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Brass Enscription Index

Based on data provided by the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at Oxford University.

This index into the Ashmolean Museum's brass rubbing collection is divided into three sections: surnames, male given names, and female given names. After each name appears a list of all the counties in which the name may be found, using the county abbreviations listed below. The abbreviations are linked to the original WWW pages at the Ashmolean. The date for the earliest use of that name is included in the index next to the county in which it accurs. In front of each name is a number representing the total number of occurences of the name prior to 1600. In the list of surnames, that number is followed by another number in parentheses representing the number of different parishes in which the name was found. Multiple occurences of a surname within a single Parish often indicates a family grouping. The list of surnames also includes some place and titular names, with a note in parentheses showing how the name was referenced in the original text, e.g. "Athol (countess of)." Only names which are dated prior to 1600 are included in this index.

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bd - Bedfordshire dv - Devon hu - Huntingdonshire nb - Northumberland sy - Surrey
bk - Berkshire do - Dorset kt - Kent nt - Nottinghamshire sx - Sussex
bu - Buckinghamshire du - Durham la - Lancashire ox - Oxfordshire wk - Warwickshire
ca - Cambridgeshire es - Essex le - Leicestershire rt - Rutland wm - Westmorland
ch - Cheshire gl - Gloucestershire li - Lincolnshire sh - Shropshire wt - Wiltshire
co - Cornwall ha - Hampshire ms - Middlesex sm - Somerset wo - Worcestershire
cu - Cumberland he - Herefordshire nf - Norfolk st - Staffordshire yk - Yorkshire
db - Derbyshire ht - Hertfordshire np - Northamptonshire sf - Suffolk