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April 2014 - Lillia de Vaux Link to LoAR Cover Letter

This month, I am discussing Diplomatarium Danicum, which compiles medieval records from and about Denmark. This source is compiled by the Society for Danish Language and Literature, mostly from primary sources housed in the Danish State Archives in Copenhagen. At this time, Diplomatarium Danicum contains almost 20,000 records written, for the most part, in Latin, Danish, and Low German between 789 and 1412. Unfortunately, only the 15th century data and some supplements are available online (English version:, although future volumes will be published online. The rest of the volumes are in print only, with some available at Google Books.

To search using the English version of the site, click on "Records" on the far left. If you click on the link to a particular volume/range of dates, a listing of the records comes up, including a modern Danish abstract. You can then open a particular record by clicking the link with the date in the left column of the results. Alternatively, you can search all volumes by using the text field on the search page. It is important to note that the top portion of the individual record repeats the modern Danish abstract. Do not use these spellings as documentation, as they are normalized. For example, an abstract from 1401 includes the names Henneke Hemmingsen, Katrine Barnimsdatters, and Abraham Brodersen, but the attested names are actually He[nne]ke Hæmingxson, Katrin Barnams dottir, and Abraham Brodherson, respectively.

I'd also like to note that the Danish State Archives website includes links to genealogical aids, such as samples of handwriting from c.1600, and a glossary/translation aid for common terms found in the records (e.g., wife, smallholder, burial). It can be found at

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