Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
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Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
(locative names)

by Karen Larsdatter (Karen Harris)

There are two main forms of locative bynames: toponyms and topographical bynames. This page will explore both subjects in separate sections.


A toponym is a locative name referring to a specific place, such as a specific town or village. They are grouped and sorted alphabetically by the modern spelling of the location to which the toponym likely refers. Many of the place-names are in or near Rutland; those marked with an asterisk (*) are villages which have records of their own within the 1296 Rutland Lay Subsidy.

Alsthorpe*  Langham (Rutland)

de Alstorp 1   de Langham 5
de Alstorp'1   Leighfield*
Ashwell*  Luffenham*
Ayston*  de Luffenham 1
de Aston'1   Lyndon*
Barrow*  de Lindon 6
de Barowe1   Manton*
Barrowden*  de Manton 3
de Beroudon3   Market Overton*
de Berouden1   de Ouirton 2
Belmesthorpe (Rutland)  Martinsthorpe*
de Belmesthorp1   de Martinesthorp 1
Belton*  Morcott*
de Belton2   de Morcote 2
Bilsthorpe (Nottinghamshire)  de Morkote 1
de Bylisthorp1   Normanton*
Bisbrooke*  de Normant[on] 1
de Bithisbrok'1   de Normanton 1
Blaston (Leicestershire)  Oakham*
de Bloston1   de Ocham 2
Bradcroft*  Pickworth*
Braunston*  de Picworthe 1
de Braunston1   Preston*
Brook*  de Preston 1
de Brok'1   Ridlington*
Burley*  Ryhall*
Caldecott*  de Rihale 2
de Caldecote1   Rihale 1
de Caldekote1   Seagrave (Leicestershire)
Casterton*  de Segraue 1
de Castreton1   de Segrave 1
Clipsham*  Seaton*
Cottesmore*  de Seyton 2
de Cotesmor1   Snelston*
de Cotismor1   de Snelliston 1
Edith Weston*  Stretton*
Egleton*  de Stretton 1
de Egilton7   Teigh*
Empingham*  de Thy 5
de Empingham2   Thistleton*
Essendine*  de Thistilton 1
Exton*  Thorpe by Water*
de Exton2   de Thorp 2
Flanders  de Thorp' 1
le Fleming2   Tickencote*
Fleming1   de Tykencote 1
Glaston*  Tinwell*
de Glaston'4   de Tynewell 1
Greetham*  Tixover*
de Gretham3   de Tykesouer 1
de Greetham1   Uppingham*
Gunthorpe*  Wales
de Gunthorp3   le Waleys 2
de Gunthorp'2   de Waleys 1
Hambleton*  Wardley*
de Hameldon1   de Wardeleye 1
de Hameldon'1   Wenton*
Horn*  de Wenton 2
de Horne1   Westhorpe (Lincolnshire)
Ketton*  de Westhorp 2
de Ketene5   de Westhorp' 1
Kibworth (Leicestershire)  Whissendine*
de Kibworthe2   Whitwell*
Kirkby (Lincolnshire)  de Witewell 2
de Kerkeby3   Wing*
Langham*   de Wynge 5
de Langham 7        

Topographical Bynames

A topographical byname indicates the person's residence relative to a general landmark -- a stone, crossroads, etc. In some cases, the byname is in Latin ("ad grenam") and in others, it is in English ("atte grene"). They are sorted below by the landmark indicated in the byname, and organized within that by the frequency that those forms or spellings are found in the records.

bar (barrier)  lane

ad barram5  in venella 11
barn  ad venellam 4
ad grangiam1  marsh
bridge  de Marisco 2
ad pontem9  attemere 1
brook  de marisco 1
a le Brok'1  mill
cemetery  ad molendinum 1
in Cimiterio2  atte S[ou]thmilne 1
church  atte Sothmilne 1
ad ecclesiam11  atte Suthmilne 1
court  park
ad aulam8  ad parcum 5
ad curiam2  pear-tree
cross  ad pir' 1
ad crucem22  ad Pir' 1
by este crosse1  ad pirum 1
forest  Pertre 1
ad Boscum1  pit
fountain  in þe pit 1
ad fontem21  row
ad Fontem1  en le Wro 2
gate  in le Wro 2
ad portam6  in þe Wro 1
ad portam aule
(at the gate of a dwelling or court)
1  scale
atte Wodegate1  ad scalam 2
green  stone
ad grenam5  byestoun 8
atte grene2  Byestoun 7
a la grene1  attestonis 2
ad Grenam1  Stoune 1
hide (a unit of land)  town
ad Hydam2  Aboueyetoun 6
ad Hyd'1  aBouetheton 1
holm  aboueyetoun 1
in the Holm1  water
hill  ad aquam 2
super montem7  willow
attehil1  in le Wylowes 1
on ye Hil1    

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