May 26, 1983 A.S. XVIII

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aelfgar Redbeard. Per fess vert and sable, a fess argent, in chief a bezant.

Allara of Star's Watch. Per pale gules and sable, a bull's head caboshed Or, the sinister eye debruised by a mullet of six points gules, within an annulet argent.
NOTE: The mullet over the eye is poor practice.

Arian ferch Llywellyn. Sable, in fess two trees couped and in chief five mullets in fess argent, all within a bordure vert, fimbriated argent.
NOTE: Fimbriating bordures is a very bad practice and strongly discouraged.

Bernice of Brittany. (name approval only; see RETURNS for badge)

*Caerthe , Barony of. (badge for Courtesans' Guild) Argent, a toad sejant affrontée vert, spotted and crowned Or. charged with a heart gules, fimbriated or, within in annulo the inscription "Before you meet the handsome prince you have to kiss a lot of toads" sable.
NOTE: This badge is being transferred from the Principality of the Outlands.

*Cherie Ruadh MhicRath of Locksley. (name change; formerly Cherie Ruadh MhicRath of Shadowcat)

*Citadel of the Southern Pass. (badge) Azure, masoned, two swords in saltire argent surmounted by a goblet Or.
NOTE: Masoned counts as semè for purposes of difference.

*Citadel of the Southern Pass. (badge) Azure, masoned argent, a goblet and a chief embattled Or.

*Erik Loren Elcara. (badge for Caer Elydr) Per bend sinister gules and sable, a bull's head caboshed and in chief a unicorn horn palewise argent.
NOTE: Caer Elydr means Bronze Castle.

*Gustav Athanasius von Hausenstadt. (name change; formerly Gustav von Hausenstadt) Per pale gules and argent, two griffins combattant counterchanged, on a chief embattled sable a Latin cross between two crossed couped Or.
NOTE: If you used three crosses couped, you would have classic heraldry. (Old device becomes a badge.)

Jochen von Balduinseck. (name approval only)

*Keridwen of Montrose. (badge for Durus Domus) Or, ermined vert, a quill issuant from a mount sable.

*Letitia des Montagnes Bleues. (name correction; formerly Letitia des M. Bleus)

Kingdom of Atlantia

Alexis Ruthin of Wessex. Sable, a sword inverted enhanced argent surmounted by a chevron, and in base two chevronels braced Or.
NOTE: Alexis is Russian. The Welsh form is Alec. The chevron surmounting the sword makes the device look like arms of a cadet branch of a family. If you want your device to look like primary arms, you should have the sword surmount the chevron.

*Atlantia, Kingdom of. (title of Berger Pursuivant)
NOTE: Heraldic titles are listed under the kingdom, not the individual branch.

Axel of Taavistia. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: Axel is Norse, of is English and Taavistia would appear to be Finnish. This is a legal, but unlikely, combination. Reducing the number of languages would be better practice.

Bianca Andrea Vasari. (name approval only)

*Brunhilde Jorgesdottir. Azure, two cubit arms in chevron Or clasping a dagger proper.

Caitlin ni hArrachtain. Per pale indented argent and vert, two wings conjoined and in chief an estoile counterchanged.
NOTE: The patronymic nic or ní aspirates the following name, which in this case results in the addition of a lower-case h in front.

Floeda fram Beran Beorh. Per bend vert and azure, a bend between a bear passant Or and a mountain peak issuant from dexter base argent.

Harsulf of Brutonholm. Sable, an Ionic column and in chief a mullet of sixteen points, within an orle argent.
NOTE: Draw the column correctly (the top should be wider than the bottom). The orle should be drawn much wider. I could not find -sul as a name root, so I have used -self, which does exist.

Jeanmaire Perna du Domremy. Sable, vêtu ployé Or, semè-de-lys sable, a wyvern sejant Or.

Cara Marie of Carlisle. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Kennyth Landor of Skye. Vert, a bend sinister Or between a decrescent argent and a mullet pierced Or.

*Minowara Kiritsubo. (augmentation) Sable, an annulet surmounted by three dragon's claws in pall conjoined at the tips argent between, as an augmentation, in fess two bezants and in pale in annulo an Oriental dragon passant to sinister and another passant inverted Or.
NOTE: The dragon's feet should not overlap the annulet.

Nina of the Lost Caverns. (badge) Gules, a coney couchant guardant maintaining in its forepaws a rose bendwise argent, slipped, leaved and barbed vert, within a bordure Or.
NOTE: Draw the bordure wider.

Olaf Askoldssonn. Per chevron inverted sable and argent, in pale a mullet of six points pierced Or, a horn-crested helmet affronty argent, and two wings conjoined sable.
NOTE: Draw the mullet bigger.

Richard de Montbrai. Azure, two ostrich feathers addorsed between two bars, the bar in chief indented to base, argent.
NOTE: Using a line of division on the base edge of only one of two bars is not period style and is thus a discouraged practice. This would be much better with two normal bars.

Richard de Montbrai. (badge for House de Montbrai) Azure, two ostrich feathers addorsed and a base wavy argent.

Robert of Cundiff. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Rowena Rodericksdohter. Azure, two arrows inverted in saltire and on a chief wavy Or a bee volant azure.
NOTE: This is properly termed volant, not displayed. A bee volant looks like it is palewise tergiant displayed.

*Seanna Severn. Per saltire azure and gules, a phoenix, head to sinister, and in chief a cross patonce argent.

Therasa Perna du Domremy. Vert, a spaniel sejant erect affronty Or atop a mount argent.

Ulric von Ravensway. Or, a bend sinister between a drakkar under sail and a raven close to sinister sable.
NOTE: The name would be much better if it were all German. The device would be better if the raven faced dexter.

Tsunetomi Tsuneo. (name approval only; see RETURNS for mon)

Ursula Aelswitha. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Varin Waldreisender. Argent, in pale three pine trees eradicated vert between two flaunches azure.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Vespacia Capricornica Kareliae. (name approval only; see RETURNS for badge)

Wulff von Ravensway. Or, a bend sinister sable between a wolf's head caboshed gules and a raven close to sinister sable.
NOTE: The name would be much better if it were all German. The device would be better with the raven facing dexter.

Wilhelm Karlsson. Per bend argent and azure, a brown bear passant bendwise proper and in saltire a double-bitted battle-axe and a hammer Or.

William Dafydd Whyte. Or, a pale raguly sable surmounted by a stingray volant bendwise argent.
NOTE: Draw the stingray much larger. The name would be better if it were all English or all Welsh.

Kingdom of Caid

Atar Bakhtar. Azure, in cross a decrescent between four scorpions, heads to center, argent.

Kingdom of the East

Alaric of the Silent Forest. Per pale azure and gules, three chevronels braced, the center surmounted by a chevronel inverted Or.

Allison Poinvillars de Tours. Tierced per chevron wavy throughout argent, Or and azure, a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved, an allspice branch vert, fructed gules, and a heron rising argent.
NOTE: Place names come at the end of the Society name.

Alycia Genevive of Amrenth. (name approval only)

Andrew of York. Barry azure and argent, a mole rampant sable.

Anna Christina von Schnackenberg. (name approval only)

Ardel Hrothling Belhaven. (name approval only)

Aurelie de Montpellier. Quarterly Or and gules, a roundel between in bend two fleurs-de-lys and in bend sinister a harp and a cauldron counterchanged.

Avelyn Bisset. Per pale gules and Or, a gryphon passant sable between three lozenges counterchanged.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Ballyconn , Shire of. Per bend azure and purpure, a lightning flash bendwise throughout between a laurel wreath and a clam argent.
NOTE: Lightning flashes are discouraged, particularly in branch arms. Lightning flashes are basically out of period as we use them today, and branch arms should set a good example.

Bogdan Il'ich Volknoi iz Novgoroda. Or, a chevron cotised azure surmounted by a wolf rampant to sinister gules.
NOTE: Excellent heraldry!

Bronwyn Glendower. Barry wavy azure and argent, on a pale gules a dolphin embowed between two fleurs-de-lys Or.

Camilla Ginevra di Capri. (name approval only)

Cassadoria Finialla. (name approval only)

Cirrus of Circassia. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Corwin Renwald. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Dennis of Greenway. (name approval only)

Deormund Wulfscyld. (name approval only)

*Drachenwald, Principality of. (badge) Or, three pine trees eradicated gules, overall a dragon passant cowed sable.

Estrid Svensdottir. Vert, a bend bretessè between a sun in splendour and a torch bendwise Or.

Henrietta Rose von Schnackenberg. (name approval only)

Hugo Viridium Montium. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Iain MacDhomhnuill. (name approval only)

Iomhar Eoghainn. (name approval only)

Joan of Yper. Per chevron gules, fretty Or, and gules, in base a drop spindle Or, threaded argent.

John of Gravesend. Vert, a sword palewise proper, surmounted at the tip by a helm argent.

Leah Locksley. Purpure, two bars engrailed and two pallets engrailed fretted argent.
NOTE: Expand the field enough so it shows on all sides of the intersections

Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora. Per chevron azure and vairy argent and sable, a chief invected argent.

Malagentia, Shire of. Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent.
NOTE: Draw the wreath more prominently with more leaves so it shows better.

Marya Cameron of Lochaber. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a butterfly bendwise and a heather sprig counterchanged.

Meghan ferch Gwalchmai. Per chevron purpure and argent, a chevron sable between two towers Or and a rose purpure, barbed vert, charged with another argent, seeded Or.

Michelle de l'Etoile. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

*Morimoto Ichihatsu. (name change; formerly Alys of Lynnencore) Sable, three iris blooms issuing inward from a ring enclosure of bramble of three curls inward argent.
NOTE: Old device becomes badge.

Nikolas Llewellyn Gareth. (name approval only)

Norman the Norman Or, two spoons in saltire azure between in pale two money bags sable and in fess two gouttes de larmes.

Osman al-Koreish ibn Kairos. Per pale sable and argent, a lotus affronty within a bordure counterchanged.

Pagan Mahon. (name approval only)

Peter of Stratford. Or, chapé checky argent and sable, a sword sable.

*Regina Romsey. (badge) Purpure, an owl inverted displayed erminois pendant from a sword fesswise proper.
NOTE: This would be much better if the owl were right-side up.

Reynard des Montagnes. Barry indented and azure, a red fox's mask proper within a bordure sable. (Vulpes vulpes)

Robert of the Rainbow Mists. (name approval only)

Robina Wyclif. Azure, a wolf rampant argent maintaining a spear Or flying to sinister a pennoncelle gules, fimbriated, all within a bordure Or.

Sebastian Johann Stroh. Argent, vêtu ployé gules a hawk striking to sinister sable.

Sebastian Nightwind. Azure, three chevronels braced between two swords in chevron and a mullet of four points argent.

Sibeal nic Aodhagan ui Maine. (name approval only)

Susana Marie of Palermo. (name approval only)

Thomas Spence Colby. (name approval only)

Thorkel of Neville's Cross. (name approval only)

Tristen of Lochmor. Per saltire sable and gules, in fess a skull fracted to chief argent between in fess two lion's heads caboshed Or.
NOTE: This is morbid heraldry, which is a discouraged practice. This would be much better with three lion's heads caboshed in fess.

*Vergil William de Comyn. (badge) A bezant between in estoile six lozenges Or.
NOTE: The angemme's shape is not explicitly specified in the references. There being several possibilities, I have therefore blazoned it by parts. This particular form does not conflict with 6-foils.

Wilhelmina Emma von Schnackenberg. (name approval only)

William of the Black Fletch. (name approval only)

Kingdom of Meridies

Alix d'Audincourt. Vert, a sea-unicorn erect argent, in chief a crown Or, and on a chief wavy argent two fleurs-de-lys vert.

*Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir. (badge) Ermine, a Caucasian brunette woman's head couped to sinister proper, spectacled sable, gorged of a collar Or.

Anne of Worthenbury. (name approval only)

Arlette la Bretonne. Vert, a winged lizard sejant erect argent and a chief counter-ermine.

Avelina of Moncrieff. Azure, a tree blasted and eradicated argent and on a chief Or a European hazel branch reversed, leaved and fructed, proper. (Corylus avellana)

Bjorn Rhys. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: Talconder means nothing in Welsh. Its closest derivation is the Sindarin Telcantar, Aragorn's dynastic name, which is not allowed. I have therefore omitted Talconder.

Brenna Edlyn Blackrose. Sable, a swan naiant, wings elevated and addorsed argent, and on a chief Or three roses sable, seeded Or.

Caitlin Bourchier. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Caitlin o Fhear. Vert, a bend dancetty between a mullet of six points elongated in pale and a strung bow reversed Or.
NOTE: Correct Gaelic aspirates Fear to Fhear. Draw the bend wider.

*Camilla Seawood of Torpoint. Azure, a bend sinister engrailed between a sea-lion erect and a lozenge argent.

Cathrine the White. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Conan Oculorum Noctis. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: The proper genitive form is Oculorum Noctis.

*Edmund the Sentinel. (badge) Or, on a heart gules a balance argent.

*Edmund the Sentinel. (badge for House of the Joyous Heart) Argent, two hearts in fess gules, each charged with a bell argent.

Elizabeth of Dendermond. (badge; see RETURNS for device) A viol, its body voided, its neck ending in a spiral to dexter, sable.
NOTE: This sort of voiding is poor practice because it makes the charge harder to identify.

Eoin mac Uilliam Caimbeul ó Lochandubh. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: I have corrected the spelling. Uilleam means elbow.

Erick Stormhawk. Argent, a cross azure between in bend two eagles displayed and in bend sinister two compass stars sable.

Finn Normansson. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Genevieve McCullum de Caen. Vert, a harp argent, the front post entwined of a brown asp reguardant proper, a chief embattled Or. (Vipera aspis)
NOTE: The proper usage for place names is de. The harp strings go from the upper arm to the sound board. The asp has poor contrast against the field.

Geoffrey FitzAlain. (see RETURNS for badge) Or, a bend sinister between a winged lion passant gules and a Celtic cross sable.
NOTE: Draw the bend sinister larger and draw the lion in a correct passant position. (The front leg is raised, not the rear.)

Gilraen Derilyn. Erminois, on two flaunches vert two pegasi combattant or.
NOTE: The name comes from Middle Earth. Gilraen was Aragorn's mother's name, and is therefore quite acceptable. Derilyn is a reasonable place name in Sindarin meaning watch-pool. Pennon did the submitter a disservice by trying to claim the name was Gaelic, which it definitely was not. Heralds should not indulge in false documentation to try to justify submissions.

Gisela Kientzheim von Drachenwald. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: Since the whole name is in German, I have corrected the spelling of Drachenwald. (Tell her that Drachenwald is the principality encompassing all of Europe, and thus there cannot be a Haus Drakenwald, as listed on the form.)

*Godelind of Windmere. Argent, a two-headed snake palewise addorsed, each neck nosed, sable, within a bordure gules.

*Grey Niche , Barony of. Sable, on a pile Or between in base two estoiles argent a laurel wreath vert.
NOTE: The pile should be longer.

Heather of Tyson. Argent, a collie sejant to sinister within on an orle sable another Or.
NOTE: I grant Heather a specific exception to the recent ban on flower names used as given names, as she first submitted in 1979. She provided documentation that collies are in period.

Heather of Tyson. (joint household badge with John the Bearkiller) See John the Bearkiller for blazon.

Iorwen Sine. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

James de Burget. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

James Dexter. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device and household badge)

John Sherwood. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

*John the Bearkiller. (joint household badge with Heather of Tyson for House of the Scarlet Diamond) Argent, a fillet cross arrondi sable between in bend two lozenges gules.

Juan Carlos Perez. Argent, a chevron embattled cotissed, the cotise to chief embattled counterembattled, and in base a scorpion statant gules.
NOTE: The name conflicted with the King of Spain today, Juan Carlos, who rules Castile (Castilla) as well as the rest of Spain. I have therefore deleted de Castilla to remove the conflict. Try using as a place name a city instead of a kingdom. The use of a single cotise embattled is unusual but legal.

*Kassandra NicKraken. Azure, a coney sejant erect affronty argent, crowned, maintaining in its dexter Forepaw, raised to dexter, a goblet Or.

*Kate the Curious. (badge) Erminois, a cat's head caboshed sable, jessant-de-lis gules.

Kathryn Lavendar of Lesbos. Purpure, in saltire a sword and a unicorn's horn Or and in chief a bezant.

Kathryn Lavendar of Lesbos. (badge) Or, a lavendar plant in bloom stalked and leaved proper surmounted by a sword sable.
NOTE: Draw the lavendar in a larger, more stylized fashion.

Katrina of Iron Mountain. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Landreau the Unfinished. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Layla of Shadowwoods. (name approval only)
Leonora of Wellington. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Lucrezia Guilletta Apollonia di Giovanni. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: Giulletta is the more usual form of the name.

Melianne d'Avignon. Gyronny argent and azure, crusily counterchanged.

*Meridies, Kingdom of. (seal for Torch Herald) On a roundel a pile throughout charged with a torch.
NOTE: Heralds' offices may only register tinctureless seals. Only titled heralds may do so.

*Meridies, Kingdom of. (badge) Sable, a mullet within a saltire voided argent.

*Orrick of Romney. (badge) Argent, goutte d'huile, a saltire vert surmounted by a boar's head erased Or.
NOTE: Draw the boar's head bigger.

Paul the Red. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

*Peregrine, Canton of the. (name change; formerly Peregrineshire) (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Phelan Cathaoir-Mor. Gules, a bend sable fimbriated, overall a phoenix Or.
NOTE: Draw the fimbriation wider and the phoenix as a properly heraldic phoenix. (Otherwise it would conflict with Jeney: Gules, an eagle displayed Or (Papworth, p. 1300).)

Rami ibn Asad men Damashk. Argent, in pale a strung bow fesswise and a Bactrian camel statant proper.

Saxus of Arunshire. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Seleone , Canton of. Barry engrailed azure and argent, a sea-lion erect maintaining, with both paws and tail, a laurel wreath vert.

Steinharr Blóðøx. Hrafnuson Per fess indented argent and gules, two ravens rising respectant sable and in saltire two halberds argent.
NOTE: Draw the halberd heads bigger!

Thomas Nighthawk. Or, three bendlets beviled enhanced vert and in dexter base an ankh sable.

Thorbjorn Wulfgrimmssønn. (household badge for Castle Walls) Per fess azure and Or masoned sable, in chief a snowflake argent.
NOTE: We have no previous submission for Thorbjorn.

Zan Andreas of the Blue Cave. (badge) Azure, in pall three lightning flashes Or between three snowflakes, argent.

Kingdom of the Middle

*Adalard Rheinholt. (name change; formerly Adalard Rheinholt the Presumptuous) Azure, an acorn between four oak leaves in cross, stems to center, argent.

Adolphus Staalslager. Gules, on a chevron raguly Or between three anvils argent three hearts palewise gules.

Aelfric of York. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Aethelbert the Quiet. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Aiden Elfäedur. Azure, three mullets of four points, one and two, argent within a bordure Or charged with an orle of leaves vert.
NOTE: Draw the bordure wider.

Alistair Kirk. (name approval only)

Deirdre Carlyle. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Baccaccio di Milano. Per pale sable and argent, three serpents involved interlaced counterchanged.
NOTE: The snakes' heads should all point to dexter.

Barbara Starding of Wensley. Sable, on a cross quadrate double-fitched at all four Or four hearts conjoined in cross, points outward, azure.

Cynnabar, Shire of. (name approval only)

Daniella Chimera de St. Aubyn. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Debralaan d'Opparre. (name approval only)

Donato Pulcinella. Sable, a bend between a lion's head erased and a sun, within a bordure Or.
NOTE: Draw the bend bigger.

Ealasaid of the Isles. Purpure, three daisies argent, seeded Or.
NOTE: Classic heraldry. Very good!

Elizabeth of Lymond. Or, in cross two lizards tergiant displayed respectant vert and two wrens close respectant proper. (Troglodytes troglodytes)
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.

Faedagh Glendhalyn. Argent, a pale between two needles in saltire and a tower vert.
NOTE: Mistress Eriod says a more correct spelling is Feadagh Glendallyn.

Femalaya of Noergate. Azure, in saltire a hammer Or surmounted by a scroll argent, and on a chief Or a hand balance sable.

Fiona o'r Dderwenau. Per pale sable and argent, a sprig of two acorns and three oak leaves proper and in chief a decrescent Or and a compass star wavy gules.
NOTE: As requested, we have used the correct Welsh form of the name. Fiana is not a variant of Fiona, but rather the name of the group of followers of Fionn, the Irish hero. The particle pen means leader and is generally masculine. The device isn't very medieval, having three different charges with one in center and two in chief. It would be much better if the sprig were moved lower and the wavy compass star (which is highly unusual in itself) replaced by a decrescent sable.

Fulk von Pfaffenhausen. Ermine, two chevronels inverted and in chief a baton atop a triangle gules.
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger. Friar is a title, not part of the name.

Giles Devon. Sable, on a pale Or between in chief two Maltese crosses argent a sword sable entwined of a serpent gules.

Gwynnyd of York. Or, three chevronels braced sable within a bordure pean.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Helmut of Greenland. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

James Edward de Marksburry. Argent, a dragon's head bendwise sinister erased to sinister azure, breathing flames gules.
NOTE: Draw the head bigger.

Jehanne de St. Brieuc. Argent, a cat rampant guardant vert between in cross four pellets.

Karl Ulfson. Argent, a frog sejant affronty azure.
NOTE: Draw it as a recognizable frog.

Kasheene of Golden Meadows. (name approval only)
NOTE: A more correct spelling would be Cáisín.

Ladislaus Vulcu. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Lawrence Stonedragon. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Liùsaidh an Carad. Azure, two recorders in saltire within a stag's attire Or.
NOTE: Carad is the correct form.

*Lorimer MacAltin of Garioch. (badge) Argent, on a compass star azure a thistle couped argent.
NOTE: Be sure to draw it so it is clear that the argent center is a thistle head and not a circular piercing. Otherwise it will be confused with the badge of Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor: Argent, a mullet of nine points pierced azure.

Lothar von Wülfing. Sable, a bend cotised argent surmounted by a wolf's head erased gules, in sinister chief a cross potent Or.
NOTE: The device is rather unbalanced. It would be better with another cross potent in dexter base.

Marcus von Rheinholt. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Maximillian le Corsaire. (name approval only)
NOTE: You had a mixture of French and Spanish, closer to the French. So we changed it to correct French usage.

Megan Silverthorne. (name approval only)

*Migel Gneuyle de Normandie. (badge for House Armentur) Gules, an old man statant affronty maintaining sword and shield Or.
NOTE: For your information, in German Armentür means Poor Door (Door for the Poor), implying your house is a house of charity.

Myrgan Wood, Shire of. (name approval only)
NOTE: Myrkwoode gives permission. The arms will have to be resubmitted to check for any conflicts that might have arisen in the last year.

Nigellus le Haie. Per bend embattled gules and azure, issuant from sinister chief a demi-sun Or.

*Nordskogen, Barony of. (badge for Order of the Silver Snowdrift) Azure, an estoile, a snowflake, and a hill argent.
NOTE: Using two snowflakes would be much better.

Pieter van Doorn. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Reinald FitzAlbert de la Tour Phénix. (badge) Argent, an eagle's leg erased à la cuisse gules enflamed proper.
NOTE: The flames should be Or next to the leg.

Ricard of Sable Tree. Ermine, a tree blasted couped sable enflamed proper.
NOTE: The flames should be Or next to the tree.

*Robert d'Ammonville. (name change; formerly Hrothbjart Hrothbjartsson)

Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf. (name approval only)
NOTE: we corrected du to de.

Roxanne of Anglesey. Per chevron argent and azure, three primroses, one and two, azure, and a candle argent, enflamed and resting in a holder Or.

Tamala aus Rheinholt. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Tirnewydd, March of. (name change; formerly Thor's Anvil) (see RETURNS for arms)

Vasilij iz Najtemn'ijsoj Doliny. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

*Vladimir Bohdan Blahuciak. Per chevron azure and Or, two cats passant guardant and a Latin cross atop a crescent inverted counterchanged.

William Coeur de Boeuf. (name approval only)

Winged Hills, March of the. Or, two wings conjoined sable and on a base indented of three points vert a laurel wreath Or.

Yusef of South Tower. Argent, on a saltire azure two wheat stalks Or and in base a tower sable.

Kingdom of the West

Anthony de Périgord. (badge) Vert, a Tau cross ermine.

Bart de Fresia. Quarterly sable and azure, a dragon's head couped affronty within a bordure embattled argent.
NOTE: Bart is his mundane given name.

Branwyn Chainsmith. Gules, two bars gemel argent, overall a leaf fesswise, and a chief invected Or.
NOTE: This would be better with the leaf palewise.

Brusi of Orkney. Pean, two chevrons between three leopard's faces Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Ian Domhnall. Per bend sable and argent, an hourglass counterchanged.
NOTE: Excellent heraldry!

Innilgard, Shire of. (name approval only; see RETURNS for arms and badge)

*Jonathan de Laney. (badge) A sheep rampant within an annulet sable.

*Jonathan de Laney. (badge) An anvil within an arch with raised portcullis sable.

Kathleen Treanor. Sable, a gore and in chief three estoiles, two and one, argent.

Lochac, Principality of. Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules four mullets of six points and in canton a laurel wreath argent.

Madelaine de Bourgogne. Per pale Or and gules, a squirrel sejant erect guardant sable maintaining in dexter forepaw a drop spindle proper and a chief semé-de-lys counterchanged.
NOTE: The genus and species of the squirrel were not given, so we could not use proper. As allowed on the form, we have changed the squirrel to sable.

*Meryk Haraldsen. Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent three ram's heads erased palewise to sinister sable.

Robert of Starmount. Per pale and per chevron azure and argent, three estoiles counterchanged.
NOTE: Classic heraldry!

Rowan Perigrynne. Vert, in fess three cinquefoils within a bordure embattled argent.

Rowan Perigrynne. (badge) Vert, a cinquefoil within a bordure argent.

Rowany, Barony of. (badge for the Order of the Golden Staple) Per pale vert and gules, a staple Or.

*Thomas of Eastbrook. Pean, a fess doubly cotised Or.
NOTE: Draw more ermine spots, so it looks like semé rather than four spots as charges.

Vakkerfjell, Shire of. (name approval only)


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Bernice of Brittany. (badge) Ermine, a bezant within a bordure rayonny gules.
NOTE: Badge returned. You cannot put an Or charge on ermine, as there is insufficient contrast.

Sakura Gota Toshiro. Argent, issuant from base a lotus flower and in chief a dragonfly displayed tergiant sable.
NOTE: Name and mon returned. In the SCA, registered Japanese names consist only of a family name followed by a given name. This was adopted by Karina as being correct period practice, and has been corroborated by Monsho 's research. Both Sakura and Gota are family names, while Toshiro is a given name. Drop one of the family names. There is a Baron Sakura Tetsuo in Meridies, so you might want to drop Sakura. The mon is not correct Japanese usage for lotus flowers. See the examples given in Japanese Design Motifs by Matsuya for proper usage.

Suzanna of the House of Jewels. (badge for House of Jewels) Or, on a heart sable a decrescent, a mullet, and a lozenge, all Or.
NOTE: This is overly complex and is not period heraldic style. Tertiary charges should be identical. Try using three lozenges on the heart.

Kingdom of Atlantia (also see the end of the LoAR)

Cara Marie of Carlisle. Vert, a snowy owl close affronty argent between in fess two roses stalked and leaved, crossed in base, Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Bury: Vert, an owl argent (Rietstaap) and with Ayslynn MacGuraran: Azure, a snowy owl affronty proper. The device would be better style without the crossing of the stems.

Caterina Leonora de Forza. Vert, a Bengal tiger couchant guardant to sinister with Tiger Swallowtail butterfly wings elevated and addorsed proper within a bordure Or.
NOTE: Name and device returned. The name is too close to Caterina Sforza, Duchess of Milan (1450-1499). The device is not period style. To my knowledge, the only wings added to beasts in period were those of bats or hawks. The tiger's head is in trian aspect, and the body is not in a standard couchant position.

Fedora de Mara. Or, a bifurcated grapevine pallwise leaved vert, fructed in canton and base of two bunches of grapes sable, between in orle five mullets azure.
NOTE: The device is not period style. There should be six mullets and the branch and grapes should be in a more standard orientation. The device is very close to Andrew of the Vine: Or, three bunches of grapes sable, slipped and leaved vert.

Giancarlo Amati di Fogliano. (name for Stearth Magnissonr)
NOTE: Alternate persona names are not registered unless submitted in combination with a badge.

Giles O'Cullainae. Argent, an English sparrow rising maintaining in its dexter talon a sprig of heather proper, and a chief embattled gules.
NOTE: O'Cullainae breaks Gaelic spelling rules. Tacking on a Latin ending is improper. If you want it as a place name, it should be ó Chullain. If you want it as a surname, it should be O'Cullen Or O'Culiain. We need the genus and species for the sparrow and the heather. Better yet would be to change them from proper to heraldic tinctures.

Griswald Capstock of Warwick. (badge) Vert, a raven rising to sinister sable maintaining in its beak a chain with pendant Or.
NOTE: This is color on color.

Iain Monlach. Counter-ermine, two swords inverted in chevron Or between in chief two lozenges and in base three chevronels braced gules.
NOTE: Name and device returned. Monlach does not mean "the Red." It does not seem to mean anything at all. If you want John the Red, use Iain Ruadh, Iain an Dearg, or Iain Goch. The device has poor contrast, and is not period style, with its unorthodox arrangement of charges. I suggest you delete the swords and make the other charges Or. The ermine dots should be above the tail tips.

Kay Delafleur. (badge for House Wayward) Gules, three pallets, overall a bend sinister argent charged with five sinister human footprints gules.
NOTE: Badge returned. The use of five human footprints in this pattern is not period style and in fact cannot be blazoned well. At a distance it looks like an odd form of ermine. Badges should be simple, and this is rather complex.

Lost Cavern of the Amber Mount, Canton of the. Vert, a cloudless natural rainbow throughout bendwise sinister arched proper between a tiger's skull reversed argent and a laurel wreath or.
NOTE: The rainbow is not in the normal fesswise arched position and thus is difficult to recognize, given the very poor contrast it has with the field. The tiger's skull is impossible to recognize at a distance. The whole construct is nonperiod style, as animal skulls were not used and heraldic rainbows are between argent clouds. I suggest Vert, a natural rainbow proper between a tiger's head couped to sinister and a laurel wreath Or. The rainbow would be fesswise arched with the natural bands emerging from two argent clouds. Even better would be a heraldic rainbow with the outer bands specified as metals. Arms of branches must be more consistent with period style than badges.

Meagan of Glynebwy. Azure, a dove rising argent, maintaining in its beak a rose slipped and leaved, in chief two roses, all within a bordure of rose leaves or.
NOTE: The name conflicts with Megan Glenleven and Megwyn of Glendwry. The device is not period style. Delete the small rose in the bird's beak and add a third rose Or in base. Use a plain bordure. While you can place leaves on a bordure, you cannot have a bordure of leaves.

Robert of Cundiff. Azure, a panther rampant Or, breathing flames gules, within a bordure rayonny Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Woienski: Azure, a panther rampant Or (Rietstaap). The drawing is not that of the standard heraldic panther, which is just a regular panther with flames issuant from both mouth and ears. What you have looks more like a dragon-headed lion rampant breathing flames.

Tsunetomi Tsuneo. Sable, two chevronels braced, the dexter couped at the conjunction, within a bordure argent.
NOTE: Mon returned for conflict with Lucasta della Canzona Transalpina: Sable, three chevronels braced and in chief a mascle, all within a bordure argent. Having a chevronel couped at a conjunction like this is not period style, and is difficult to blazon. Having the two chevronels in pale would be better design.

Ursula Aelswitha. Vert, in chief seven snowflakes in the shape of the constellation Ursa Major and in base a polar bear passant argent.
NOTE: The use of constellations was banned back in 1972 as being out of period. A similar design was registered to Morrigan Fitz-Rolf: Azure, a polar bear passant to sinister proper and in chief an arc of seven mullets argent. Note that she did not have an actual constellation. I suggest you replace the constellation with an actual dipper, wagon, plow, or other symbol of the constellation.

Vespacia Capricornica Kareliae. (badge for House Red Wolf) Argent, semè of wolf claws sable, a wolf courant reguardant gules.
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Olwen of Dinas Trereen: Ermine, a wolf courant gules. You should register the group under the Barony of Windmaster's Hill as a Bureau or Guild.

Kingdom of the East (also see the end of the LoAR)

Arval Benicoeur. Gyronny of twelve azure and gules, a camel lodged argent.
NOTE: You cannot have gyronny of 12 of two colors. Gyronny of 8 can be of certain combinations, among them azure and gules. I therefore suggest Gyronny azure and gules, a camel lodged argent. Camels are Dromedary (one-humped) by default.

Cirrus of Circassia. Per bend sinister azure and gules, a bend sinister Or between a crescent bendwise and a horse salient argent.
NOTE: Device returned. A crescent bendwise is improper. If this is intended to be a decrescent, then the device has essentially the same outline as Leif Moonshadow Ironbearer, also resident in the East (Drachenwald). I suggest you use a crescent to improve the visual difference. Draw the bend sinister wider.

Corwin Renwald. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a raven descending and a rose counterchanged.
NOTE: Device returned. In the SCA you cannot register both the name Corwin and the combination of an argent rose of any kind on sable. Use a different flower Or change the tincture of either the rose or the field under it.

Elrond Shadowmaker.
NOTE: Name returned. Elrond was an Elf lord, and thus may not be used at all as a name (particularly not with anything so mystical as Shadowmaker).

Henri Neville de Paris.
NOTE: Name returned. Henri de Paris applies to all of the Kings of France named Henri. Choose another place name beginning with P such as Poitou, Poitiers, Picardy, or Provence (for example).

Hugo Viridium Montium. Gules, two daggers inverted in saltire between two flaunches argent, each charged with a triple-peaked mountain couped vert.
NOTE: The device is not period style. The daggers should be identical. The mountains, when this small, are not identifiable as such.

John the Artificer. (badge) Sable, a cross couped between and conjoined to two bars couped Or, all within an annulet argent.
NOTE: The badge is identical to mon #31, p. 41, of Elements of Japanese Design, and is very close to many other mon. The central character is also the Chinese character wang, meaning King or Emperor, thus not appropriate for use in the SCA. The central character is also the symbol in chemistry for "very poisonous," and thus is not appropriate for use in the SCA. Use some other charge.

Misty Seacoast, Shire of. Vert, an equal-armed Celtic cross, arms and boss voided, within a laurel wreath argent.
NOTE: The arms conflict with the Shire of Coill Ordha: Vert, on a hurt fimbriated, within a laurel wreath, an estoile argent.

Signy Bjarnarsdottir. Counter-ermine, an increscent argent surmounted by a dragon's head issuant from base gules.
NOTE: The device is not period style at all. It conflicts with Victoria Anna de Toledo: Sable, an increscent argent, overall a doe courant gules, fimbriated argent.

Kingdom of Meridies

Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir. (badge) In bend the Germanic runic letters A, S. and H.
NOTE: Badge returned. Monograms are not registered by the College of Arms. You can use it without registering it.

Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir. (household badge for Haraldstad) Argent, a tree blasted and eradicated sable, interspaced between its branches five mullets in chevron and in base another azure.
NOTE: Hiding charges between the branches of a tree is not period heraldic style. The mullets are small and obscured enough to demote them to only a minor difference from Van Der Meulen:

Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir. Argent, a tree blasted and eradicated sable.
There is still too strong a resemblance to the arms of Gondor, which are very well known to SCA members.

Bjorn Rhys. Gules, three Peal's falcon's heads erased to sinister proper within a bordure engrailed sable. (Falco peregrinus Pealei)
NOTE: Device returned. This is color on color.

Caitlin Bourchier. Azure, on a sun Or a heart gules charged with a goutte d'eau.
NOTE: The device has four layers, and so the goutte must be dropped. The device conflicts with Abraham: Azure, a sun Or (Papworth, p. 110), and with Wendryn Townsend: Azure, a sun in glory Or.

Cathrine the White. Vair, three bells argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Botmilian: Azure, three bells argent (Rietstaap).

Conan Oculorum Noctis. Per chevron azure and gules, in saltire two comets inverted, in base a mullet, overall in chief a comet fesswise reversed Or.
NOTE: Device returned. This is complex and not period heraldic style. Put the three comets in a standard arrangement and eliminate the extra mullet.

Durin Firebane of Scandia. Or, two bars vert between in chief three buck's heads caboshed in fess proper and in base a buck's skull affronty sable between in fess an acorn slipped and leaved proper and an apple gules, slipped and leaved proper.
NOTE: Name and device returned. Durin was a Dwarf in the Elder Edda and in Middle Earth, and thus may not be used as a name in the SCA. Yonge gives no reference to Durin, but on p. 389 does list Durand. The device is much too complex, with 8 charges of 5 types, overuse of proper, and use of an animal skull in silhouette. Animal skulls may not be used. I suggest you drop all charges in base, and move one of the buck's heads to base.

Elizabeth of Dendermond. Azure, a viol Or between two endorses argent.
NOTE: Device conflicts with Reinmar the Fiddler: Azure, a viol Or (Manessa Codex).

Eoin mac Uilliam Cambeul ó Lochandubh. Gules, two icicles conjoined in chevron inverted between three bezants, one and two, within a bordure Or.
NOTE: The icicle is not a heraldic charge. What you have drawn is not recognizable.

Erik Jeandorian le tueur du dragon. Or, two dragons statant palewise respectant voided and on a chief embattled purpure three fleurs-de-lys Or.
NOTE: Name and device returned. Dorian is out of period, having been invented as a given name by Oscar Wilde (Dorian Grey). The epithet should be capitalized. The device uses complex voiding, which is not allowed. The dragons are not in standard positions.

Finn Normansson. Sable, a cross within and conjoined to a mascle argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts exactly with Hotta and Sakura of Shimosa (Mon. the Japanese Family Crest, p. 65).

Geoffrey FitzAlain. (badge) Gyronny Or and gules, on a sun throughout an annulet counterchanged.
NOTE: The badge is overly complex with excessive counterchanging, and looks like a dart board. Simplify it.

Gisela Kientzheim von Drachenwald. Vert, a garland of Christmas roses fesswise argent between a crescent and a crescent inverted Or. (lielleborus niger)
NOTE: This garland of roses is too similar to the wreath Or chaplet of roses reserved to countesses and duchesses in the SCA. It looks like a wreath on edge, as it is seen when worn. I also have not seen such usage in period heraldry.

Glendavar of the Green Mist. Or, a griffin segreant vert, on a chief azure a cross crosslet fitchy between two escallops Or.
NOTE: Words beginning with Glen- are generally place names. Glendavar looks like a reasonable variant of the surname Glendower, and is therefore not an acceptable given name. Add a given name (other than Owen). The device seems acceptable.

Guillermo sin Padre no el Conquitador. Vert, a coney courant to sinister guardant and on a chief argent five lozenges conjoined in fess throughout vert.
NOTE: The name is a joke name and is not consistent with period Spanish naming practices. The device seems acceptable. Try using a place name as your byname.

Iorwen Sine. Sable, on a bezant a winged wolf sejant, dexter forepaw upraised, gules, gorged of a collar Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Coderc: Sable, a bezant (Rietstaap) and with Cynthia Arienrhod Cerdderwen Sable, upon a bezant a lion's head gules and a woman's head vert addorsed, their mane and hair intermingled.

James de Burget. Or, two piles and a pile inverted sable, semé of mullets and crescents argent.
NOTE: We do not use semé of more than one type of charge. The device conflicts with James Moran: Or, on three piles, one inverted, sable, as many mullets of six points eradicated Or.

James Dexter. Azure, on a gusset gules, fimbriated cablee argent, a clenched glove Or.
NOTE: Document cablee or else use a wide, straight fimbriation. The device is rather unbalanced, albeit for an obvious reason, and the combination of the imbalance plus the fimbriation causes it to not be period style. I suggest Azure, on a gusset Or a clenched glove gules.

James Dexter. (badge for House Dexter) Azure, on a cross, its sinister arm removed, gules, fimbriated cablee Or, a cup dismembered argent.
NOTE: Document cablee or use a wide, straight fimbriation. A cup dismembered is improper usage. This type of three-armed cross is not period.

Jean Claude von Dreken. Argent, two flaunches azure, overall a lion couchant within a bordure erminois.
NOTE: Name returned. You cannot use "von Dreken," as that translates to "from excrement." Erminois on argent has very poor contrast. Placing a charge overall across a pair of flaunches is not period style, although it does look reasonable in this case.

John Sherwood. Gules, a wingless dragon passant reguardant surmounted by a pavilion flying a pennant, counter-ermine.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Jaelithe of Dragon's Tower: Gules, a tower sable, fimbriated, surmounted by a dragon passant Or. The pavilion looks like a tower, and you can't really tell that the dragon is wingless, as the back is hidden behind the pavilion.

Jordan-Ceridwyn de La Rochelle. Argent, on a cross azure a cross parted and fretted and interlaced of an annulet Or.
NOTE: Name and device returned. Jordan exists in period as a man's name. Hyphentation of names is out of period. A woman can register a male persona, Or vice versa, but you cannot register a name using both male and female given names. You could be Ceridwyn Jordan de La Rochelle, as Jordan is an in-period surname. The device conflicts with Bourton: Argent, a cross azure (Papworth, p. 603).

Katrina of Iron Mountain. Per chevron inverted azure and sable, a chevron inverted argent and in chief a double-flowered thistle proper.
NOTE: This is color on color. Don't put green on blue. Try a thistle argent. Kelton von Task. Argent, a fess gules surmounted by a griffin salient to sinister atop a tower sable, masoned argent.
NOTE: Name returned. Kelton is a place name (in Cumberland). The device is not period style. Put the griffin and the tower on opposite sides of the fess.

Lagirdam, Shire of. Argent, on a pale vert a mermaid in her vanity argent within a laurel wreath surmounting the pale counterchanged.
NOTE: Name returned. Spelling words backwards to create names is not an acceptable SCA practice. Madrigalshire would be quite acceptable. The arms seems acceptable.

Landreau the Unfinished. Argent, an anvil sable between two flaunches vert, each charged with a sword proper, the sinister sword fracted.
NOTE: Device returned. The anvil is shown rotated partway towards the viewer. Show it in proper profile. The singlehorned anvil is the default case, and the horn does point to dexter. Charging flaunches is unusual enough. Charging them with different charges is not period usage at all and thus is not allowed. Use two unbroken swords.

Laurelin of Vallauria. Erminois, on a pale sable in saltire two garden roses Or, slipped and leaved vert, surmounted by a sword proper.
NOTE: Name returned. You cannot use the name of one of the two trees of Valinor as a given name. Vallauria looks like Land of the Valar, which makes it worse. The device seems acceptable.

Leonora of Wellington. Argent, a weeping willow eradicated surmounted in sinister base by a peregrine falcon close proper. (Genus salix) (Falco peregrinus)
NOTE: The device is not period style. The falcon needs to be in a normal position. The device conflicts with Jessica of the Willows: Or, a weeping willow tree eradicated proper, in chief an escallop purpure. (The falcon does not show up enough to yield a full point of difference.)

Leto Darkhorse. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a horse salient and three swords in bend sinister counterchanged.
NOTE: Name returned. Leto was a Titan, the mother of Artemis and Apollo. Leto was also a character in Dune. In neither case may the name be used in the SCA. The device is nice and seems acceptable.

Lucrezia Guilletta Apollonia di Giovanni. Per pale azure and vert scaly, an endorse Or, in dexter a lily argent, seeded Or.
NOTE: Device returned. We do not use fimbriated divisions of the field nor thin lines as single charges, like a single endorse.

Mailloch Wolfrider. Azure, in saltire a lightning flash Or and a double-bitted battle axe sable, fimbriated or, the flash issuant from a chief argent.
NOTE: Device and name returned. Mailloch is not a given name at all. Wolfrider is the term used in Elfquest by the elves who ride wolves. I question its use by a human. The device is not period style. The fimbriated axe lacks contrast.

Meridies, Kingdom of. (badge for the Order of the Broken Brank) Gules, a fleam Or entwined of a broken chain sable.
NOTE: Instruments of torture are not appropriate in the SCA as charges. As part of the name of an order, even if broken, the use is dubious. Inasmuch as the meaning of the brank was not given in the LoI, the College did not have a chance to comment properly. Therefore, the name will have to be sent out again with a full explanation. The badge conflicts with the badge of Alene Athdara: A fleam Or.

Morghun the Blackhand. Sable, two eagle-headed serpents erect respectant and in chief issuant from a crescent a hand voided Or.
NOTE: Name and device returned. Morghun does not appear to be consistent with period name usages, and with the epithet and the device is too reminiscent of Morgoth and Sauron Blackhand from Middle Earth. The tiny hand voided is too small to be seen and should be dropped. The device would be better without the crescent as well. The hand within the crescent looks like an eye, which was the symbol of Sauron.

Owen ap Gwynedd. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a bee volant gules and a hunting horn fesswise reversed Or.
NOTE: Name returned. The name conflicts with Owain Gwynnedd, the ruler of Wales from 1137-1170. You don't use ap with a place name. The device seems acceptable.

Paul the Red. Argent, a lymphad, sails furled, gules within a bordure compony gules and argent.
NOTE: Device conflicts with Thorad Bjorgsson: Argent, a drakkar reversed gules, charged on the sail with a crab Or, a bordure sable.

Peregrine, Canton of the. Argent, a peregrine falcon displayed proper and in chief a laurel wreath vert. (Falco peregrinus)
NOTE: The arms conflicts with Peregrynne Windrider: Argent, a peregrine falcon displayed proper, in base a rose and a thistle in saltire proper.

Phelan Cathaoir-Mor. (badge for House Ddraig Goch) Or, a dragon segreant gules between two flaunches checky vert and Or.
NOTE: The House of the Red Dragon is an alternate name for the Royal House of Wales, so you cannot use House Ddraig Goch. The attributed arms of King Arthur are Or, a dragon segreant gules. The badge looks like the arms of a bastard son of Arthur.

Philippe d'Escargot. Gules, two unicorn's heads addorsed conjoined with a rope fesswise couped and in chief a fleur-de-lys argent.
NOTE: Device returned. You cannot use a crest as a charge. Drop the torse. (This is exactly what I said last May.)

Rhiannon fer Cywry. Vert, a chevron gules surmounted and fimbriated by a saltire parted and fretted and on a bordure Or an orle of Celtic knotwork sable.
NOTE: Name and device returned. The name of the goddess Rhiannon may only be used with no further reference to her, either in name Or device. "Rhiannon daughter of Wales" is a direct conflict with the goddess. The device is not period style. Celtic knotwork may not be used. Fimbriating a chevron with a saltire parted and frettet is improper usage.

Rhiannon fer Cywry. (badge) Vert, a chevron gules fimbriated and surmounted by a saltire parted and fretted Or.
NOTE: This is not period style and is improper usage.

Robert of the Isles. (badge) Counter-ermine, a demi-wolf erect conjoined in fess to the sinister half of a lymphad argent.
NOTE: Badge returned. You may not combine two charges by dimidiation. This is also an infringement upon the Cinque Ports, the only user of these dimidiated charges.

Roberta Lynn of the Golden Heart. (badge) A fleur-de-lys dismembered argent, the chief petal replaced by a heart Or.
NOTE: Badge conflicts with several mundane families having on a plain field a fleur-de-lys argent. Changing the central petal only is not a full point. Dismembering is really only artistic detail in the case of a fleur-de-lys.

Saxus of Arunshire. Per pale azure and argent, three Tau crosses voided counterchanged and a chief vair.
NOTE: Device returned. The voided Tau crosses do not show up. The device would be very nice if the Tau crosses were not voided.

Wild Mist, Canton of the.
NOTE: Name returned. This name conflicts with the Principality of the Mists.

Kingdom of the Middle

Aed Avigdor. Argent, on a pale sable issuant from base a unicorn's head to sinister argent.
NOTE: Device conflicts with Erskin: Argent, a pale sable (Papworth, p. 1002) and with Lin the Baker: Argent, on a pale sable a garb Or.

Aelfric of York. Quarterly azure and gules, a chevron Or between a cross formy, a rose argent, and a lion passant, a chief embattled Or.
NOTE: Appeal denied. The device is too complex, having five different types of charges. You cannot have both a white rose and "of York." Please simplify the device.

Aethelbert the Quiet. Argent, a bend cotised gules and in sinister chief a lion salient sable.
NOTE: Device conflicts with Frampton Argent, a bend cotised gules (Papworth, p. 203). The device is also unbalanced.

Aradius Bellini. Ermine, on a lozenge azure in cross four spiders tergiant displayed Or.
NOTE: Name returned. Batonvert says that Aradius is the masculine form of Aradia, one of the names used in modern Wicca for the Goddess and that Aradus is the ancient name of Arwad, an island off the coast of Syria. Neither usage is acceptable as an SCA given name. Unless you can document Aradius as actually used in period as a given name, you will have to change it. The device looks a lot like marshalling, as the lozenge has four charges and therefore looks like display of secondary arms. Either expand the lozenge to have Azure, vêtu ermine, Or else reduce the number of spiders to one.

Artair MacArtair of Orkney. Azure, a lymphad argent, its sail charged with a lion passant azure, and on a base argent a ruined tower gules atop a mount vert.
NOTE: Device returned. This is overly complex. You cannot put a mount on a base, as they are the same size. Try Per fess azure and argent, a lymphad under sail argent and a ruined tower gules atop a mount vert. The lion on the sail should be deleted, as it is a form of marshalling the arms of Budge of Toftingall. Inescutcheons, cantons, pennons, and sails should not look like they are displaying secondary arms that the submittor has no right to display.

Ayesha the Forgotten. Per chevron throughout Or and azure, in base a goat's head erased argent, and on a chief azure three bezants.
NOTE: Name returned. The name conflicts with Queen Ayesha of the Forgotten City in She, by H. Rider Haggard. The device seems acceptable.

Bogar the Boulder.
NOTE: Name returned. There is no protheme Bo-. There is a deuterotheme -gar. There are a number of actual prothemes rather similar. The following names are all good Anglo-Saxon: Boigar, Bolgar, Bongar, Bordgar, Bosgar, or Botgar. There is also Rogar.

Daniella Chimera de St. Aubyn. Ermine, on a pile Or between two lemon branches vert fructed Or a chimera rampant gules.
NOTE: Device returned. Or on ermine has insufficient contrast. Try having a chimera Or on a pile gules. The lemons should be drawn much larger.

Deirdre Carlyle. Counter-potent, in fess abased two hurts, and on a chief gules two mullets argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with LeFitz: Vair, on a chief gules two mullets argent. Placing azure charges on a fur of argent and azure is a bad practice. These hurts are very small. The result is not period style, as the hurts are almost invisible.

Dur of Hidden Mountain. (badge) Argent, an adamantine chased sable.
NOTE: Badge returned. The diamond is out of period as a heraldic charge. As a collection of thin lines, it is not a good usage, and is difficult to identify. The drawing is trying to show perspective. Heraldry is a flat art.

Gwennan Afon Rhedeg.
NOTE: Name returned. Document the byname. Do you intend it as a place name or a surname or an epithet?

Helmut of Greenland. Gules, issuant from a bull's head sable, armed and fimbriated Or, a cubit arm maintaining an arrow fesswise reversed, the shaft fracted to dexter, argent, barbed and fletched sable.
NOTE: The device is not period style, what with the fimbriated beast's head and the hand and arrow looking like a crest atop the head. The broken arrow is unusual.

Ladislaus Vulcu. Gules, two piles argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Hulles: Sable, two piles argent (Papworth, p. 1026).

Lawrence Stonedragon. Paly bendy gules and azure, a wingless wyvern fesswise erect Or.
NOTE: Device returned. You cannot have paly bendy of two colors.

Marcus von Rheinholt. Azure, a bend sinister between a dexter gauntlet fesswise reversed grasping a sword and two arrows inverted in saltire argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Gwendwyn the Silent: Azure, a bend sinister between a winged unicorn counter-salient and a bat-winged manticore couchant argent.

Mithrandiel Mardi, Shire of.
NOTE: Name appeal denied. Branch names cannot be in Elvish.

Nordskogen, Barony of. (badge for Order of the River of Blood) Sable, a bend wavy gules fimbriated surmounted by a pine tree issuant from base argent.
NOTE: Name of order returned. In order to use this name for the order, you will have to get permission from the Shire of Riviere de Sang in Meridies (Starkville, MS). The badge seems acceptable.

Pieter van Doorn. Argent, a cross counter-compony Or and sable.
NOTE: This conflicts exactly with Van Doorn of Utrecht (Rietstaap).

Sigourney Campbell of Argyll. Gyronny Or and sable, on a chief argent a rose sable, barbed vert, seeded argent, within six flames in annulo gules.
NOTE: Name appeal denied. While it may be true that quick infants were sometimes christened by midwives with neuter names such as Vitalis, Creature, or Chylde of God, they were not generally given place names as given names. (The use of place names as given names in period is extremely rare.) It is the rule of the College that all SCA names must have a given name. There are NO exceptions. We are re-creating the standard practices of the Middle Ages, not the exceptions. Nobody can use Campbell of Argyll but the Chief of Clan Campbell. You cannot use Campbell and Gyronny Or and sable. The little flames are not period style. You will have to add a given name. (If a quick child survived, it would generally have been re-christened by the priest with a good Christian name; if not immediately, then certainly at confirmation.)

Tamala aus Rheinholt. Argent, a fountain surmounted in chief by a sinister gauntlet bendwise sinister maintaining a battle-axe bendwise reversed azure, hafted proper, between two flaunches azure.
NOTE: The device is not-period style. Separate the hand and the fountain.

Tineliel Fëawen. Sable, a pale azure fimbriated Or surmounted by a horned demi-pegasus erect argent, gorged of a collar and chain, and in chief three compass stars, one and two, Or.
NOTE: Name returned. The name (Spirit Maiden) implies supernatural status or origin, which is not allowed. The device is somewhat busy, and would be better without the compass stars.

Tirnewydd, March of. Argent, a laurel wreath vert within an orle of Celtic knotwork gules.
NOTE: The arms conflicts with the Lord Provost of Bayswater: Argent, a laurel wreath vert, and the Barony of Three Mountains: Argent, a laurel wreath vert and a chief indented of three azure. Karina banned Celtic knotwork back in 1979 because it cannot be specified, it's too complex, and it's not period style.

Vardon Rhyfel Draig. Purpure, a griffin segreant Or between two crosses patty fitched and a fleur-de-lys argent.
NOTE: Name returned. Batonvert says that Vardon is an English surname, a variant of Verden (Reaney's Dictionary of British Surnames, p. 335). I do not find it in my book of Welsh given names, so you will have to document it as a given name with a credible reference or else choose another given name. A noun in apposition to a personal name mutates, so the byname should be Ddraig Ryfelgar if you want to have "Warlike Dragon" as an epithet. The device seems acceptable, although the tiny knots in the griffin's tail are too minor to mention in the blazon.

Vasilij iz Najtemn'ijsoj Doliny Sable, an apple gules entwined of a serpent coiled Or.
NOTE: Device returned. This is color on color. The device conflicts with Yang the Nauseating: Sable, a serpent coiled voided Or.

Wilhelm von Fünfstadtgemeinden. Sable, two chevronels between five crosses bottony fitched Or.
NOTE: Name and device returned. The surname is not possible. Medieval towns were small and widely separated. You would not have five cities close enough together to have a place called "Five Townships." Explain the word or choose another surname The device conflicts with Burlyn: Sable, two chevrons Or (Papworth, p. 542).

Kingdom of the West

Artos ap Gladius ap Maximus. Per pale purpure and argent, a bear statant erect affronty per pale argent and sable.
NOTE: Name returned. The Welsh patronymic particle ap should only be used in conjunction with Welsh given names. As the rest of the name is Latin, the two uses of ap are incorrect. Gladius means a sword and is not a given name, but rather an epithet. Maximus is the name of a saint. Artos is supposedly the earlier form of Arthur, who in some of the legends was the grandson of Macsen Wledig (Magnus Maximum), so Artos ó Maximus would be a conflict, especially with the bear on the device. I suggest you use Artos Gladius. The device seems acceptable, except that the bear should be drawn correctly, rather than looking like a bear-headed human.

Bhaltar de Fairmont. Vert, on a bend sinister raguly between two fleurs-de-lys Or a halberd vert.
NOTE: Name returned. Document Bhaltar as Scottish. The device looks acceptable.

Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven. Per saltire argent and gules, on a lozenge counterchanged a leopard's face jessant-de-lys Or.
NOTE: Name returned. Danpira is not consistent with English usage. Snowsong looks like a fantasy name rather than a period English surname. The device looks acceptable, although the charges should be larger. The badge seems acceptable (Per saltire argent and gules, a lozenge counterchanged).

Donnen von Ach. Quarterly Or and purpure, a saltire fitched at all four points throughout counterchanged.
NOTE: Name returned. Donnen is not a given name, although it could be used as a surname. We do not find Ach as anything other than an exclamation. The points of the saltire should just touch the edge of the field.

Innilgard, Shire of. Gyronny argent and Or, a fret gules, on a chief Or a laurel wreath vert, all within a bordure azure.
NOTE: Arms returned. You cannot have a field gyronny Or and argent. A chief Or placed upon this field is metal on metal. You should not have a bordure encircling a chief. A chief Or charged with a laurel wreath vert looks like an augmentation of the arms of the SCA.

Innilgart, Shire of. (badge) Gyronny argent and Or, a fret gules gyronny argent and Or.
NOTE: You cannot use gyronny argent and Or.

Robert of Starmount. (badge) Per pale argent and azure, an estoile throughout fesswise counterchanged.
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Myre: Per pale argent and azure, an estoile counterchanged.

Kingdom of Atlantia

Axel of Taavistia. Gules, a bend sinister surmounted by a compass star elongated to base argent, fimbriated gules, the star charged with a hawk stooping to sinister vert.
NOTE: You cannot fract a bend sinister along the lines of a compass star. The blazon given defines what you have, but this results in a gules fimbriation an a gules field. The device is not period style, especially with the bird facing to sinister. Try making the bend Or or a fur so the compass star will show up on it.

Kingdom of the East

Michelle de l'Etoile. Per chevron azure and gules, a chevron Or between three mullets in chevron argent and a sun Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Fairweather: Azure, a chevron Or between in chief three mullets argent and in base a sun Or (Papworth, p. 460).


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel
Laurel King of Arms


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