Index of Names in the 1292 Subsidy Roll of London
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Index of Names in the 1292 Subsidy Roll of London: Surnames

by Sara L. Uckelman
known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael

© 2006 Sara L. Uckelman; all rights reserved
last updated 25May06

I have grouped variants together; all headers in bold, and associated etymological info, come from Reaney & Wilson. Headers that are underlined are from Hjerstedt. Headers in italics are not found in Reaney & Wilson. Headers marked with an ? are ones where I am not sure I have correctly identified the name.


Pat. = patronymic
Loc. = locative
Desc. = descriptive
Occ. = occupational
Top. = generic toponym

Surnames alphabetically

Abel2pat. from Abel.
Ace1pat. from Ace.
Armenters1loc. from Armentières (France).
Armer1occ. from OE armurier 'armourer, marker of arms'.
   le Armurer1Queenhithe
Attaway1top. from OE weg 'way'.
   atte Waye1Queenhithe
atte Lanend2
   ate Lanend1Bridge
   atte Lanend1Bridge
atte Selde1
   atte Selde1Dowgate
atte Virge1
   atte Virge [or Virze?]1Walbrook
Attwood1top. from OE wudu 'wood'.
   atte Wode1Bridge
Aurifaber2occ. 'goldsmith'.
   Aurifaber2Cripplegate, Queenhithe
Ayler1occ. from OFr aillier, ailliere 'garlic-seller'.
   la Aylere1Bridge
Aylmer1pat. from OE Æðelmær.
   Eylmer1Broad Street
Bachelor1desc. from ME, OFr bacheler 'young knight, novice in arms'.
Baldwin1pat. from Baldwin.
Baldree1pat. from Baudry.
Balsam1loc. from Balsham (Cambs) or Balstone (D).
   de Balsham1Queenhithe
Barber8occ. from OFr barbeor, barbier 'barber'.
   le Barber4Billingsgate, Bridge, Queenhithe
   le Barbor1Dowgate
   le Bareber2Vintry
Barn1desc. from ON barn 'child' or pat. from ON Bjǫrn, OE Beorn.
Barnard5pat. from Bernard.
   Bernard4Bridge, Dowgate, Queenhithe
   ffilius Bernard'1Cordwainer
Barnes1loc. from Barnes (Surrey) or residence near a barn.
   de Bernes1Queenhithe
Basing1loc. from Basing (Hampshire).
   de Basinge1Dowgate
Bean1desc. from ME bene 'pleasant, genial, kindly'.
Beck1An abbreviation of any number of bynames beginning Beck-.
Bedford2loc. from (Beds, Lancashire) or Bedforth (WRY).
   de Bedeford2Dowgate, Walbrook
Berry1loc. from Berry Pomeroy (D), Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) or Bury (Huntingdonshire, Lancashire); or top. from OE bur 'tower' or burh 'fort'.
   de Bery1Bridge
Bill1pat. from OE Bil, or occ. 'sword, billmaker'.
Birch1top. from OE birce, byrce 'birch'.
   de Burch1Walbrook
Bitton1loc. from Bitton (Gl).
   de Bittone1Cripplegate
Blunt3desc. from OFr blund, blunt 'blond'.
   le Blont1Dowgate
   le Blund1Bridge
Bodenham1loc. from Bodenham (Herefordshire) or Bodham (Norfolk).
   de Bodham1Bridge
Bon Puys1
   Bon Puys1Vintry
Borden1loc. from Borden (Kent).
   de Bordene1Cripplegate
Boreham2loc. from Boreham (Ess), Boreham Wood (Herts), Boreham Street (Sussex), or Boreham (Wilts).
   de Boreham1Cripplegate
   de Borham1Cripplegate
Box3desc. from OE box 'box-tree, box-wood' or loc. from Box (Gl, Wilts), or Box Hall (Herts).
   Box3Billingsgate, Dowgate
Brackley1loc. from Brackley (Northhamptonshire) or top. from OE bracu 'braken' + leah 'clearing'.
   de Brackele1Dowgate
Brasseur4occ. from OFr braceor, brasseur 'brewer'.
   le Bracur1Queenhithe
   le Braser1Cripplegate
   le Brasur1Bassishaw
Brewer1occ. from ME brewere 'brewer'.
   le Brewer1Cripplegate
Brinkley1loc. from Brinkley (Cambs).
   de Brinkele1Queenhithe
Bromley2loc. from Bromley (Ess, Herts, Kent, Staffs).
   de Brumeley1Billingsgate
   de Brumley1Queenhithe
Brothers1pat from. ON Bróðir, ODa Brothir or desc. from OE broðor 'brother'.
Brown2desc. from OE brun or OFr brun 'brown'.
   Brun2Bridge, Walbrook
Brunning2pat. from Brunning.
Buckler2occ. from OFr bouclier 'maker of buckles'.
   le Bokeler1Walbrook
   le Bukeler1Bassishaw
Bullen1loc. from Boulogne (France).
   de Boloyne1Billingsgate
Bullock1desc. from OE bulluc 'a bull-calf'.
Bulmer1loc. from Bulmer (Ess, NRY).
Burden1occ. from OE burðegn 'bower-servant, chamberlain'.
Burford1loc. from Burford (D, Oxford, Salop) or Burford Bridge (Surrey).
   de Burford1Cordwainer
Burges1desc. from OFr burgeis 'inhabitant of a borough', i.e., one with full municipal rights.
Burton1loc. from one of many places called Burton or Bourton.
   de Burtone1Walbrook
Burward1pat. from Burward.
Bussey1loc. from Bouce, Boucey, or Bucy-le-Long (France).
Butcher1occ. from OFr bochier, bouchier 'butcher'.
Butler2occ. from OFr bouteillier 'servant in charge of the wine-cellar, usually the head servant'.
   le Botiller2Dowgate
Butner1loc. from OFr botonier 'maker of buttons'.
   le Botener1Broad Street
Byfield1loc. from Byfield (Northants).
   de Byfald1Cripplegate
Caller2occ. from Fr cale 'a kind of cap', for 'a maker of cauls or coifs for the head'.
   le Callere2Cripplegate
Calverley1loc. from Calverley (WRY) or Calverleigh (D).
Cannon2desc. from ME canun, chanun 'clergyman living with others in a clergy house'.
Cape1desc. from ME cope 'a long cloak or cape'.
Carbonell1desc. from OFr carbon, charbon 'charcoal'.
Castle1top. from ONFr castel 'castle'.
   ate Castel1Bridge
Caxton1loc. from Caxton (C).
   de Kaxtone1Walbrook
Century5occ. from OFr ceinturier, sainturier 'maker of waist-belts'.
   le Ceynturer2Bridge
   le Seinturer1Bishopsgate
   le Seynturer1Portsoken
Chalfont1loc. from Chalfont (Bk).
   de Chalhunte1Queenhithe
Chamberlain1occ. from OFr chamberlain 'officer charged with the management of the private chambers of a sovereign or nobleman'.
   le Chaumberleng1Bishopsgate
Chandler8occ. from OFr chandelier, candelier 'maker or seller of candles'.
   le Chandeler3Cripplegate, Queenhithe
   le Chandelere1Cripplegate
   le Chaundeler2Billingsgate, Cripplegate
   le Chaundelier1Walbrook
   le Chaundiler1Bishopsgate
   le Chapeler1Broad Street
   le Chapelir1Bridge
Chapman1desc. from OE ceapmann, cyp(e)mann, cepemann 'merchant, trader'.
   le Chapman1Cripplegate
Charpenter3occ. from OFr charpentier 'carpenter'.
   le Charpenter1Dowgate
Chaser1occ. from OFr chaceur, chaceour 'hunter'.
   le Chacer1Billingsgate
Chaucer4occ. from OFr chaucier 'maker of chausses, breeches, pantaloons, hose', probably also a worker in leather.
   le Chaucer2Bassishaw, Cordwainer
Chester1loc. from Chester (Ches) or Little Chester (Derby), Chester le Street (Dur), or Chesters (Northumb).
   de Cestr'1Walbrook
Cheverall2occ. from OFr chevrele, chevrelle 'seller of kid-leather'.
   le Cheuelmonger1Cripplegate
Cheyney1loc. from any number of French place names deriving from OFr chesnai 'oak-grove'.
   de Cheyni1Cripplegate
Chichester1loc. from Chichester (Sussex).
   de Chicestre1Cripplegate
Clapham1loc. from Clapham (Beds, Surrey, Sussex, WRY).
   de Clopham1Walbrook
Clark10occ. from Latin clericus 'clerk'.
   Clericus3Cordwainer, Cripplegate
   le Clerc5Billingsgate, Vintry
   le Clerk'1Cordwainerused by a woman.
Clewer ?1perhaps occ. from OFr clou 'nail', for a maker of nails.
   le Cloer1Bassishaw
Cockfield1loc. from Cockfield (Du, Sf) or Cuckfield (Sx).
   de Kocfeld1Cripplegate
Coffer4occ. from OFr coffrier 'maker of chests, treasurer'.
   la Cofrer1Broad Street
   le Cofrer2Broad Street
Colebrook2loc. from Colebrook (D) or top. from OE col 'cool' + broc 'brook'.
   de Colebroc1Broad Street
   de Colebrok1Broad Street
Collingham1loc. from Collingham (Nt, WRY).
   de Collingham1Bridge
Combe2loc. any number of places called Comb, Combe, or Coombe, or top. from OE cumb 'small valley'.
   de Combe1Walbrook
   de Kumbe1Billingsgate
Compton1loc. from any number of places called Compton.
   de Comptone1Broad Street
Coppersmith1occ. 'coppersmith'.
Corder2occ. from OFr cordier 'maker of cords'.
   le Corder2Vintry
Cordner18occ. from OFr cordoanier 'shoemaker'.
   Cordewaner6Broad Street, Cordwainer, Cripplegate, Vintry
   le Cordener1Vintry
   le Cordewaner10Broad Street, Cripplegate, Dowgate, Vintry, Walbrook
   le Cordewanere1Billingsgate
Corner1top. from AFr, ME corner 'angle, corner'.
   de la Cornere1Queenhithe
Corner1occ. from OFr corneor 'hornblower'.
   le Cornur1Bridge
   Coteler2Broad Street, Bridge
   le Coteler1Billingsgate
   le Cotiler1Cripplegate
   le Cotiller1Walbrook
Coton1loc. from Coton (Cambs), Cotton (Ches), Coatham (Durham, NRY), Cotham (Nottinghamshire), or Cottam (Nottinghamshire, ERY).
Cousin2desc. from OFr cusin, cosin 'kinsman, cousin'.
Coventry2loc. from Coventry (Warwicks).
   de Couentre2Queenhithe, Vintry
Cray1loc. from Foots, North, St Mary, St Paul's Cray (K).
   de Cray1Cripplegate
Crocker1occ. from OE croc(c), crocca 'an earthen pot'.
   Crock'1BishopsgateNaturally since this is an abbreviated form, it's impossible to know for sure what surname is being represented, but this is the most reasonable guess.
Cross5top. from cross.
   de la Crois1Vintry
Curtis1desc. from OFr cortois, courtois 'courteous'.
Dagg1desc. from OFr dague 'dagger'.
Daniel1pat. from Daniel.
Darras5loc. from Arras (France).
   de Arras1Cordwainer
   de Arraz1Cordwainer
   de Araz1Vintry
de Affeld1
   de Affeld1Walbrook
de Akonnby1
   de Akonnby1Cripplegate
de Alingbery2
   de Alingbery1Cripplegate
   de Allingbiry1Cripplegate
de Assindone1
   de Assindone1Cordwainer
de Aumesbery1
   de Aumesbery1Cripplegate
de Aungre1
   de Aungre1Walbrook
de Banneberi1
   de Banneberi1Cordwainer
de Basingborne1
   de Basingborne1Dowgate
de Batrichesey1
   de Batrichesey1Cripplegate
de Berkwey1
   de Berkwey1Portsoken
de Bertone1
   de Bertone1Walbrook
de Billirica1
   de Billirica1Portsoken
de Bissoppesgate1
   de Bissoppesgate1Bishopsgate
de Boctone1
   de Boctone1Broad Street
de Bosenham1
   de Bosenham1Walbrook
de Boudene1
   de Boudene1Walbrook
de Bracking1
   de Bracking1Cripplegate
de Brauhinge1
   de Brauhinge1Walbrook
de Bredstrate1
   de Bredstrate1Cordwainer
de Brimperd1
   de Brimperd2Broad Street
de Brune1
   de Brune1Cripplegate
de Brustone1
   de Brustone1Walbrook
de Bykereye1
   de Bykereye1Cripplegate
de Cant'1
   de Cant'1Cordwainer
de Caumpes1
   de Caumpes1Bassishaw
de Chelse1
   de Chelse1Walbrook
de Cherring1
   de Cherring1Queenhithe
de Chigewelle1
   de Chigewelle2Cripplegate, Queenhithe
de Chiginhale1
   de Chiginhale1Broad Street
de Chiselle1
   de Chiselle1Cripplegate
de Codintone2
   de Codintone2Queenhithe, Vintry
de Comtone1
   de Comtone1Cripplegate
de Corboylle1
   de Corboylle1Cripplegate
de Cotess1
   de Cotess1Bridge
de Crepelgate1
   de Crepelgate1Queenhithe
de Dencastel1
   de Dencastel1Walbrook
de Dene1
   de Dene1Billingsgate
de Doddinghirst1
   de Doddinghirst1Billingsgate
de Donmauwe1
   de Donmauwe1Cripplegate
de Douegate2
   de Douegate1Queenhithe
   de Douuegate1Dowgate
de Dureme1
   de Dureme1Cordwainer
de Ebbegate1
   de Ebbegate1Bishopsgate
de Eclyntone1
   de Eclyntone1Bridge
de Endone1
   de Endone1Bassishaw
de Euerwic1
   de Euerwic1Bridge
de Eweseye1
   de Eweseye1Broad Street
de F'nham1Perhaps an abbreviation for Farnham?
   de F'nham1Queenhithe
de Fierins1
   de Fierins1Dowgate
de Fing'e1Perhaps an abbreviation for Fingle?
   de Fing'e1Queenhithe
de ffoleburne1
   de ffoleburne1Bishopsgate
de Frowyc1
   de Frowyc1Cripplegate
de Fulham2
   de Fulham2Bridge
de Fullesham1
   de Fullesham1Bassishaw
de Garchirche1
   de Garchirche1Billingsgate
de Gernemue1
   de Gernemue1Walbrook
de Greylonde1
   de Greylonde1Walbrook
de Gynes1
   de Gynes1Cordwainer
de Hadle1
   de Hadle1Bridge
de Hakeburne2
   de Hakeburne2Cordwainer
de Haliborne1
   de Haliborne1Dowgate
de Hanintone1
   de Hanintone1Walbrook
de Harewe1
   de Harewe1Cripplegate
de Helmetone1
   de Helmetone1Cordwainer
de Heynesham1
   de Heynesham1Walbrook
de Hundesdich1
   de Hundesdich1Bishopsgate
de Hungri1
   de Hungri1Cordwainer
de Jork'1
   de Jork'1Walbrook
de Kersauntone1
   de Kersauntone1Broad Street
de Kesintune1
   de Kesintune1Queenhithe
de Knarerborg1
   de Knarerborg1Dowgate
de la Graue1
   de la Graue1Cripplegate
de Lesynys1
   de Lesynys1Cordwainer
de Littillingtone1
   de Littillingtone1Cripplegate
de Lodelawe1
   de Lodelawe1Cordwainer
de Mareworze1
   de Mareworze1Walbrook
de Marisco1
   de Marisco1Queenhithe
de Meldeburne1
   de Meldeburne1Cripplegate
de Merham1
   de Merham1Cripplegate
de Merlawe1
   de Merlawe1Broad Street
de Monnemue1
   de Monnemue1Bishopsgate
de Mounpellers1
   de Mounpellers1Cripplegate
de Mucking1
   de Mucking1Billingsgate
de Nettlestede1
   de Nettlestede1Walbrook
de Orleynes1
   de Orlyenes1Cripplegate
de Oxonia5
   de Oxonia5Cripplegate, Walbrook
de Pele1
   de Pele1Walbrook
de Pellam1
   de Pellam1Bridge
de Perindone1
   de Perindone1Billingsgate
de Ponfreit2
   de Ponfreit1Dowgate
   de Punfreit1Walbrook
de Portesmue1
   de Portesmue1Queenhithe
de Queie1
   de Queie1Queenhitheor Quere.
de Raygate2
   de Raygate2Broad Street, Vintry
de Rederesgate1
   de Rederesgate1Billingsgate
de Reperhepe1
   de Reperhepe1Vintry
de Ripa1
   de Ripa1Queenhithe
de Rokesle6
   de Rokesle6Dowgate
de Ryplawe1
   de Ryplawe1Walbrook
de Sancto Albano1
   de Sancto Albano1Cripplegate
de Sancto Bartholomeo1
   de Sancto Bartholomeo1Cordwainer
de Sancto Cristoforo1
   de Sancto Cristoforo1Broad Street
de Sancto Edmundo4
   de Sancto Edmundo1Billingsgate
   de Seint Edmund2Walbrook
   de Seint Emund1Cripplegate
de Sancto Saluatore2
   de Sancto Saluatore2Bishopsgate, Cripplegate
de Saunford1
   de Saunford1Cripplegate
de Schorne1
   de Schorne1Broad Street
de Seint Osy1
   de Seint Osy1Dowgate
de Stebeheye1
   de Stebeheye1Bridge
de Sterteford2
   de Sterteford2Bridge, Cripplegate
de Steuenache1
   de Steuenache1Portsoken
de Storteford2
   de Storteford2Cordwainer
de Theydene1
   de Theydene1Cripplegate
de Thonderle1
   de Thonderle1Dowgate
de Tiphelde1
   de Tiphelde1Walbrook
de Tolesan1
   de Tolesan1Walbrook
de Tolfer1
   de Tolfer1Cripplegate
de Vinea1
   de Vinea1Queenhithe
de Wendesworthe1
   de Wendesworthe1Dowgate
de Wendlesworthe1
   de Wendlesworthe1Dowgate
de Wolcherhawe1
   de Wolcherhawe1Walbrook
de Worthestede1
   de Worthestede1Cripplegate
de Writele2
   de Writele1Broad Street
   de Wrytele1Cordwainer
de Wyntonia1
   de Wyntonia1Cripplegate
de Zindene1
   de Zindene1Walbrook
Dearman1pat. from OE Deormann.
Denman1desc. 'dweller in the valley'.
Deu Mars2
   Deu Mars1Dowgate
   Deus Mars1Dowgate
Dodford1loc. from Dodford (Nth, Wo).
   de Dodeford1Bridge
Dorking1loc. from Dorking (Sr).
   de Dorkinge1Queenhithe
Draper1occ. from OFr drapier 'maker or seller of woollen cloth, draper'.
Dray1desc. from ME dreȝ, dregh 'enduring, patient, doughty, fierce, slow, tedious'.
Dubber1occ. from OFr adubeour, adubur 'repairer' of clothes, ME dubber 'fripperer'
   le Dubbur1Walbrook
Dunn1desc. from OE dunn 'dull brown, dark, swarthy'.
Dunstable1loc. from Dunstable (Beds).
   de Dunstaple1Walbrook
Dunton1loc. from any number of places called Dunton, or top. from OE dun 'dull brown, dark, swarthy' + tun 'town'.
   de Duntone1Vintry
Ellis1pat. from ME Elis 'Elias', the Greek form of Elijah.
Ely1loc. from Ely (Cambs).
   de Ely1Walbrook
Enfield1loc. from Enfield (Middlesex).
   de Enefeld1Cripplegate
Essex1loc. from Essex.
   de Essexe1Cordwainer
Estridge2desc. from OFr estreis 'eastern'; in 13th-C London applies to Germans or Easterlings.
   le Estreys2Billingsgate
Everard1pat. from OE Eoforheard or OG Eburhard, Everhard.
Evers1top. from OE yfer 'edge or brow of a hill'.
   de Eure1Broad Street
Faber1occ. from Latin faber 'smith'.
Fewster1occ. from OFr fustier, fuyster, fustrier 'saddle-tree maker'.
   le Fuster1Cripplegate
Flinthard1desc. from OE flint 'flint' + heard 'hard'.
Foot1desc. from ON fótr or OE fot 'foot'.
Founder1occ. from OFr fondeur, fundeur 'one who founds or casts metal'.
   le Fundur1Bassishaw
Fountain1top. from OFr fontaine or ME fontayne 'fountain'.
   a la Fontayne1Dowgate
Frances6desc. from OFr Franceis 'a Frank, Frenchman'.
   Fraunceys1Broad Street
   la Fraunceyse1VintryA feminine form.
   le Franceis1Vintry
   le Fraunceis1Walbrook
   le Fraunceys2Broad Street, Vintry
Frear1occ. or desc. from OFr frere 'friar'.
Frosh ?2perhaps desc. from ME frosh 'frog'.
   le ffruter1Cordwainer
   le Fruter1Queenhithe
Fulmer2loc. from Fulmer (Bk), or Fowlmere (C).
   de Fulmere2Billingsgate, Dowgate
Furber3occ. from OFr forbeor, fourbeor, furbeor 'furbisher of armour'.
   le Forebur1Walbrook
   le Furbur2Bridge
Gager1occ. from OFr gauger 'gauger, exciseman'.
   le Gaugor1Dowgate
Galpin1occ. or desc. from OFr galopin from galoper 'to gallop', 'messenger, page; turnspit, scullion in a monastery'.
Gardener2occ. from OFr jardinier 'gardener'.
   le Gardiner2Bishopsgate, Cripplegate
Gate3top. from OE gatu 'gates'.
   atte Gate3Cripplegate, Dowgate
Gatsden2loc. from Great, Little Gaddesden (Herts).
   de Gatesdene2Queenhithe
Gaunt1loc. from Ghent (Flanders).
   de Gant1Dowgate
Gaunter2occ. from OFr gantier, wantier 'maker or seller of gloves'.
   le Gaunter1Cordwainer
Gay1desc. from ME gai(e), OFr gai 'full of joy, lighthearted'.
   le Gay1Cripplegate
Gloster1loc. from Gloucester.
   de Gloucestre1Cripplegate
Godchep1desc. from OE good + ceap 'barter, price', perhaps for a street vendor.
Goddard1pat. from OFr Godard
Graveley1loc. from Graveley (C, Herts).
   de Graueley1Cripplegate
Grayland1pat. from OFr Graelent.
Greet1desc. from OE great 'big, stout'.
Gubb3pat. from a short form of Gubiun a variant of Gibben, a diminutive of Gilbert.
Guilford1loc. from Guildford (Sr).
   de Gildeford1Cordwainer
Gunthorp1loc. from Gunthorpe (L, Nf, Nth, Nt, R).
   de Guntorp1Vintry
Gut1desc. from ME gut 'belly'.
Hackney4loc. from Hackney (Middlesex).
   de Hakene1Bishopsgate
   de Hakeney1Broad Street
   de Hakeneye2Queenhithe
Hardell1desc. from OFr hardel 'youth, good-for-nothing, rascal'.
Harlow2loc. from Harlow (Ess) or Harlow Hill (Northumb, WRY).
   de Herelawe1Cripplegate
   de Herlaue1Cripplegate
Hatfield1loc. from Hatfield (Essex, Hereford, Herts, Notts, Worcs, ER, NRY) or Heathfield (Som, Sussex).
   de Hathfeld1Billingsgate
Havering3loc. from Havering atte Bower (Ess).
   de Hauering2Dowgate
   de Haueringge1Cripplegate
Hawksey1desc. 'hawk's eye'.
Hawtin4desc. from OFr hautain 'proud, haughty'.
   Hautein2Broad Street
   Hauteyn2Broad Street, Cripplegate
Haymonger1occ. from OE heg 'hay' + mangere, 'a dealer in hay'.
   le Heymongere1Cripplegate
Head1desc. from OE heafod 'head'.
Hereford2loc. from Hertford, Hereford, or Harford (D, Glos).
   de Hereford1Vintry
   de Hertford1Broad Street
Hern1top. from OE hyrne 'nook, corner of land, bend'.
   in pe hyrne1Portsoken
Heron3desc. from OFr hairon, ME heiroun, heyron 'heron'.
   Heyrun2Bridge, Cordwainer
Herring1desc. from OFr hareng 'herring'.
Herst1top. from OE hyrst 'wood, wooded hill'.
   atte Herst1Walbrook
Hever1loc. from Hever (Kent).
   de Heure1Bridge
Hockley1loc. from Hockley (Ess, Wa).
   de Hokele1Cordwainer
Hod1occ. from ME hod, hud, hood, hodde 'hood'.
Hodder3occ. from OE hod 'hood', for a maker of hoods.
   le Hoder1Cripplegate
   le Hodere2Broad Street, Portsoken
Hogg1desc. from OE hogg 'pig'.
Horn6occ. 'hornblower' or 'horner'.
Horsham1loc. from Horsham (Sx), Horsham St Faith (Nf), Horsham in Martley (Wo).
   de Horsham1Portsoken
Hurer1occ. from OFr hure 'cap, for a maker of caps.
   le Hurer1Dowgate
Joiner4occ. from OFr joigneor 'joiner'.
   le Ioignor1Dowgate
   le Joignur3Vintry
Jordan1pat. from Jordan.
Junior2desc. from Latin junior 'young', used here to distinguish the younger of two people with the same given name and surname.
   Junior2Dowgate, Portsoken
Kay1top. from OFr kay, cay, ME kay(e), key(e), keay 'quay'.
   de Kay1Bridge
Kenston1pat. from OE Cynestan.
Kent6loc. from Kent.
   de Kent6Billingsgate, Cripplegate
Keu6occ. from OFr queu, keu, kieu, cu 'cook'.
   le Cu5Broad Street, Bridge, Cordwainer, Cripplegate
   le Ku1Billingsgate
   de Kidemenstre1Cordwainer
Kingswood1loc. form Kingswood (Gl, Sr, Wa), Kingswood in Findon (Sx), or Kings' Wood in Himbleton (Wo).
   de Kingeswode1Cordwainer
Kisser2occ. from OFr cuiss 'thigh', 'a maker of (leather) armour for the thights'.
   le Kysser2Broad Street
Knott1desc. from OE cnotta 'knot', used of a thickset person.
la Jouene1
   la Jouene1Bridge
la Waterladestre1
   la Waterladestre1Broad Street
Lang6desc. from OE lang, long 'long, tall'.
   le Long1Dowgate
   le Longe1Cordwainer
   le Loung1Portsoken
   le Lung2Bridge, Walbrook
Langley1loc. from one of many places called Langley.
   de Langelee1Broad Street
Layer1loc. from Leire (Leics) or Leyer (Essex).
   de Leyre1Dowgate
le Batur1
   le Batur1Broad Street
le Blung1
   le Blung1Bridge
le Bornysor1
   le Bornysor1Cripplegate
le Celer1
   le Celer1Broad Street
le Cuuer1
   le Cuuer3Dowgate, Vintry
le Drager1
   le Drager1Dowgate
le ffeffere1
   le ffeffere1Bishopsgate
le Fount1
   le Fount1Walbrook
le Hirreys1
   le Hirreys1Cripplegate
le Kakier1
   le Kakier1Billingsgate
le Leyner2
   le Leyner1Billingsgate
le Meguser2
   le Meguser2Broad Street
le Mitere1
   le Mitere1Billingsgate
le Mostarder1
   le Mostarder1Cripplegate
le Muler2
   le Muler2Vintry
le Pheliper1
   le Pheliper1Broad Street
le Poletier3
   le Poleter1Cripplegate
   le Poletier1Walbrook
le Prude1
   le Prude1Queenhithe
le Rede Fruitere1
   le Rede Fruitere1Cripplegate
le Sirger1
   le Sirger1Cordwainer
le Suor1
   le Suor1Dowgate
le Teyare1
   le Teyare1Bassishaw
le Tondor1
   le Tondor1Dowgate
le Tulere1
   le Tulere1Portsoken
Lea1top. from OE leah, ME Legh, leigh 'wood, clearing'.
   de la Leye1Queenhithe
Lewes1loc. from Lewes (Susex).
   de Lewes1Bridge
Lightfoot1desc. from OE leoht 'light' + OE fot 'foot'.
Lincoln3loc. from Lincoln.
   de Lincolne3Broad Street, Dowgate, Vintry
Linham1loc. from Lyneham (D, Oxon, Wilts).
   de Lynham1Billingsgate
Linton1loc. from Linton (C, Db, He, K, Nb, WRY), Linton Grange, West Linton (ERY), Linton upon Ouse (NRY), or Lynton (D).
   de Lintone1Bishopsgate
Lombard2pat. from OFr Lambert; or desc. 'Lombard' leading to occ. 'banker'.
   Lumbard2Bridge, Cordwainer
Longford1loc. from Langford (Norfolk), Longford (Derby, Glos, Hereford, Middlesex, Salop, Wilts).
   de Langeford1Portsoken
Longman2desc. 'tall man'.
Lorimer1occ. from OFr loremier, lorenier 'lorimer, spurrier'.
Love1pat. from OE Lufu or Lufa, or AFr louve 'wolf'.
Lovet1desc. from OFr louet 'wolf-cub'.
Lucas1pat. from Lucas.
Ludkin1pat. from a diminutive of Lote or Lutt.
   filius Ludekin1Billingsgate
Lynn1loc. from King's Lynn (Norfolk).
   de Lenne1Cordwainer
Manser1occ. from OFr manche 'handle, haft', a maker of hafts of knives.
   le Mancher1Broad Street
Marber1occ. from OFr marbrier 'quarrier, hewer of marble'.
   le Marberer1Billingsgate
Marchant1occ. from OFr marchand, marchëant 'merchant, trader'.
   le Marchaunt1Bishopsgate
Marie1mat. from Marie.
   filius Marie1Dowgate
Marshall4occ. from OFr mareschal, marescal, marescald, marechault 'one who tends horses, especially one who treats their diseases; a shoeing smith, a farrier'.
   le Maresal1Walbrook
   le Marescal1Vintry
   le Mareschal1Bishopsgate
   le Mareshal1Walbrook
Maskery1occ. from OFr macegref 'butcher'.
Massacrier1occ. from OFr macecrier 'butcher'.
Maurice1pat. from Morice or desc. from Latin Mauritius 'Moorish, dark, swarthy'.
May1pat. from May, from Maheu, or desc. from ME may 'young lad or girl'.
Meager1desc. from ME, OFr megre, Latin macer 'thin, lean'.
   le Megre1Vintry
Melford1loc. from Long Melford (Sf), or from Milford.
   de Meleford1Cripplegate
Melton1loc. from Melton (Sf, ERY), Melton Ross (L), Melton Mowbray (Lei), Great, Little Melton, Melton Constable (Nf), or High, West Melton (WRY), or from Milton.
   de Meltone1Cordwainer
Michael1pat. from Michael.
   le fiz Michel1Cripplegatepat. 'the son of Michel'
Miles3pat. from Miles or desc. from Latin miles 'soldier'.
   Miles2Bishopsgate, Bridge
Moor1top. from OE mor 'moor, marsh, fen'
   atte More1Broad Street
Morden1loc. from Morden (Do, Sr), Guilden, Steeple Morden (C), or Moredon (W).
   de Mordone1Cripplegate
Morton1loc. from one of many places by this name.
   de Mortone1Walbrook
Moulton1loc. from Moulton (Ches, Lincs, Norfolk, Northants, Staffs, Suffolk, NRY) or Molton (D).
   de Moltone1Cripplegate
Munden1loc. from Mondon (Ess), or Great, Little Munden (Herts).
   de Mondene1Cripplegate
Mutton1desc. from OFr mouton 'sheep' or metonymic for OFr moutonier 'keeper of sheep, shepherd'.
Myer1occ. from OFr mire 'physician'.
   le Myre1Broad Street
Newnham1loc. from Newnham (Beds, C, Gl, Ha, Herts, K, Nth, Wa, Wo), Newnham Murred (O), or Kings Newnham, Newnham Paddox (Wa).
   de Neunham1Cripplegate
Newport1loc. from Newport (D, Ess, He, Monmouth, Sa, Wt) or Newport Pagnell (Bk).
   de Neuport1Queenhithe
Nicholas2pat. from Nicholas.
Norman1pat. from Norman, desc. from OE Norðmann 'dweller in the North, Scandinavian, espcially a Norwegian' or desc. from OFr Normand, Normant 'a Norman'.
Norris2desc. from AFr noreis, norreis 'northerner'.
   le Norreys1Bassishaw
Northampton6loc. from Northampton (Nth)
   de Norhamptone6Bassishaw, Bridge, Broad Street, Cripplegate, Vintry, Walbrook
Offer2occ. from OFr orfreis 'maker of orphrey or gold-embroidery'.
   Orfrer2Broad Street
Offer1occ. from OFr orfevre 'goldsmith'.
   le Orfeure1Cripplegate
Ogley1loc. from Ogley Hay (St).
   de Oggele1Walbrook
Onians1occ. from OFr oignon 'onion', for an onion-seller.
Orbater1occ. from OFr orbatour 'goldbeater'.
   le Orbator1Cripplegate
Osborn1pat. from OE Osbern, ON Asbiǫrn, ODa Asbiorn.
   Oskyn1Broad Street
Painter3occ. from OFr peintour, peintor 'painter'.
   le Peintur1Broad Street
   le Peyntour1Cripplegate
   le Peyntour'1Cripplegate
Palmar5desc. from OFr palmer, paumer 'palmer, pilgrim to the Holy Land'.
   le Paumer4Broad Street, Cordwainer, Vintry, Walbrook
Paris7loc. from Paris (France).
   de Paris2Bridge, Dowgate
   de Parys4Bassishaw, Dowgate, Walbrook
   de Perys1Bridge
Pass1pat. from a pet form of Pascall.
Paul1pat. from Paul.
Peacock1desc. from ME pecok, pacok, pocok 'peacock'.
Pelham2loc. from Pelham (Herts).
   de Pelham2Cripplegate
Pelter1occ. from OFr peletier 'fellmonger, furrier'.
Pentecost1pat. from Pentecost.
Perceval2pat. from Perceval or desc. from OFr percer 'to pierce' + val 'valley', i.e., 'pierce the valley'.
   Perceval2Bassishaw, Cripplegate
Pessoner3occ. from OFr poissonnier 'fishmonger'.
   Pessoner1Broad Street
Pester13occ. from OFr Pestor, pesteur 'baker'.
   le Pestur5Broad Street, Vintry
   Pestur2Vintry, Walbrook
   Pistor5Billingsgate, Cordwainer, Queenhithe
Petit1desc. from OFr petit 'little'.
Peverall1pat. from OFr Peurel or desc. from OFr pevre 'pepper'.
Pike4desc. from OE pic 'point, pick-axe' for a tall person or one armed with a pike, from OFr pic 'woodpecker, or from ME pike 'pike'.
   le Pik1Billingsgate
   Pykeman3BillingsgateR&W note that this is from ME pike 'fish' and indicates a seller of such.
Pinner1occ. from OFr peigneor, peignier, pignour 'a maker of combs'.
   le Pinour1Bishopsgate
Plater1occ. from ME plate 'a maker of plate-armour or of plates for armour'.
   le Plater1Broad Street
Plumer1occ. from OFr plumier 'a dealer in plumes or feathers'.
   le Plomer1Walbrook
Pointel2desc. from OFr pointel 'point, sharp pointed instrument'.
Pont1top. from ME pont, punt, OFr pon 'bridge'.
   de Ponte1Bishopsgate
Pork1desc. from OFr porc 'pig'.
Portrait1occ. from OFr portraiour 'painter (of pictures or portraits)'.
   le Portreor1Dowgate
Potman2occ. from 'servant of Pott' or a pot-maker.
   Poteman2Billingsgate, Cripplegate
Potter5occ. from OFr potier 'potter'.
   le Poter1Broad Street
   le Potere2Portsoken
   le Potier1Walbrook
   Poter1Broad Street
Powell1pat. from Welsh ap Howell 'son of Howell' or English Powel, a variant of Paul.
Preston2loc. from one of many places called Preston.
   de Prestone2Dowgate
Prior1occ. or desc. from OFr priur, priour 'prior'.
Punge1occ. from OE pung 'purse, pouch', for a maker of such.
Purser1occ. from OE purs 'purse', for a maker of such.
   la Purcere1Broad Street
Purt1desc. from purt 'sullen'.
   Pwrgode1Broad Street
Quilter1occ. from OFr cuilte, coilte 'quilt', 'a maker of quilts and mattresses'.
   le Quilter1Broad Street
Rayner1pat. from OFr Rainer, Reiner, Renier.
Read1loc. from Read (Lancs), Rede (Suffolk), or Reed (Herts).
   de Red1Walbrook
Red Peyntur1
   Red Peyntur1Cripplegate
Renham1loc. from Rainham (Ess, K).
   de Renham1Cordwainer
Ride1top. from OE reid, ryd 'clearing'.
   de Ryde1Queenhithe
Romain1pat. from OFr Romeyn.
Romney1loc. from Romney (Kent)
   de Romeneye1Billingsgate
Ross1loc. from Rots (Calvados), Roos (ERY), Roose (Lancs), or Ross (Hereford, Northumb).
   de Ros1Queenhithe
Rothwell1loc. from Rothwell (Lincs, Northants, WRY).
   de Rothewelle1Cordwainer
Rous3desc. from ME, AFr rous(e) 'red'.
   le Rous1Billingsgate
   le Rus2Billingsgate, Queenhithe
Russel2desc. from OFr rous 'red'.
   Russel2Broad Street, Bridge
Sandwich2loc. from Sandwich (K).
   de Sandwic1Bridge
   de Sandwyco1Billingsgate
Scott3desc. 'the Scot' or pat. from Scott.
   Scot3Broad Street, Queenhithe
Seaman1pat. from OE Sæmann.
Sellar1occ. from OFr selier, seller 'sadler' or ME seller 'seller, dealer'.
   le Seler1Vintry
Senior4desc. from Latin senior 'old', used here to distinguish the older of two people with the same given name and surname.
   Senior4Billingsgate, Broad Street, Dowgate, Portsoken
Setter1occ. of unidentified origin.
Sewall1pat. from OE Sæweald.
Sharp2desc. from OE scearp 'sharp, quick, smart'.
Shayler1desc. from ME shailer 'shambler'.
Simmonds1pat. from ON Sigmundr, OG Sigmund, or Hebrew Simon.
Simple1desc. from OFr simple 'free from duplicity, dissimulation or guile; honest, open, straightforward'.
   le Simple1Queenhithe
Son1desc. from OE sunu, ME son 'son', perhaps 'younger, junior'.
Sorrowless1desc. 'free from sorrow; careless, unconcerned'.
Spain1loc. from Spain.
   de Spaigne1Dowgate
Spicer2occ. from OFr espicier, especier 'a dealer in spices; an apothecary or druggist'.
   le Especer1Cripplegate
   le Spicer1Cripplegate
Standen1loc. from Standen (Berks, La, W, Wt), Standen in Biddenden, in Benenden, Upper, Lolwer Standen in Hawkinge (K), Standeal in Ditchling, Standen in East Grinstead (Sx), or Standon (Herts, St).
   de Staundone1Billingsgate
Stanford2loc. from Stanford (Beds, K, Nf), Stanford Dingley (Berks), Stanford le Hope (Ess), Stanford Bishop (He), Stanford on Avon (Nth), Stanford upon Soar (Nt), or Stanford in Teme (Wo).
   de Stanford1Queenhithe
   de Staunford1Walbrook
Stockwell1loc. from Stockwell (Sr, So), or top. from OE stocc, wiella 'dweller by the footbridge over a streatm'.
   de Stokwelle1Cripplegate
Stonham1loc. from Stonham (Suffolk) or Stoneham (Hants).
   de Stonham1Vintry
Suffolk6loc. from Suffolk
   de Suff'2Bishopsgate, Dowgate
   de Suffoq'3Vintry
   de Suffouq'1Walbrook
Surgeon4occ. from OFr surgien, surigien 'surgeon'.
   le Surgian1Walbrook
   le Surgien2Cordwainer
Sutton2loc. from Sutton (Cambs, Lincs, Kent, Suff, Som).
   de Suttone2Bridge
Tainter3occ. from OFr teinturier 'dyer'.
   le Teynturer1Queenhithe
Tanner3occ. from OFr taneor, tanour or OE tannere 'tanner'.
   le Tannere1Cripplegate
   le Tannur2Portsoken
Tapster1occ. from AFr tapicer 'maker of figured cloth or tapestry'
   le Tapycer1Queenhithe
Taverner6occ. from OFr tavernier 'tavern-keerp'.
   le Tauerner3Broad Street, Bridge, Cordwainer
   Tauerner3Bridge, Vintry
Taylor14occ. from OFr tailleor, tailleur 'tailer'.
   le Tailur4Vintry, Walbrook
   le Taylour1Cripplegate
   le Taylur4Cripplegate, Vintry
   le Teilur2Broad Street
Tilley1loc. from Tilly-sur-Seulles or Tilly (France).
Torney1desc. from OE toren 'torn' + eage 'eye'.
   le Torney1Billingsgate
Tottenham2loc. from Tottenham or Totenham Court (Mx).
   de Thotenham1Queenhithe
   de Totinham1Bridge
Totteridge1loc. from Totteridge (Herts).
Tovee1pat. from ON Tófi, ODa Tovi.
Trugg1occ. from early modern English trug 'prostitute'.
Vaus1loc. from Vaux, a common French place-name.
   de Vaus1Vintry
Vennall ?1top. from Fr venelle 'small street, alley'.
   de Venella1Queenhithe
Venner1occ. from OFr veneor, veneur 'hunter, huntsman
   le Fener1Dowgate
Vincent1pat. from Vincent.
Vine2top. from OFr vigne 'vine'.
   a la Vigne1Dowgate
   atte Vine1Cordwainer
Vintiner1occ. from OFr vineter 'wine-merchant'.
   Vineter1Bridgeocc. 'wine-merchant'.
Wade3pat. from OE Wada.
   Wade3Cripplegate, Vintry
Wafer1occ. from AFr wafrer 'waferer, maker or seller of wafers or thin cakes'.
   le Wafrer1Queenhithe
Waldegrave2loc. from Walgrave (Nth).
   de Waldegraue2Walbrook
Walden1loc. from Walden (NRY), Saffron Walden (Ess), or King's, St Paul's Walden (Herts).
   de Waledene1Walbrook
Waldram1pat. from OG Walahram, Waleran, OFr Galeran(t).
Waltham4loc. from any number of places called Waltham.
   de Waltham2Cordwainer, Cripplegate
   de Wautham2Billingsgate, Dowgate
Ware2top. from OE wær 'weir, dam'.
   de la Ware1Broad Street
   de Lauuare1Cripplegate
Ware3loc. from Ware (Herts).
   de Ware3Bridge, Queenhithe
Welford1loc. from Welford (Berks, Glos, Northants).
   de Weleford1Cordwainer
Wenlock1loc. from Wenlock (Salop).
   de Wenlok1Broad Street
Westwood1loc. from Westwood (Kent, Wilts, Warwicks, Worcs).
   de Westwode1Bishopsgate
White1desc. from OE hwit 'white'.
   le Wyte1Cripplegate
Winchester5loc. from Winchester (Hants).
   de Wincestre4Billingsgate, Bridge, Walbrook
   de Wyncestre1Billingsgate
Windsor2loc. from Windsor (Berks) or Little Windsor, Broadwindsor (Dorset).
   de Windesore1Cripplegate
   de Wyndelsore1Billingsgate
Winterman1desc. 'servant of a man named Winter', or a nickname for one as cold and cheerless as winter.
Wise1desc. from OE wis 'wise'.
   le Wyse1Cripplegate
Woolmer1pat. from OE Wulfmaer.
Wrotham1loc. from Wrotham (K).
   de Wrotham1Cordwainer


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