or missing. Dating the petition is very, very important! If the group is submitting both name and device, you need to make sure that both the name and the armory are mentioned as being approved or use two petitions.
  • Please use the boxes at the bottom of the form to indicate payment and date for acceptance and forwarding. This is a useful double-check, since an “N/A” in the payment field to Laurel tells us that kingdom thinks that it's a resubmission to Laurel.
  • If you think that the weather may damage your mailing, using a large gallon-size plastic bag can prevent major disasters.
  • Avoid double-sided photocopies. It is much harder to scan the forms and documentation, since it is not always easy to spot the double-siding until after the scanning is in progress. Pelican works directly from the scans, something important may be missed.
  • Don't trim photocopies of odd size books or other sources to just the size of the printed area. Keep everything on standard sized paper.
  • Please ask questions when you are not sure how to package or otherwise handle something.
  • Double-check that the forms are the most recently approved version of the forms.

Names Forms

  • Please put in the packet all the required copies of documentation from quoted sources. Check the form. If it says "see attached" and there is nothing in addition, then the missing copies need to be obtained before the packet is mailed, and probably before it is put on a LoI.
  • Please make sure that the correct number of copies of documentation are included. There needs to be one copy of the documentation to go with each form. This means one copy of name documentation.
  • Double-check on sources of information - many articles in the Medieval Names Archive and the Medieval Armory Archive, for instance, are mirrored on the Laurel web pages and therefore are Appendix H. You just have to change the citation on the form and in the LoI to reflect the different URL. Save your kingdom the postage.
  • Name worksheets may be included if the documentation is on them. While we would prefer that the information be transferred to the name form, which would also save the kingdom postage, we realize the time investment that some kingdoms would have.
  • Make sure that the boxes at the top of the form are checked to indicate what sort of submission it is - new or resubmission. If the submission is a resubmission, then from what level and the date of the last action at that level. If an old registration is being retained as an alternate name, or a badge, that must be marked. If the form is not marked, the item will be released, per the Admin Handbook.
  • Remember that the Admin Handbook requires that there is a translation for all documentation in a foreign language. A printout of 32 pages of Old Icelandic, for instance, does little good when it cannot be read.
  • Avoid sending copies of documentation from Appendix H sources. Again, they will be thrown away. If the form says 'see attached' and all the copies are Appendix H sources, it is perfectly acceptable for the Kingdom Submissions Herald to write the Appendix H information on the form and not mail extra pieces of paper. This is not an absolute requirement, but it is helpful in many instances.
  • Don't just include everything in that was sent up from the submitter, prune out the unnecessary pieces of paper. If the submitter sent a 27 page article from the Internet, but only information from page 9 is used, then only page 1 and page 9 need to be included with the form.

Armory Forms

  • Check all color copies of armory to make sure that the colors match the blazon and each other. Remember, we register the emblazon. If there is a problem with the coloring on the forms, the item may be pended or even returned.
  • Please make sure that the correct number of copies of documentation are included. There needs to be one copy of the documentation to go with each form. This means two copies of armory documentation.
  • Don't include armory worksheets from major tables (Pennsic, Gulf Wars, Estrella, etc).
  • Don't include black and white copies of armory forms, they will be thrown away.