3 Las Palomas

Orinda CA 94563

9 June XII (1977)

Karina of the Far West, Laurel Queen of Arms,

to the Heralds of the four Kingdoms,


The following consist entirely of rejections.



Cathal MacEdan. Conflicts with Anne Dudley (who compliments him on his good taste). Try a divided field (other than per pale).

Steven of Shadowkeep. Conflicts with Sherborn, Argent a pelican in piety vert.


Cassandra of Khiva. Conflicts with Sheryl of Thespis.

Ceantyre, Province. Judging from the material presented, the ship in the application has far too tall a mast and sail to be considered a knorr. Also I question the propriety of arms containing a sail painted with what appears to be a complete coat. Why not just use the design on the sail and forget the ship?

Chenon of Grey Oaks. It looks good, but we need genus and species of grey oak­­my books do not give this. Someone at Fresno State can probably identify it exactly for you.

Dreiburgen, Barony. badge. Conflicts with several people in Papworth, and looks too much like a typical Atenveldt office. Why do you need a badge? Baronial officers are entitled to wear the arms as heralds do, aren't they?

Erkenbrand of the Flaming Sword. Conflicts with Carroll, Sable a sword erect argent between two lions rampant combattant Or. Alter the field. What genus of cat­a­mountain do you want? Los Gatos could have been named for Felis concolor (mountain lion) or Lynx rufus (bay lynx).

Gereg Blaidllwyd o Rhyddhowld. Conflicts with Allix, Swaffham, Ellick. On the name, the Meridies Herald comments as follows: "Blaid ­ wolf, fem. noun. Llwyd 0 holy, brown, gray, adj. Agglutinates ok, meaning: gray­brown­holy wolf. O means of. Great, so far, but he blew the rest of it. Rhydd ­ free, lose, liberal, adj. Rhyddhool ­ laxative, is the closest to Rhyddhowld, honest! Howld means the hold of a ship (ceudadd llong ­ ship's cavity). Hold, as in keep or tenure is Gafael. Ergo, Freehold ­ Gafaelrhydd."

Gwenafara the Dragonmaker. badge. The drawing is not the creature meant by "dragon," nor any other recognized heraldic creature. As blazoned it conflicts with Akataro Minimoto.

James Cameron. Conflicts with Chapoin, Per bend sinister argent and sable. I would rather you didn't use bear pawprints, either singular or plural (lest they conflict with Countess Esther). What about a bear's head couped?

Jessica Firestar. Conflicts with Cartwright. Also, a comet can't be a gurges.

Kalvan von Anderenheim. Names conflicts with Kalvan of Otherwhen, a fictional character.

Melanie of the Coll. Too much of a landscape. Use a pile reversed with a roundel sable if you like, but not "shaped like a cave mouth." Better yet, start over.

Sigelgaita the Silvertongued. The cup and serpent are a symbol of pharmacy. As to the name, if you don't know what language it's in, how do you know the meaning?

Vala of Colfre'. Vala is a name used by both William Blake and Tolkien (not to mention Philip Jose' Farmer, who was copying Blake) for divine or angelic beings. I don't know of any medieval humans named Vala. The letter V is not used in Welsh. I understand Vala is the lady's mundane given name but it doesn't make it acceptable for the Society, any more than one can use his mundane arms.

Cynthia Fitz­Colline, badge. Not bad basically, but (1) we don't use "gris"; say "a gray cat proper"; (2) we do not use trian aspect­­I explained that to you in connection with your device. Note how Duchess Rana's frog is shown on a cushion. Send a new drawing.{A LINE DRAWING OF CROWNED FROG ON CUSHION}

I hope to follow this letter shortly with one containing acceptances, as soon as Lord Calavan had checked them against current English and Scottish registrations.

I remain at your service,

(Laurel Seal) Karina of the Far West

O.L., Pel., Baroness

Laurel Queen of Arms


cc: Steward


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