Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
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Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
(occupational names)

by Karen Larsdatter (Karen Harris)

Occupational bynames appear in both Latin and English forms. They are listed below in order by occupation. Note that the article "le" is used for men's names and for women's names.

baker   hunter
Pistor 3   venator 1
pistor 1   latten-worker
barber  le Laduner 1
Cissor5   marshal
cissor1   Marescall' 2
beadle (court messenger)  Mareschall 1
le Bedel1   mercer (seller of cloth and/or dry goods)
bondsman  le mercer 3
Bonde8   merchant
le Bonde2   Mercator 1
Bond'2   mercator 1
bonde2   milkmaid
butcher  Deye 1
Carnifex1   le deye 1
carpenter  miller
Carpentarius11   molendinarius 9
carpentarius3   Molendinarius 3
le Carpent[er]1   mol[endinarius] 1
le Carpenter1   monk
le carpenter'1   monacus 1
carter  parson
Carectarius1   Parson 2
le Kartere1   parson de Aston' 1
chaplain  pilgrim
Capellanus9   Palmere 8
Chapeleyn2   le Palmer 1
capellanus1   Palmer 1
chapman (peddler)  Palmer' 1
Chapman1   porter
clergyman  le porter 2
clericus21   poulterer (farmer or seller of poultry)
Clericus4   Pulter 1
clericus de Morkote1   provost (of a manor, church, or piece of land)
cook  prepositus 30
Cok2   reaper
Koc2   messor 1
Kok2   servant
Cocus1   seruiens parsonis de Preston 1
cocus1   seruiens Willelmi Blound 1
le Koc1   shepherd
bercarius 4
le Coupere1   bercar' 1
dauber (plasterer? whitewasher?)  Bercarius 1
Daubour1   le bercher 1
dispenser (one who dispenses provisions)  smith
le Despenser1   faber 20
draper (clothmaker)  Faber 3
le Draper1   spicer (a dealer in spices; grocer, apothecary)
falconer  le Spicer 1
Facouner1   tailor
fiddler  le Taliour 2
Fithel1   le Taylour 2
Fithel'1   tanner
forrester  Tannator 2
forestarius1   Tanator 1
viridar[ius]1   tiler (one who makes, sells, or installs tiles)
franklin (non-noble land-owner)  le Tylere 1
Fraunk'1   tegular' 1
Fraunkeleyn1   Tegular' 1
Fraunkeleyn1   Tilere 1
Fraunkeleyn1   tinker
le Fraunk'1   le Tyngkere 1
free man (one who was free-born, not a serf)  viner (one keeps grapevines)
Freman6   le Vinour 2
le Freman2   vintner (winemaker or wineseller)
fuller (one who fulls cloth)  Vinter 1
le Folour1   vicar
gardener  vicarius 1
Gardiner1   weaver
le Gardiner1   le Webistere 1
le gardiner'1   writer
goldsmith  scriptor 1
le Warde3        
le Ward1        

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