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April 1993



Albrecht von Pfeffers. Device. Per chevron azure and purpure, a double-headed eagle between three mullets of eight points argent.

Arthur of Ross-shire. Household name for House Hidden Moat.

David of Moffat. Release of badge. Or, a pall gules between three fleurs-de-lis, that in chief within an annulet sable.

David of Moffat. Badge. (fieldless) A cross crosslet quarterly vert and gules quarter-pierced argent.

Deirdre Littlejohn. Name and device. Argent, a sheaf of arrows gules between in fess two trefoils vert, all within a bordure gules.

Draco Fitz Alan. Name and device. Per saltire argent and gules, a mullet of eight points counterchanged within a bordure embattled Or.

Eric de Dragonslaire. Device. Or, a dragon salient contourny sable breathing flames gules, issuant from base a wall sable.

Fergus Fitzalan. Badge. Gules, on a tower argent a mullet of eight points vert, a bordure argent.

Leohtgar von Magdeburg. Name.

Méline de Norwich. Name.

Miura Natsuko. Name.

Richart von Pfeffers. Device. Per pale and per chevron argent and azure, in chief two eagles sable and argent.
Rowenna de Manning. Device change. Per bend sinister rayonny argent ermined azure, and azure.
Saissa de Lorraine. Name.

Sébastien de Caen. Name and device. Per chevron ermine and counter-ermine, a feather fesswise embowed purpure and a fleur-de-lys Or, a bordure embattled purpure.


Aelfred vom Silberwald. Device. Azure, on a pile Or between two oak leaves argent, a chalice gules.

Alienor la Souris de Royan. Name.

Aric Pfeilschmidt. Name and device. Azure, a wingless demi-hydra dismembered Or, in base an egg inverted argent.

Elena Elizabeth Theakston. Name.

Gillian de la Luz. Name change (from Gillian of Ered Sul) (see RETURNS for device).

Gwyneth Rhiannon of the Sea. Name change (from Gwyneth of the Sea).

Ingrid Nialsdotter. Name and device. Or, a brown horse statant contourny proper between three gillyflowers azure.

Mathurin Edwards of Whiteacre. Name.

Michael Belanger. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and purpure, a harp vert and a straight trumpet bendwise sinister Or.

Murdoch MacLennan. Name.

Peregrine Falconer of Greenbriar. Device. Per pale and per saltire Or and vert, a chevron between two sheaves of arrows sable and a falcon passant, wings addorsed gules.

Randall Andrew Thorrold MacBirny. Device. Per pale azure and vert, in pale two axes fesswise and on a chief argent, a stag browsing gules.
Robin Huxley of Land's End. Device. Per pale checky argent and sable, and vert, a crab and in chief two fish naiant contourny Or.

Roger Mighel de Ryes. Name and device. Barry bendy sinister argent and sable, on a cross nowy Or an eagle rising contourny, wings addorsed sable.

Sioned Esyllt Gwalhafed. Name and device. Erminois, two horses' heads erased respectant sable and a pair of wings conjoined gules.

Twin Moons, Barony of. Name change (from Twin Moons, Canton of) and name for l'Ordre de la Lune Bleue (see RETURNS for badge).

Twin Moons, Barony of. Name for the Order of the Crimson Mace (see RETURNS for badge).

Ursa Silvermane. Name and device. Per pale azure and gules, all semy of roses Or, a bear's paw print argent.

Yo-nan Böri Uigurli. Name.

Zoe of Anchialos. Name.


Aileen McDonagh. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and vert, on a bend sinister between two crosses fleury argent, a rose vine vert flowered gules.

Arianwen the Nimble Fingered. Device change. Vert, a unicorn rampant to sinister argent charged on the shoulder with a harp vert, a bordure counter-compony vert and Or.

Black Kane O'Shannon. Badge. Quarterly wavy sable and argent, a sword and a tower sable.
Cailean McArdle. Device. Vert, on a pile indented argent a sword inverted gules.
Cuán MacDaige. Badge. Checky azure and Or, a harp argent, a bordure sable.

Derek of Grimwood. Device. Or, on a tree blasted and eradicated between two bows in pile, strings to center sable, an elfbolt argent.

Kenelm Rogan. Name.

Lettice Godfree. Name.

Miriam Esther bat Issachar. Device. Per pale vert and Or, a standing balance counterchanged.

Ordweald the Gray. Name.

Pagan Fulk. Name.

Taliesin of Carreg Cennen. Device. Argent, a hart at gaze contourny gules, a bordure embattled sable.

Timothy of Sheffield. Name and device. Azure, a Celtic cross and on a chief Or, three Arabic lamps azure, lit proper.


al-Haadi abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid. Name change (from Akagawa Yoshio) and device change. Argent, on a fess cotised between the Arabic script "al-mulk" and "lillah" sable, the Arabic script "abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid" argent.

Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury. Name change (from Elaine of Glastonbury).

Andrew Finch. Name.

Broinnfind Caíreach of Blackmoor. Name and device. Argent, a lion's jamb couped inverted sable between flaunches purpure.

Caid, Kingdom of. Title for Sable Argent Pursuivant.

Camillo Lombardi. Name and device. Vert, on a chief urdy Or a lion passant sable.

Carolyn of the Iris. Badge. (fieldless) Three irises in fess argent, slips conjoined and leaved vert.

Conall Gillysaght. Name (see PENDED for device).

Edric Aaron Hartwood. Name and device. Per pale purpure and sable, a pithon erect contourny between three lozenges argent.
Elaine of Elswick. Name and device. Per fess azure and purpure, on a fess flory counter-flory argent a lozenge vert.

Estevan Corleone Blackrune. Name and device. Per bend sable and Or, a double-bitted axe and a horse's head couped counterchanged.

Étienne de la Fleur. Name.
Failenn Margaret McBride. Name.

Grim Finch. Name and device. Argent, a bend per bend sable and azure, in chief a finch volant, wings addorsed azure.

Katherine of Anglesey. Name.

Marya Vladimirovna Novgorodskaya. Name.

Peridot Isle, Canton of. Name.
Ragnar of Sandcastle. Device. Quarterly argent and sable, on a roundel azure a castle argent.
Rhiannon Alricesdohtor. Name.
Robin Finch. Name.

Roland Wlfraven. Name and device. Azure crusily bottony argent, chapé Or, a wolf rampant guardant argent.

Rosamond of Lancashire. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Sophia ní Fhearadhaigh. Name.

Sophia ní Fhearadhaigh. Alternate persona name for Sophia Sans Peur.

Thorfinn Asleifsson the Solemn. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Ulf of Sjaelland. Badge. Quarterly gules and sable, a sword inverted surmounted by a wolf passant to sinister regardant argent.

Wulfric Grimbeald. Device change. Quarterly purpure and ermine, a griffin passant and a bordure Or.
Ysmay du Parc. Name.


Connor Duncan. Name and device. Azure, a standing balance, in chief a scythe fesswise and another reversed, handles in pale Or.

La Grande Tente, Shire of. Name and device. Or, a pavilion purpure between three laurel wreaths vert.

La Grande Tente, Shire of. Badge. (fieldless) A pavilion purpure.

Michael Ironhelm. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a tower sable and a cross potent gules, fimbriated argent.
Sean Faelan MacDonald. Name.


Falling Star, Shire of. Release of name.

Four Winds, Shire of. Release of name and device. Azure, issuant in cross from a mullet of four greater and twelve lesser points Or, four clouds argent, overall a laurel wreath Or.

Greenwood Forrest, Shire of. Release of name.

Lion's Keep, Shire of. Release of name.

Midden Moor, Shire of. Release of name.

Mont Coliere, Canton of. Release of name.

Red Marsh, Shire of. Release of name.

Rift, Shire of the. Release of name and device. Argent, a compass star of four greater points sable and four lesser points Or within a laurel wreath gules.

Sandalwood, Shire of. Release of name.

Shadowmere, Shire of. Release of name and device. Argent, on a pile throughout azure, a heron close, dexter leg raised, argent, overall in base a laurel wreath vert.

Wild Mist, Canton of. Release of name.


Aaron de Hameldene. Device. Argent, a hippopotamus statant contourny azure.

Adriana La Dominica. Name.

Dietrich von Andernach. Device. Per chevron vert and azure, a pall inverted argent between in chief two pine trees couped Or.

Elayne Gwenlhian de Bellême. Name.

Ellen of the Scholars. Device. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a unicorn rampant counterchanged, a chief gules.

Gairhard zum Dunklen Mond. Name.

Garnish of Merionyth. Name and device. Vert, a wyvern erect Or, on a chief invected argent three crosses formy vert.

Gunnar Eriksson. Name and device. Sable, a Viking longship reversed, sail furled and oars in action, and on a chief Or three beacons sable enflamed gules.

Inner Sea, Shire of the. Name.

Jared Phelp of Canterbury. Name.

Margarete the Scholar. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Meadhbh ni Bhriain. Device change. Per pall vert, argent, and Or, a crescent argent and two cinquefoils vert.

Michel Beaudran d'Avignon. Name and device. Azure, a tricorporate lion Or, in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy argent.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Royal Chamberlain. Azure, a pale checky gules and argent, overall two keys in saltire, wards to chief Or.

Middle Kingdom. Title for Midlands Herald.

Nadirah bint Sayf of the Hashid. Badge. Per pale sable and argent, a crescent within a bordure counterchanged.
Nicodemus Felsted Phear. Name.

Oliuir von Iulenstein. Name and device. Vert, semy of owls affronty Or.

Rhys Stevynson. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Roberta Rhiannon McMorland. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Sabina Tafler. Name and device. Purpure, on a bend sinister argent between two comets bendwise sinister inverted Or, three fleurs-de-lys palewise purpure.

Thorvald Redhair. Household badge for House Redhair. (fieldless) A pheon inverted purpure.

Una Wynifreed Berry. Device change. Argent, a violet purpure slipped and leaved vert between three Bowen knots azure, all within an orle vert.
Vincent the Calculator. Name and device. Gules, an abacus Or and a chief embattled argent.
Winged Hills, March of the. Badge. (fieldless) On a three-peaked mountain couped vert, a vol Or.


Airyk Eriksson the Sinister. Name change (from Eric of Stormwind) and device change. Per chevron azure and gules, two unicorn's heads couped respectant and a sword argent.

Aldwin Wolfling. Device. Or goutty azure, a fish naiant to sinister sable and a base indented azure.

Caitlin Ruadh. Name and device. Sable, on a bend sinister engrailed argent, three crescents gules.

Castellum Montanum, Canton of. Name and device. Checky gules and argent, a laurel wreath and a bordure wavy sable.

Catríona nic Theàrlaigh. Name.

Heloise of Sherborne. Name and device. Per bend sinister purpure and argent, a sea-dragon counterchanged.

Isabella de Bordeaux. Device. Per bend Or and sable, a grape leaf bendwise inverted vert and a bunch of grapes Or.

Mathghamhain Mac Diarmada. Name.

Phaedria d'Aurillac. Device change. Vert, a seahorse ermine.

Raoul de Chenonceaux. Device. Argent, on a chevron azure three quatrefoils argent, in base a pegasus salient gules, overall a bordure counterchanged gules and argent.

Roderick of Sutton in the Elms. Name and device. Or, a lion rampant to sinister sable, a bordure invected gules.

West, Kingdom of. Title for Rocket Pursuivant.



Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs. Device. Azure, three ducks passant in fess between two bars wavy argent.


Alexandra de la Mer Verte. Device resubmission. Or, on a bend embattled-counterembattled vert between a mortar and pestle and an inkwell with quill pen issuant sable, three escallops inverted palewise argent.

Gillian de la Luz. Device. Sable, a rivenstar argent and a bordure ermine.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge. Azure, a pall inverted embattled argent.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge. Azure, a sheaf of arrows inverted Or between in fess two moons in their plenitude argent.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Name and badge for the Order of the Silver Moon. Azure, a pall inverted bretessed between three moons in their plenitude argent.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge. Azure, on a pall inverted bretessed between in chief two moons in their plenitude argent, another azure.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge. Azure, on a pall inverted bretessed between in chief two moons in their plenitude argent, a spiked mace gules.
Twin Moons, Barony of. Name and badge for the Order of the Moonflower. Azure, a pall inverted embattled between two moons in their plenitude and a moonflower slipped and leaved argent.




Diego Alfonso de Navarra. Device. Gules, on a bend Or between a castle argent and two roses Or, a chain gules.

Joseph of Silver Oak. Badge. Sable, in pale two trefoils, each within and its stem conjoined to an annulet argent.
Miriel Gwenddwr Ty Aranell. Badge. Azure, a cross moline voided, a bordure engrailed argent.
Rosamond of Lancashire. Device. Per chevron gules and argent, two garden roses slipped and leaved Or and a maiden statant affronty argent, vested gules, crined sable.
Sionan de Prendergast na Seanachai. Name.
Thorfinn Asleifsson the Solemn. Device. Per pale sable and Or, an increscent and a decrescent conjoined counterchanged.






Margarete the Scholar. Device. Gules, in pale a daisy argent seeded Or and a book argent.

Ram's Haven, Barony of. Name and device. Per fess embattled gules and argent, two demi-rams respectant argent and a laurel wreath vert.
Rhys Stevynson. Device. Per chevron azure and Or, two compass stars Or and a chess rook sable.
Roberta Rhiannon McMorland. Device. Counter-ermine, on a pale argent an orchid sable.
Thorvald Redhair. Badge resubmission. (fieldless) A pheon inverted gules.
Valentine Christian Warner. Device. Vert, three long caps Or, doubled ermine.
William Silverfox. Name appeal.


Ashlin d'Ypres. Name.

Caslan a Saint Keverne. Name.
Seán Graethorne. Name change (from Seán Spíoine Glaise).



Conall Gillysaght. Device. Per fess gules and argent, a lion passant contourny Or and in pale three lances fesswise azure.

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