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Vanhat nimityyppimme (Finnish Names)

by Rouva Gertrud

I        Preface

This work is a revised translation of my paper “Suomen nimet”, which was originally published as #8 in the series “Lastuja Aarnimetsästä”. This series is the Finnish equivalent of Compleat Anachronist. The list of names is more or less the same in both works, but I have added an ultra short course of Finnish for this international version.

The basic purpose of this work was to aid documentation, therefore I have included only those names I have personally found from the original sources given in section IV. During my research I have come across a variety of names dated to be medieval but given without a source. I haven’t included these names if I haven’t found them from my sources.

The only exception is the table of ancient Finnish naming system (Table 1). It is a view of one researcher, but I have included it since he has based it on real evidence gathered from around the Baltic sea. There are very few examples of the pagan Finnish names in medieval sources.

I owe thanks for Master Pietari Pentinpoika Uv, who has helped me to decipher some of the more cryptic names. He has also written the original text for the section III in this paper.

Rouva Gertrud i.e Gertru i.e Kerttu Katariinantytär Roisko

Lea Viljanen

Vironkatu 10 D 23, 00170 HELSINKI, FINLAND

II     On The Finnish Language

The purpose of this chapter is not to teach you Finnish, but to give you a few simple facts that you may need to know when looking at the actual name list.

The Finnish language belongs to the Finno-Ugric family of languages. This means that Finnish is not related in any way to English, Swedish (both are germanic languages) nor Russian (slavonic). The largest linguistic relatives of Finnish are Estonian and Hungarian. This unrelatedness to germanic languages is an important fact, since medieval Finland has been part of Sweden. During the Swedish reign many of the scribes were actually Swedish speaking and utilized Swedish spelling for Finnish names. Therefore the spelling may not accurately reflect the actual pronounciation of the name.

For example, Finnish has some vowel combinations (diphthongs), which Swedish just doesn’t have. Therefore the Swedish speaking scribes haven’t been able to write them. Examples of such combinations are /uo/ and /ie/. For example, the name of our country, Suomi, is usually written “somi” in period texts. The same problem applies to double consonants (/tt/, /kk/ etc), most sources use only a single consonant where there should be two according to the Finnish pronunciation.

There is also a Finnish thing called vowel harmony. The vowel harmony dictates which vowels can be seen together in a word. The simplified rule is: in a non-compound word there cannot be vowels from both groups /u o a/ and /y ä ö/. The suffixes also follow this, if you want to say “in a village” in Finnish, the normal ending would be -ssa, but in this case you would have to say “kylässä” instead of “*kylässa”, since the latter word would include vowels from both groups. Combined words do not follow this rule as a whole, but the components of a combined word do. Remembering this rule helps a lot in deciphering weird spellings of the medieval scribes.

Additionally, Finnish does not have the voiced consonants [b], [d] and [g] (this fact can be clearly heard when some Finns speak English). Therefore the Finnish way is to substitute those alien sounds (and therefore letters) with the unvoiced [p], [t] and [k], respectively. This explains some spelling variants.

One of the most striking features of Finnish is its agglutinating nature. Agglutinating languages use suffixes where English would use prepositions. For example in English you say “in the house”, Finns would say “talossa”, where “talo” means house and “ssa” is a suffix for the case used to indicate being inside something. There are fifteen or so cases (to the dismay of schoolchildren and despair of foreigners) plus a serious number of other suffixes (“in my house “ would be translated as “talossani”).

As if this wouldn’t make words long enough, we Finns have a tendency to combine simple words to make even longer words. For example a brick house would be called “tiilitalo” (tiili=brick), and if you are in it, you would say “tiilitalossa”, and if the house would be yours, you would say “tiilitalossani”... If the bricks were red, the house would be “punatiilitalo” (“punainen”=red, “puna” a shorter form) and so on ad infinitum.

III        Structure Of A Finnish Name

First names

There are several layers of first names in Finland. The earliest layers is the proto-Finnic name system. But since the earliest written records in Finland date from the 14th century, ie. definitely from the christian era, we don’t really know a lot from pagan Finnish names. Some examples and traces have been found, mainly from surnames and locatives. Additionally these old names have been widely used also in the Carelia and Estonia, where more records and name variants can be found.

There is an addendum to this work, which tabulates the proto-Finnish names and name element according to the PhD dissertation of D.-E. Stoebke. While there are not so many definitive answers there, the work is the most comprehensive of its kind. So if you are interested in pagan names, look at the table, otherwise the actual name list may be more of a use.

Another layers are the germanic and scandinavian names, which eventually more or less displaced the old Finnish names. However, the names were very quickly adopted to the Finnish sound system and variants emerged very quickly (VIDKE – VITIKKA, BENGT – PENTTI). Additionally there is a layer of Russian and Greek Catholic names in easternmost Finland and Carelia.

Other names

Additionally to first names, three types of other names were also used: patronymics and matronymics, locatives and bynames. There were maximum of one of each, but not everybody had all of them.

Matronymics and Patronymics

A matronymic indicates a mother’s name and a patronymic the father’s. A patronymic was the norm, a matronymic was used probably only if the father wasn’t known (for exampleMaijsa Lucija dotter). Most of these names were derived from the father’s (or mother’s) first name, but some examples can be found where it was formed from a byname (Remi Kettun) or from the whole name (Maijsa Henrik Nijrans dotter).

The best know type is the straightforward-poika or-tytär ending to the actual parent name. However it’s not the only way, also a-nen-ending and spelling variants-n,-inen and-in were often used. The parent’s name was often in Swedish. Actual examples areOlcko Suninpoica (Suni’s son),Laso Bengtin (Pentti’s son),Joann Lembivalchonen (Lempivalkonen, Lempivalko’s son),Eskil Nielsson orAppollonia Pedersdotter (Pietari’s daughter).

This type of-nen-patronymic was common especially in the Eastern Finland and these names were in active use in Carelia up to this century.

Locatives - names from houses and villages

People were usually from somewhere and locatives are quite a simple way to distinguish between two persons of the same name. The locative could be the name of the village or house. The locatives were formed in all the same ways as were patronymics (-nen, -n, -inen, -in). Which meansLæpsæ dotter af Kurhila was from Kurhila house/village andJunni karilanen from the house of. Additionally house names were formed by different case endings (Dominicus Hanhikosken,Junka Junitalasta) or without any ending whatsoever (Axel Tomasson Kiwiniemi).

However, most of the scribes have used prepositions familiar to them when entering locatives (in Swedishi,av,från and, in latinde).


Bynames were the most varying of names. They could indicate a profession (Volmar lenszman, ‘nimismies’), physical attributes (kutenHoykka Gregorius, ‘hoikka - thin’) or be just otherwise descriptive (for exampleHinric Poiu, ‘poju - a kid’,Girmund Suarte, ‘svart - musta - black’,Arendh Warg, ‘varg - susi - wolf’ taiSigurd Whenapha, ‘vehnäpää - wheat head’). Also old pagan names or name elements were used as bynames (Michel Kaukapeiue, ‘Kaukapäivä’).

IV        References

Primary sources:

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Secondary sources:

“Die alten ostseefinnishcen Personnamen im Rahmen eines urfinnischen Namensystems”,  
D.-E. Stoebke. PhD thesis, Universität Hamburg. 1964.

“Suomalainen nimikirja”. Suomen kielen sanakirjat 6. Otava 1984. ISBN 951-1-07227-7.

V    The Names

Here follows the actual name data. On the left there is the name either spelled exactly as it was found or normalized to a more modern or Finnish spelling (for examplei-j,ae-ä) if that is easily deciphered or formed knowing modern Finnish names. However, I have tried to avoid making too radical changes to the actual examples. If the spellings found do not fully support a truly Finnish version of the name, I have indicated the proper Finnish spelling after the actual example.

The second column indicates the gender of the bearer in examples (F=female, M=male, ?=unknown or unclear). Most of the names marked as ambiguous are probably male, since the sources tend to excplicitly state whose wife/mother/sister/daughter a woman was. However, this probability does not apply to the ancient Finnish name system, for those names we really do not know if the names had any gender separation or not.

The last column includes the actual name examples as closely copied from the primary sources as possible. The actual name or name phrase is printed initalics. The examples are selected to give the reader a feel of the possible name spellings and variants. Some commentary on the name is also occasionally offered.

Most names (all but the pagan Finnish names) have at least one dated reference, ie. I have personally found it from the primary sources. Some names, which are given as support or additional information, do not have the reference indicated, these names are taken from a secondary source (the “Suomalainen nimikirja”), mostly from the surnames section. The old Finnish name system is documented in the Table 1 on the last page.

The reference states the source abbreviation (see chapter V) and includes either the folio or page number where the example can be found. Some sources do not have folio numbers, so there is only the page number indicated.

Most of the names are of Germanic or Scandinavian origin or their Finnish variants and some are pagan Finnish names or name elements. And some – well – unknown. Some of these names do not make sense even to a native Finn. I have tried to add a note to these weird cases.


AARNIKKA M Arnichae 1427, SB 424.Arnika Hörtöla  1436, FMU III 2170.Arnich Haricku 1551, SVT II p. 76
ABBLEFAbble, Laurens Soijkas hustru 1564, SVT I p. 190.Abble, Sopans hustru 1565, SVT I p. 222.

ABJÖRNMAbiörn 1405, FMU II 1207.

ABLUMFAblum, Cauppins dotter 1563, SVT I p. 112.

ABLUNIAFAblunia Hopiaseppälä 1550, SVT II p. 20.Aplunia Raijckolan 1552, SVT II p. 207.

ABRAHAMM Abram Jönisson 1448, FMU III 2772.Abram Vidmarsson 1571, HHV p. 168.

ADAMM Adam Einäs 1465, BID I p. 19.Adam Ollsonn 1571, HHV p. 182.

ADELITSAF Adheliza 1380, SB 244.Adelitza 1466, SB 605. See also ALITSA.

AGATAFAgata Mäghenpän 1552, SVT II p. 222.

AGDA? Agda aff Tiyche 1379, FMU I 877.

AGNESFhustrv Agnes 1489, FMU V 4268.Agnis enckijä 1571, HHV p. 121.

AGNETAFmatrona Wiburgiensis, Agneta Iohannis Meckinx 1511, FMU VII 5512.

AHTIMAn old Finnish name. Evidence only for surnames/ bynames/patronymicsLasse Acti 1462, FMU IV 3189.Oluff Achti 1571, HHV p. 103.

AILI?Aijli Sijdhemaan 1552, SVT II p. 183.

AIRIKM Airic Teikar 1551, SVT II p. 111. Finnish spelling AIRIKKA.

AKKAF Aka, Matth Hemeles hustru 1563, SVT I p. 127. The noun “akka” – an oldish woman or hag. Could be a scribal error?

AKUSM Acus Kaukaritzsson 1550, SVT II p.28. Akus Knutzon 1571, HHV p. 9

ALBERTMAlbert Skittha 1372.Albrict Nyendorp 1484, FMU V 3995.

ALETAF Aleta 1448,  FMU III 2818. A form of ALITSA?

ALFM Alff Olafson 1438, FMU III 2266.Alff i Heijnos 1456, FMU IV 3009.

ALGOTM Algut i Kaxijois 1454, FMU IV 2956.Algott Nilsson 1571, AHV p. 34.

ALLM All Pöhänen 1455 FMU IV 2984. Probably the name ALLE, since in the same folio there’s a spelling OLL for OLLE. May also be a spelling error.

ALITSAFAlizsa Villiläst 1550, SVT II p. 13.

AMBJÖRNM Ambiorn aff Vmkiala 1469, FMU IV 3378.

AMBROSIUS MAmbrosius Pynnakoski 1487, FMU V 4117. See also BRUSI and PRUSI.

AMUNDMAmvnd Olafson 1462, FMU IV 3165.Amundh Nilson 1571, HHV p. 74.

ANATISMAnatis Hansson 1563, BID IV 206 (s. 225).

ANDERSMAndirs Riik Kaukala 1540, IFM p. 18.

ANDREASM Andris Mukonen 1373, SB 221.Andres Asserson 1439, FMU III 2310.

ANTONIUSM Anthonius Mäghenpän 1552, SVT II p. 225.

ANNAF Anna Hönalempadotter 1380, SB 244.

ANNEKEFAnneke, Rosses hustru, från Viborg 1492, FMU V 4428. Possible but unlikely interpretation is a Finnish name ANNIKKI.

ANNIKAFAneka enckie 1571, PHV p. 78. May also be a variant spelling of ANNEKE.

ANTTIM Seijcka, Anti Hurskans enckia 1564, SVT I p. 148.Ante Ronte 1547, IFM s 16.

ANUNDIMAnundi de Voypala 1340, SB 99.Anwndh Laycho 1445, SB 525.

APOLLONIA FAppollonia Pedersdotter 1448, SB 538

ARENDM Arendh Warg 1447, FMU III 2689.

ARNDTM Arn Olofsson 1492, FMU V 4449.

ARNEM Arne Köykosche 1447, FMU III 2714.

ARNOMArno Laijtela 1413, IFM p. 16.

ARVIDM Aruidh Clauusson Djäkn 1458, SB 568.

ARVIKM Aruik Harittw 1489, FMU V 4232.

ARVOM Aruo Laytela 1413, FMU II 1398.

ASIKKOMAzico de Hactissaenpoyca 1340, SB 99. Also in surnameLaurens Aseckann 1564, SVT I p. 188.

ASKOM Asko Kettun 1563, SVT I p. 116.

ASLAKM her Aslak Thureson 1457, FMU IV 3027. A Laplandish name, but the person might not be a Finn/Lapp, the name is in a letter from Danzig to Turku.

ASMUSM Asmus Person 1571, KHV p. 17.Assmus Dobler 1568, BID IV 378.

ASTA? Asta Karsatin 1551, SVT II p. 117.

AUGUSTINUS MAugustinus Manninn 1563, SVT I p. 134.

ATSURM Azwr Niclisson 1373, SB 221.

AXELMAxel Tomasson Kiwinemi 1502, FMU VI 4939. Finnish spelling AKSELI.


BARBARAF Barbara Olaffs dotter 1486, FMU V 4076.

BARBROF hustru Barbro 1529, FMU VIII 6436.

BARTHOLOMEUS MBartholomeus Swarte 1465, FMU IV 3262.

BASTM Bast Pundan 1561, SVT I p. 24. Finnish spelling BASTI.

BEATAFBeata Erixdotter 1479, FMU IV 3783.

BENGTM Bengt i Nackböle 1482, FMU V 3902.Bent Kwmmelaianen 1483, FMU V 3969. A Finnish form PENTTI.

BENGTAFdotter Bengta 1490, FMU V 4339.hustru Beingta 1559, BID III 532.

BENEDICTM Bendyctus Leman 1515, FMU VII 5836.

BENNEM Benne Michelson 1382, FMU I 905.

BERENDMBerent Grote 1484, FMU V 3996.

BERGILMBergil Jönsson 1495, FMU V 4636.

BERNM         Originally BEREND? Bern scriffuare 1473, SB 641.Bärn Nilsonn 1571, HHV p. 171.

BERNARDM Bernardus Nilisson 1571, UHV p. XXIII.

BERTILMBertill Ahlaierffui 1447, FMU III 2720.Bärtell Ridwala 1443, FMU III 2503.

BIRGERMBirger Gunnerson 1496, FMU VI 4670.

BIRGITTAF Birgitta hustru aw Henning skräddare 1349, SB 486. See also PIRITTA.

BIRILM Biril Olsson i Hammarland 1492, FMU V 4405.

BJÖRNM         The most popular scandinavian pagan name.Biörn pakan 1465.Biiörn Karhun  1563, SVT I p. 105.

BLASIUSM Blasius Nilson 1571, HHV p. 53.

BLUSIUSMBlusius Larsonn 1571, PHV p. 47.

BOTEM Bote Pederson 1503, FMU VI 4976.Bothe Pedersson 1511, FMU VII 5520.

BOTOLFMBotolphus aff Kwrala 1378, SB 239.

BOTVIDMBotwydh Niclisson 1464, FMU VIII 6664.

BRITAF         From BIRGITTA.Brita Hinders dotter 1484, FMU V 4010.

BRUSI(US)M         From AMBROSIUS.Brycsius Nielsson 1494, FMU V 4565.Brusius Ilolan 1552, SVT II p. 224.Brussi Ollssonn 1490, BID I p. 40.

BRYNHILDF Petrus et Brinildis 1330, SB 55. A latin text.

BRYNOLFM Bryniolff j Geta 1431, FMU III 1993.

BRÄNNEKE MBraenneke Hannesson 1428. SB 426


CALIXTUSM Calixtus Ersson 1571, SHV p. 8.

CECILM Sonakona Cicel 1571, PHV p. 25.

CECILIAFCecilia aff Kwrala 1477, SB 656.Hustru Cecil 1571, UHV p. CXIII.

CHRISTINA Cristina Jönsdotther 1478, FMU V 4140. Chirstin Messenkyla 1540?, BID VI p. 45. Modern Finnish spelling KRISTIINA.

CIPRIANUSMCiprianus Andree filius in Perno 1497, FMU VI 4737.

CLARAFHustru Clara Sempers 1571, KHV p. 140.

CORNELIUS MCornelius 1581, BID V 270.


DANIELMDan Renaekaeltae 1380, FMU I 883.Danielis Niclisson 1347, FMU VIII 6578 (lat.).Dani Latula 1456, FMU IV 3002.

DAVIDM Dauid Kawlokala 1424, FMU II 1741.

DIDRIKM Didrik Hansson 1509, FMU VII 5369.

DIONYSIOSMDionisius 1563, BID IV 206 (s. 224). Popular in Tavastia. See also NISIUS.

DOMINICUSMDominicus Hanhikosken 1552, SVT II p. 206.

DONATUSM Donatus Mattzon 1571, HHV p. 11.

DORATHEAFDorathea 1477, SB 652.syster Dorthe 1512, FMU VII 5586.

DORDIF hustru Dorde i Lauila 1551, SVT II p. 66.Dordij Larss dotter 1532, BID III 21.

DORETEFhustru Dorete i Raumo 1551, SVT II p. 61.


EBBAFIbba Jacobsdåtter af Näsett 1532, BID III 18.hustru Ibbe på Nässijtt 1545, BID III 233.

EBBEMÆbbe j Rayko 1441, FMU III 2375.Ebbe Ebbesson 1424, FMU VIII 6631.

EDGARDMEdgard Olson 1512, FMU VIII 6701.

EINVALDM Einwald Wesala 1461.Eiwald Persånn 1516, FMU VII 5872. See also ENEVALD.

ELEF MEleff Diägn  1434, FMU III 2110.Eleff i Kaualt 1533, BID III 32.

(H)ELENEF hustrv Elene 1491, FMU V 4364.

ELIN F husfrouwen Elinen Olavesdochter 1431, FMU III 1997.hustru Elin 1552, SVT II p. 206.

ELISABETF Elizabet i Hirffuikosken 1551, SVT II p. 72.

ELSAFElsa Hendricksdotter, borgarske i Åbo 1551, SVT II p. 75.

ELSEBOMElssebo Monson 1490, FMU V 4278.

ELSEBYFElsebj Albricz dotter 1473, SB 643.Ælseby Olaffsdotter 1486, FMU V 4078.

EMBJÖRNM Ämbiorn Oloffson 1571, AHV p. 42.

ENEVALDM Enewald (aff Sastamala) 1439, SB 476. See also EINVALD.

ENGELBREKT MAengilbrikt glasmaestare 1449, FMU III 2804.

ENGELICKA?Engelicka Maankesk 1483, BID I p. 24.

ERENGISLE MÆrengitzell Person till Lassdal 1589, BID V 513.

ERIK Erik Skynnare 1432, FMU III 2047.Eerich Andersson 1482, FMU V 3902. A very popular name.

ERISM    Eris Clemetsson 1571, HHV p. 121. May be a spelling error, ERIK?

ERLANDMErlender/Erland in Pito 1329, SB 1329.Erlando Petri, canonico Aboensi 1404, FMU II 1178 (lat).

ERVASTMErfwast i Rawaldzby 1442, FMU III 2446.Ærvast Huctis 1483, FMU V 3969. The Finnish spelling ERVASTI.

ESBJÖRNM Esbiörn Olsson 1571, SHV p. 75.

ESKELIM eskeli hawnia 1479, BID I p. 370.

ESKILM Eskillus, curatus jn Hattalum 1331, SB 64 (lat.).Eskil Nielsson 1458, SB 584.Eskel Koleman 1563, SVT I p. 56. See also ESKELI documenting the typical added vowel ending for finnicized names.

ESTHERFhustru Esther 1449, FMU III 2817. Finnish spelling ESTERI.

ESTRIDFjomfrv Estridh Raualdz dotther 1490, FMU V 4291.

EURA? min pilt Æwra 1449, FU III 2817.

EVAF ärligh quinna, benämpd Ewa 1577, BID V 186.

EVAST(I)MEuast Hendrickson Mikolan 1552, SVT II p. 167.

EVERTM Euert/Æffert/Æffaert Grymme 1418, SB 382.


FADERM Fadher i Jdlax 1433, FMU III 2089. Perhaps refers to a priest?

FASTEM Faste Magnusson 1447, FMU III 2689.

FILIPPAFPhilipe Erichsdotter Fleming till Yllile 1578, BID V 192.Philippa Erichs dotter 1578, BID V supplement A.

FILPUSM Philpus Jalkaranda 1466.Philpus Hiedy 1530, FMU VIII 6499.

FINSIUSMFinsius Michelsson 1571, UHV p. LXVI.

FINVIDM Finwid Lawrensson 1427, FMU II 187.

FITMFijt Olde 1564, BID IV 224.Ffijtt Olde 1567, BID IV 338.

FLÖRIKMFlörik Jonisson 1418, FMU II 1537.Fflerik Persson Kodiala 1509, FMU VII 5364.

FOLKEM Folke j Flaka 1438, FMU  III 2252.Pholck Monsson 1571, PHV p. 29.

FRANSM Frandz Korhoin 1563, SVT I p. 123.Frandz Harittu 1582, BID V 323.

FRANSEMFranse Poffuelson 1571, HHV p. 122.Frannse Personn 1571, HHV p. 137. A type of FRANS?

FRED(E)RIK MFredrik Frese 1445, FMU III 2607.Frederich Haghampera 1515, FMU VII 5841.

FUSKAF Fwska Pennj dotter, 1385, SB 257.


GABRIELM Gabriell 1563, BID IV 116 (s. 104).

GERIKAMher Gereka 1431, FMU III 2025.Gerrickia Mæisela[LV1]  1465, FMU IV 3277.

GERLAGMGerlagh j Rawtala 1467, SB 608.
GERMUNDM Girmund Suarte 1435, FMU III 2129.

GERTRUDF Gertrudhe ena ängh j Kurala/hustru Gertrvdh 1434, SB 452.Gertrud    Karwotaske 1509, SB 698.Gertru Skomare 1571, KHV p. 134. Finnish spelling KERTTU.

GISSLEM Gissle Johansson 1484, FMU V 4010.

GOPILLMGopill Olaffson 1466, FMU IV 3290.

GORGONIUS MGorgonius Siffredson på Porckala 1565 (?), BID IV 292.

GOTSKALKMGotskalk Seikila 1442.Godskalk Ylekyla 1467, SB 608.

GREGERMGregers Rosala 1458, SB 584.Greger j Thomois 1418, FMU II 1551.

GREGIRSGregirs Pidtkenkallio 1475, BID VI p. 67.

GREGORIUSMHoykka Gregorius 1506. See also GREGER, GREUS ja GRELS.

GRELSM Grels Grelsson i Gammelgård 1504, FMU VI 5004.

GRETAFGretha 1414, SB 347.Greta Ningioghen 1552, SVT II p. 208.

GREUSM Greus Sonni 1550, SVT II p. 14.

GUDELEFF Niclis ... vnde Gudeleef sine husfrouwe 1421, FMU II 1686.

GUDLEFMGudhleuo Haltuatason 1368, SB 205.

GUDLOFMGudloff/Gadloff Iönson 1478, FMU IV 3743.

GUDLÖGFGudelög Peders dotter 1397, SB 282.Gudlögh Pedersdotter 1410, SB 325

GUDMUNDM Gudmundh Olaffson 1435, FMU III 2122.Gudmund Wesaijnen 1463, FMU IV 3219.

GUDORMM Gudhorm aff Tiycke 1379, FMU I 877.

GUDVASTM Gudwaster aff Peymarum 1373, SB 221.Guduastus/Gudwast 1346, SB 115.

GUDZEM Gudze Larsson 1502, FMU VI 4936.

GUMMEMGumme j Micklaby 1433, FMU III 2088.Gumme i Myklaby 1438, FMU III 2252.

GUNBORGF Gunborg Enckie 1571, PHV p. 67.

GUNNARMGunnar Elifson, 1463, SB 596.Gunnar j Palonei 1426, FMU II 1799.

GUNNEM Gunne Magnusson j Taipala 1442, FMU III 2452.

GUNNILFGunnild 1504, FMU V 5059. Gwnnil Nilisdoter i Åbo 1511 FMU VII 5561.

GUSEMGwse Niglesson 1446, FMU III 2666.

GUSTAFMGöstaff Slatte 1433, FMU III 2077.

GUTTORMM Gottorm Nijlsson 1536, BID III 83.

GYTAFmyn brodhers hustrv Gydha 1447, FMU III 2710.

GYRITHFminna hustrv Gyrith 1447, FMU III 2696.

GÖDIKM Godeke Vyncke 1439, FMU III 2310.Gödik Nijlson 1511, FMU VII 5501.

GÖRANMÖrian Swerd 1433, FMU III 2077.Jören Tårkilsson 1442, FMU III 2446.Yrian Anudsson 1514, FMU VII 5710. See also YRJÄNÄ.

GÖSTAFFM Göstaff Nilsson till Särkilax 1554, BID III 392.

GÖTKEM Götke Hinricsson 1440, FMU III 2369.


HAAKONM Hakon Thuwr 1431, FMU III 2022.

HAKULIMHakuli Hackarain 1563, SVT I p. 128. A Finnish form of the scandinavian HAAKON.

HALVARMHalffuar Raualdson 1571, PHV p. 22. Finnish spelling HALVARI.

HAMPUSMHampus Koloman 1563, SVT I p. 107.Hamus Muldia(?) 1571, SHV p. 210.

HANNUSMHannos 1392, SB 272.Hannus 1415, SB 355. Modern Finnish name HANNU.

HANSM Haans i Ootnääss 1488, FMU V 4169.

HANSSOMPer Hanszonpoica Nowsian 1563, SVT I p. 98. A form of HANS.

HARALDMHarald Eleffson 1481, FMU V 1481.Harald Larson 1571, HHV p. 33.

HARITTUM Kadrin, som Haritus hustrw war 1448, FMU III 2738.

HARTIKKAMHartig Mickelson Takupere 1503, FMU VI 4993.Hartika Flegh 1373, SB 221. A Finnish form of a germanic HARTVIG.

HARTMAN    MHartman Innanbeck 1457, FMU IV 3020.

HARTVIGM Hertvigh Jopsson 1451, FMU IV 2885. See also HARTIKKA.

HEBLAFfru Hebble 1551,  SVT II p. 105.fru Häbla 1561, BID IV 5.

HEIKKAMHeinrich Heykanpoyka aff Ylela 1445.Thomas Heijckanpoicke 1571, HHV p. 147. A form of HENRIK.

HEIKKIM Heyki Haralax 1440, SB 487. The most popular Finnish form of HENRIK.

HEINIM Heyni antison 1475.Heyni Paymala 1446, SB 529.Heine Stivffson 1455, FMU IV 3001 (s. 88).

HEINOM Heino Jaskelen 1571, KHV p. 28. A very popular name also as a surname.

HELENAFHelene Olaffs dotter 1498, FMU VI 4794.

HELGAFhustru Helga af Äkerön i Alandh 1505, FMU VI 5121. The Finnish spelling would be HELKA.

HELGEM Helge Magnusson 1430, FMU VIII 6637.

HELIEM Helie Siffredson 1571, UHV p. CIX.Helie Thomasson 1571, UHV p. CX. Probably a spelling variant of HELGE?

HELIKM Helik Biörnson 1522, FMU VIII 6078.

HELKAFHelka Laurens dotter 1563, SVT I p. 90.

HELVIKMHeluicus Stoltefoth 1416, SB 269 (lat).

HEMMINGM Hemmingh Saeppe 1462, SB 594. The Finnish spelling HEMMINKI.

HEMMINKI Mhemingi nicolai 1479, BID I p. 370.

HENNEKEM her Henneke 1419, FMU VIII 6621.Heneke Repolach 1469, FMU IV 3391.Henke Rapåla 1469, FMU IV 3400.

HENNINGM Hening Nielson 1529, FMU VIII 6467.Hening Kuckon 1564, SVT I p. 158.

HENRIKMHenric de Hactissanpoyca 1340, SB 99. One of the most popular Finnish names in the Middle Ages. Several variations and nicknames: HEIKKA, HEIKKI, HEIKKU, HINTRIKKI, HINTSA, HINKKA...

HERMAN(NI)Mdominij Hermani 1355, SB 159. her Herman i Hollola 1435, FMU III 2163.

HEURIM Heurij Hinnäriä 1551, SVT II p. 66. This is probably a spelling error,Heurij should beHenrij?

HIMOTTU?Per Hijmottun 1563, SVT I p. 137. An old Finnish name.

HINKKAMhincka persson 1509, BID I p. 232.Hincka Anndersonn 1571, HHV p. 176. A form of HENRIK popular in Savolax.

HINKKI? Hinke Rasseborg 1360, FMU VIII 6724.

HINTRIKMHindric Turpin 1543.Hindrich Karijalain 1564, SVT I p. 145.Hinric Poiu 1469, FMU IV 3400. A form of HENRIK, the Finnish spelling would be HINTRIKKI.

HINTSAMHintza Paeranpoyka 1378.Hinza Heykolan 1492, FMU V 4455. A form of HENRIK.

HINTSIM Hinze Knappersche 1419, FMU VIII 6622.

HOLFRIDF hustru Holfrid 1469, FMU IV 3394.

HOLINGERM Holinger Oloffson 1571, AHV p. 27.

HOLMGERM Holmger ... från Aland 1505, FMU VI 5107.

HOLMVIDM Holwid i Grwnnasund 1432, FMU II 2040.

HUJAM          Huia i Broo 1461, FMU IV 3150.

HYVÄ-?         An old Finnish name: HYVÄLEMPIHyvilemp 1380. HYVÄNEUVOMichel Hijueneuuoin 1563, SVT I p. 121. HYVÄRIhouari de kalliala  1478, BID I p. 370 (?).

HÄRUNG? Haerungh i Haginpae 1449, FMU III 2786.

HÄSIKKÄM Hæsike aff Seppela 1457, FMU IV 3024.


IHA-?          An old Finnish name:Ye de oncala 1340. IHALA Ihala Ikemielisson 1570. IHALEMPI Yhalemppe 1432, FMU III 2056. IHANTI Yhandes de Pöhäeranta 1373, SB 223.

IHAN(N)USM Yhannus j Sayriala 1445, FMU IV 3001 (s. 90).Ihanus Torene 1445, FMU III 2609.Ihanus Hijmottun 1559, SVT I p. 15. A Finnish form of JOHANNES.

IKÄ-?          An old Finnish name: IKÄMÄIkame 1576. IKÄHEIMOIkeheijmo Erichsonn 1570. IKÄPÄIVÄIkepeiue 1558. IKÄLEMPI Ykalempa Kyrpoleyna 1379, SB 243. In genitive form IÄN-.

ILARIM Ijlari Ingarin 1563, SVT I p. 135. A form of HILARIUS from Carelia.

ILIANAFYliana Laurensdotter 1496, FMU VI 4675.

ILKASTMYlkast Michilsson 1450, FMU III 2851.

ILK(K)OMIlko Mondon 1571, KHV p. 83.

ILMARIM          An old Finnish name, evidence only as a surname:Mattz Ylmari 1440, FMU III 2343.
INGAFJnga Laurens dotter 1564, SVT I p. 195.
INGEMJnghe Jngemaresson 1439, FMU III 2281. Jnge Kaytala 1455, FMU IV 3001 (s. 87). Possibly INKI.

INGEBORGFJngeborgh, aenkia fordhom hintza Leuilax 1429, SB 429.

INGEGERDF Jngegaerdh 1449, FMU III 2796.

INGELM Jngell Andersson 1440, FMU III 2365.Jngell Andersson 1578, BID V 202.

INGELDMJngeld de Hyrwesalo 1393, SB 275.

INGEMARM Jngemar Magnusson 1436, SB 463.

INGEMUND MIngemund Olafson 1449, FMU III 2804.

INGEVALDM Innewald Nilsson 1461, FMU IV 3150.

INGIM Ingi Monson 1571, KHV p. 30.Antti Inginpoica 1571, KHV p. 31. Could this actually be the Finnish name INKI, for which the genitive is INGIN?

INGOMJngo Larsson 1509, FMU VII 5366.Jngoynen j Jriala 1470, FMU IV 3437.

INGRIDFhustru Ingredh i Perna 1440, FMU III 2353.Ingret enchia 1571, PHV p. 95.

INGVARMJngwar Nielsson 1445, FMU III 2626.

ISAAKM Ysaach Andersson 1446, SB 528.Isaac Sorckis 1567, BID IV 356. See also ISSAKKA.

ISKUM Iskw Anndersonn 1571, HHV p. 179.Isku Pedersson 1571, HHV p. 180. As a noun “isku” means a strike/hit.

ISRAELMIsraell Polson 1571, HHV p. 58.

ISSAKKAM Matts Issakanpoica Kohoinen 1565, SVT I p. 224. A variant of ISAK.

IVANMJwan Jacobsson 1473, FMU IV 3541. A Russian name.

IVARMJwar Nicklisson 1438, SB 470.

IÄN-?          A genitive form of the ancient name IKÄ-. IÄNJOUTSIIejohzi 1567. IÄNTAUKKAIentaucka 1556.


JAAKKOMJaco Vahanen 1497, FMU VI 4729. The Finnish form of JACOB.

JACHIMMJachim Töniszon 1564, SVT I p. 171. The Finnish spelling would be JAAKKIMA

JAKOBM Jacob y Kaela 1437, FMU III 2227. Variants also JOP ja JEPPE.

JANOTTU?          An ancient Finnish name, documentation only as a surname.Oluff Janotun 1563, SVT I p. 99.

JANUSM Janus Kattelus 1571, KHV p. 69.Janus Ingula(?) 1571, SHV p. 136.

JASPERMIasper i Karhiala 1422, SB 399.

JEKAJAMJekaja Malendivnasen 1517, FMU VII 5935. A Lappish name.

JESPERMJäsper Thomesson 1571, UVT p. XXI.

JEPPARMJeppar Jopson  1571, UHV p. CVII.

JEPPEM Iaeppe i Kiwla 1422, SB 399.

JETTE? Ietthe 1513, FMU VII 5637. Could also be a noun “jätti” – a giant.

JITA?Jita Pahikaisten 1552, SVT II p. 179.

JOFFMJoff Palwala 1477. FMU IV 3674.

JOFSEM Jofse j Hwitheträske 1433, FMU III 2068.

JOHANM Joan Staff 1440, FMU III 2343.Johan Kule 1486, FMU 4101. The Finnish form would be JOHANNES.

JOHANNAF Johanna Bentzdotter 1465, SB 604.

JOHANNESMJohannes Villaeson 1332.Johannes Stuth 1504, FMU VI 5090. Extremely popular, lots of variants: IHAN(N)US, HANNU,  JUNNI, JUNTTI,  JUSSI.

JOLNOM Jolno i Thomasson 1514, FMU VII 5710.

JONSM Jonss Andhersson j Stidböll 1530, FMU VIII 6485.

JOPM Jop i Hirfuikosche 1440, FMU III 2365. Shorthand of JAKOB.

JOPERM Joper Olsson 1550, SVT II p. 31.

JOPPEM Joppe Jopsson 1571, AHV p. 52.

JORDANMJordann Jordansson 1571, UHV p. CXVII.Jordan Tennilän 1467, BID I p. 32.

JOSEFM Josep j Lawore 1486, FMU V 4100.

JOSTMJost småpiper 1563, BID IV 206 (s. 204).

JUDITFhusfrouwe Jwdith 1492, FMU V 4430.

JUNK(K)AM Jwnka Jmmalasta 1427, FMU II 1850.Junka Junitalasta 1413, FMU II 1414.

JUNNIM Junni karilanen  1552. Jonne Lolawore 1413, FMU II 1414. Jwnne Saxilan 1453, FMU IV 2917.

JUNNUM Koko Jvnnv 1455, FMU IV 3001 (s. 90).

JUNTTIM Junti Larson 1589.Jonti Karlson 1412, SB 333. NB! Use with caution, the modern noun “juntti” is perjorative meaning a backwater country boy.

JURGENMJurgen Peterszonfrån Helsinge socken 1511, FMU VII 5556.

JURVAM Jwrua Thomasson 1405.Jurfwa i Munickala 1435, FMU III 2162.

JUSSIM Jusse Duuva  1405.Jossi Åckerolast 1437, FMU III 2200.

JUUTIMJuuti j Letola 1473, FMU IV 3540.

JUVANIMJuwanjLeskinen 1562, SVT I p. 43.

JÄNKIMJänngi Joensu(?) 1571, SHV p. 207.

JÄRLM Jaerll Jönsson 1481, FMU V 3860.

JÖN(I)SMJöns Söppä Alunttula  1433, FMU III 2066.Jönis Jönsson 1450, FMU III 2840.Jönissa Sakko 1445, FMU III 2629.

JÖRGENMJörghen Gresson Reijtolan 1552, SVT II p. 224.

JÖRENMJören Lasrson 1585, BID VI p. 48.

JÖSSEMJösse Bamber 1441, FMU III 2378.


KAAPOMInga, Kapons dotter ...Kijrpu Kapon 1563, SVT II, p. 51.

KAITAM Kaita Sandalax 1587, BID V 438. The noun “kaita” means thin.

KAISAFKaisa Larssdotter 1571, PHV p. 49.

KALIKSTUS MKalixtus Vesikosken 1552, SVT II p. 206.

KALLIM Kalli Matilan 1562, SVT I p. 46.

KARIMKari Karhiniemi 1456 (?), FMU IV 3008.

KARINF Karin Kauckaritzan 1551, SVT II p. 80.

KARLMCarll j Jdlax 1433, FMU III 2089.karl laurisson paulanemj 1507, BID I p. 182.

KARVULAKKIMeen bonde, Karwulacki benämd 1500?,  FMU VI 4898. This is probably a byname, not a first name. The noun “karvalakki” means a fur hat.

KASPARMCaspar Hannson 1571, HHV p. 152.

KATARIINA FReputedly the first example from 1281.Katerina Villadotor 1332.Katarina Tylleman 1491.Lasses hustrv Kaderin 1422, SB 399.

KATIFKatij, Joan Keckons hustru 1564, SVT I p. 211.

KATRINFKatrin Pyherandta 1551, BID VI p. 36.

KATRIINAFhustru Kadrina 1542, BID VII p. 132.

KAUKA-?         An ancient Finnish name. Esim. KAUKAPÄIVÄ Michel Kaukapeiue 1563, SVT I p. 109.

KAUKI?Caugyn 1477, FMU IV 3674. A variant of KAUKA-?

KAUPPAMKauppa Wrttama 1530, FMU VIII 6499. See also KAUPPI. In this spelling it is the Finnish noun “kauppa” - a shop.

KAUPPIMCaupe Riipa 1483 FMU V 3989.Kaupi Teppe 1490, FMU V 4286. A popular variant of JAKOB.

KELM          Kel i Olzböle 1530, FMU VIII 6556. Probably a variant of KJELL.

KERSA? Kersa Laijtin 1561, SVT I p. 34. The modern word “kersa” is a vernacular for a child.

KERSTINF hustru Kerstin Pedersdotter 1498, FMU VI 4807. See also KIRSTIN.

KETTILM Kedil i Wanhaköla 1432, FMU III 2056.

KETTILBJÖRN MKetelbiörn i Kerrom 1379, FMU I 877.

KIEL MKiel Nauneksen 1517, FMU VII 5934. Found from Lapland, perhaps KJELL?

KIRKO? Kirko 1470, FMU IV 3437. A spelling error, “kirkko” - a church?

KIRSTIFKijrstij, Poual Sijluandons dotter 1564, SVT I p. 172.

KIRSTINFKirstin 1551, SVT II p. 74.

KLARAFsyster Clara 1496, FMU VI 4705.

KLAUSMClauus Wasseialka 1424.her Claus 1493, FMU V 4501.

KLEME(N)T MClement i Wirala 1435, FMU III 2162.Clemet Begarmäster 1441, FMU III 2378.

KNUTM Knwt j Wemo 1449, FMU III 2817. The Finnish spelling would be KNUUTTI or NUUTTI.

KNUUTTIM Knuutti Hämelen 1563, SVT I p. 139.

KOLKKAM Kolka Petarinpoica 1563, SVT I p. 113.Kolcka Petarinpoica Kosman 1563, SVT I p. 117.

KONRADM her Conrad, kerkhere to Tenelle 1441, FMU III 2376.

KRISTERMKristiern Persson, häradshöfding i Hollola 1498, FMU VI 4797.

KRISTIANM Christiern Pedersson 1526, FMU VIII 6339.

KRISTINFhusfrv Cristin 1440, FMU III 2364. The Finnish form would be KRISTIINA.

KRISTOFFERMCristoffer Haffuing 1551, SVT II p. 49.Skepparen Cristoffer 1483, FMU V 3981.

KOSMAMKoszma Hannuxenpoica 1564, SVT I p. 176.Kosma Keuckoinen 1571, HHV p. 95. The actual name could be KUOSMA?

KUNNEFhustru Kunne 1435, FMU III 2148.

KRANNSEM Krannse Olsonn 1571, HHV p. 104.

KY(Y)RÖMKyro Teppansson 1473, FMU IV 3541. An orthodox name, variant of KYYROS.

KYÖSTIMköösti rodzila 1478, BID I p. 370.kösti arnikinj 1478, BID I p. 370.

KÄRLAM Kärla Knuttzon 1571, HHV p. 81.

KÄYKIM Käugi Wihattula 1477, FMU IV 3674. Could be KAUKI?

KÖNIKKÄ?Könicka/Könika aff Virmo 1378, SB 239.


LAASOM Laso Bengtin 1563, SVT I p. 123.

LAMBERTMLambrecht Mareierff 1517, FMU VII 5937.Lambreggt Iönssonn 1571, HHV p. 184.

LANSSIMMartij Lanszinpoica 1563, SVT I p. 135.

LASSEMLasse Hakuni 1550, SVT II p. 22. Can be pronounced with -E or -I.

LAURENSM Laurens Agnisenpoyka 1438, FMU III 2249. Finnish forms LAURI and LASSE/LASSI.

LAURIM Laure af Turinge 1374, FMU I 830.

LEMETTIMLaemaete Kyalasta 1383, FMU I 913.

LEMPI-M         One of our oldest pagan names. LEMPI Lembie talson 1553.Michil Lembi 1571, SHV p. 136. LEMPIVALKO Joann Lembivalchonen 1564, SVT I p. 155.

LENDEMLende Larenzon 1466, FMU IV 3292.

LESTUSMLestus Kahijlan 1564, SVT I p. 210.

LEVOM Leffuo Polsson 1571, PHV p. 84.

LIETOM Leto Kuckon 1563, SVT I p. 71.

LINDERMLinder Marcusson 1571, HHV p. 184.

LINDVEDM Lindued Henrichson 1442, FMU III 2479.

LIUSMLijus Siikan 1561, SVT I p. 31. A shorthand for BASILIUS.

LONGINUSM myne klene sons ...vnd Longynus 1503, FMU VI 4986. The bearer might not have been a Finn.

LONKSUMLonksu Kuriala 1472, FMU IV 3532. Probably a byname, since “lonksua” is a verb describing something being loose or not quite tight.

LUCIFLuci Klwbb 1540?, BID VI p. 53. See also LUCIA.

LUCIAF Lucia 1370, SB 213.hustrv Lucia 1405, FMU II 1209.

LUCRETIAF Lucretia Johansdotter 1577, BID V 172.

LUDVIGMmyne klene sons Lodewych vnd ... 1503, FMU VI 4986.

LULLIM Lulli Larsonn 1571, HHV p. 174.

LUUKASMLucas Kaukoila  1435, FMU III 2163. Popular in Eastern Finland.

LYDICKMLydick Bengtson 1448, FMU III 2773. The Finnish form would be LYYTIKKÄ.

LÄPSÄFLæpsæ dotter af Kurhila 1455, FMU IV 3001 (s. 87).


MADELINF Hustru Madelin 1571, UHV p. CIV.

MAGDALEN FMagdalen Kuttilan 1550, SVT II p. 18. Finnish spelling MAGDALEENA.

MAGNUSM Mangnus Haeriaewastae 1484, FMU V 4013. The Finnish variant are MAUNU and MANNE.

MAISAF Maijsa Karsattin 1551, SVT II p. 117.Maijsa Henrik Nijrans dotter 1563, SVT I p. 104.

MALINF hustruu Mallin 1556, BID III 416.

MANNEMManne j Monapyrte 1438, SB 470.

MARGITFMargit Hönalempan. 1380, SB 244.

MARKUSM Marcus af Voipala 1340.Marcus Eriksson 1431, FMU III 1992.

MARIETTAF Mariett Enckia 1571 UHV p. XVIII.

MARITTAF Maritta Larszdotter aff Oikola 1551, SVT II p. 63.

MARTINMMartino Rawmensi 1564, BID IV 253 (lat.).Martino Olaj 1564, BID IV 257.

MARTTAF Martha aff Kwrala 1477, SB 656.... hustru Marta 1439, SB 481.

MARTTIMMartti Kannoisten 1551, SVT II p. 74. The Finnish form of MÅRTEN.

MATIASMMatias/Mattis aff Woywala 1378, SB 239.Mattis Ilposten 1416, SB 367.Mathias de Oyas 1329, SB 47 (lat.). See also MATS ja MATTI.

MATSM Madtz Kuningass Matkuszoian 1551, SVT II p. 109.

MATTIM Matti Tyala 1439, SB 476.Matte Cvstisson/Tostesson 1374, FMU I 830.

MAUNU MMaunus Maunusson 1578, BID V 202.

MAURITIUSMMauritius Jonsson 1571, SHV p. 17.Mauritius Larsson 1571, SHV p. 182.

MECHTILF Mechtil Hinrichsdotter af Hollola 1496, FMU VI 4688.

MELCHIOR Mmelchior Soffrinson 1541.Målchior Hendrichsson 1571, SHV p. 114.

MELNICHTM Melnicht af Tervajoki 1438, FMU III 2263.

M(I)EMO? Memo de rudyala 1340, SB 99. Olaf Memoijn 1459, BID I p. 97. Unknown origin, might be germanic? Could also be the name MIEMO, which is found in surnamesSimon Miemola...Lasse Memoij 1571, SV p. 185.

MENIKKOM Meniko Skytte 1378, SB 239.Mennikasian/Meniko/Menika 1448, FMU III 2778. A Finnish form of KLEMENT.

METTAFhustrv Mettae 1448, FMU III 2771.Frw Metta 1571, HHV p. 189.

MIEL-?         A pagan Finnish name element. Forms MIELUS Miellus 1582, MIELIKKO Melico de Iudicala 1340, SB 99. MIELITTY Melitw aff Kurkeyaerfe 1348, FMU I 919, MIELIVALTA Melevalta af Särkilakx 1374.Melewaldus 1332, SB 69 (lat.), MIELENTOIVE Melentoyue 1360, FMU VIII 6724 (lat). MIELES Meles de villa Yckauere 1360, FMU VIII 6724 (lat.)

MIILI?Kvrke Mijle 1475, FMU VIII 6675. Could also be a variant of MIEL-?

MIKAELMmicael henricsson vluilast 1490, BID I p. 387. Finnish variants are MIKKELI, MIKKI and MIKKO.

MIKKELIMMykel 1412, SB 333.Mikkel Amundzson Taipala 1418, FMU II 1551.

MIKKIM Michil Tåiuale 1433, FMU III 2066.Mikki Talsi 1552.

MIKKOM Michoseppä 1432, FMU III 2056.

MIKSITÄRF Mixitaer de Hunikala 1376, SB 233. A weird name, “miksi” means “why” and “-tar/-tär” is a popular ending for female titles.

MOGSM Mogs Olsson 1571, PHV p. 93.

MOGENSM Mogans j Backby 1564, BID IV 244.

MONGUSM Mongus Brusiusson 1571, HHV p. 42.

MONTA-?         An old Finnish name element.Ihanus Mondoneuvonen 1563, SVT I p. 92.

MOSENMMosen Erichsson 1571, UHV p. LXIV.

MÅNSM Mågns Blybergh 1448, FMU III 2773.Mons Röffuare Wello 1491, FMU V 4347.

MÅRTENMMårthen Andersson 1441, FMU III 2378.

MÄRTAFhustrw Maerta Henricksdotters 1496, FMU VI 4662.


NAKKAMNacka Hatto 1563, SVT I p. 72.

NAMIA? Namia de Pennis 1376, SB 233 (lat).

NEBSM Nebs Wello 1491, FMU V 4347.

NIKLISM Niclis Heynoya 1436, FMU III 2170.

NIKKIM Nichi in Kanggaentaka 1329, SB 47.Nicci Uillann 1571, KHV p. 45. A form of NIKOLAUS.

NIK(K)OMNico Poijalast 1450, FMU III 2868.Nicko Elckis 1454, FMU IV 2956. A short form of NIKOLAUS.

NIKU(LA)M Niculas Näuhä 1551, SVT II p. 49.Nicu Sorcki 1567, BID IV 356. A form of NIKOLAUS.

NILSMNelz Kayola 1413, BID VI p. 16.

NISIUSM Nisius Hawalan 1550, SVT II p. 13.Nisus Nilsson 1571, HHV p. 16. An Eastern Finnish form of DIONYSIOS.

NISSEM Nisse Ragualsson 1411, SB 333.Nisse Oilta 1427, FMU II 1850.

NISSIM Nissi Pylin 1465, BID I p. 42. A variant spelling/pronunciation of NISSE.


ODMOd Mulli 1493, FMU V 4528.

OLAFMOlaff Yltenpo(ika?) ... Oleff i Laytio 1432, FMU III 2056.

OLAVIM Martinus Olaui 1571, SHV p. 114 (lat). Olavi Talvi  1546. Very popular medieval Finnish name. Various forms: OLAF, OLLI etc.

OLLIMOllj Pursi1346.Ollj Cauppin 1559, SVT I p. 3.

OSMUNDM Osmwnd Gregersson 1519, FMU VIII 5980. Mostly at Åland islands.

OSVALDMOssewalt Pulle 1528, FMU VIII 6426.

OVIDMOffuidh Hendrichson 1571, UHV p. LXXVIII.


PAAVALIM Powell Kalwolainen 1435, FMU III 2162.Påwall Leuos 1433, FMU III 2068.Paual Orawa 1431, FMU III 1991.

PALDUSMPaldws aff Årwo 1571, BID VI p. 26.

PARKKOM Parcko Vanhans 1563, SVT I p. 101.

PAULUSMPaulus Laitist 1507, FMU VI 5225.

PEHA? Peha i Pohjois 1530, FMU VIII 6488. A scribal error, “piha” - a yard?

PENTTIM Pente Meskiaelaestae 1383, FMU I 913. From the Scandinavian BENGT.

PEKKAM Pekka Perkko  1548.Philippus Peckanen 1563, SVT I p. 69.Peca i Portais 1530, FMU VIII 6488. A form of PETRUS.

PEKKOM Peko Jnoijn 1466, BID I p. 100. A form of PETRUS in Eastern Finland.

PELLEM Pelle Persson 1550, SVT II p. 22.Pel Person 1571, UHV p. LIII.

PERM Per Tomost 1507, FMU VI 5225.

PETERM Peder i Aluetula 1431, FMU III 1991. The Finnish forms PIETARI and PETTERI.

PETRUSMPetrus Mårtensson 1441, FMU III 2428.

PETTERIMPetter Kytti 1450, FMU III 2851.

PHILPUSMPhilpus Mattison Maskesby 1501, FMU VI 4899. The Finnish spelling and pronunciation would be VILPPU.

PIETARIMPer Petarinpoica Keckoin 1559, SVT I p. 16.

PIETIMKorro Petj/Korro Peti  1522, FMU VIII 6095.Mustapeti 1462, FMU IV 3186. Tili Peti 1470, FMU IV 3437. A form of PIETARI.

PIRIT(T)AF Biritta Hongelax 1550, SVT II p. 35.Biirijta Poual Nowsians sona kona 1564, SVT I p. 158. This is the name BIRGITTA better suited for Finnish mouths.

PUNTARIM Pundarin j Hyndehor 1491, FMU V 4349.

PYYRIKKIM Pyyhricki 1470, FMU IV 3439.


RACHELFdotter Rachel 1564, BID VI p. 12.

RAFAELMRaphael j Hiwäbol 1473, FMU IV 3540.

RAGNETAF Rangnete 1524, FMU VIII 6152.

RAGN(H)ILD Ragnild Hannus dotter, Hannus klokkarens hustrv 1405, SB 310.
RAGVALDM Ragwald j Swndom 1501, FMU VI 4926.Rawald Alhokangare 1477, FMU IV 3675. The Finnish form would be RAVALTI.

RANTAM Randa Höffuons son 1563, SVT I p. 130.

RAS(I)MUSM Rasmus Kurittulan 1551, SVT II p. 68.Rasinus Oleffson 1571, HHV p. 134.

RAVALM Rawal Rawalsson  1439, SB 481.

RAVALTIM Raualde Personn 1571, HHV p. 136.

REIKOM Reikå Paijmelast 1472, FMU IV 3504.

REKOM Reko Kuckola 1441, FMU III 2428. Reko Rekonpoica 1465, BID I p. 86. A popular variant of GREGORIUS.

REMARMRemariGislonis ... Remigius Gislonis 1420, FMU VIII 6624.

REMIMRemi Kettun 1563, SVT I p. 116. From the St. REMIGIUS.

RIKAR            MRikar Peterson 1473, FMU IV 3541.

RI(I)KILMRijkill Persson 1571, UHV p. XLIII.

RIKITSAFhustrv Rikizza 1449, FMU III 2807. Rikizsa Olaffs dotter 1449, FMU III 2808. Perhaps a variant of BIRGITTA?

RIKUMRicus Hansson Paeyalae 1501, FMU VI 4899. A form of HENRIK.

RINSEM Rinses ock Lasses i Hattala 1528, FMU VIII 6418.

ROLFM Rolff Mattisoons 1520, FMU VIII 6015.

ROSSIM Ros Lapuetelenn 1564, SVT I p. 178.Råssi Halin 1563, SVT I p. 120.Rossi Sikainen 1571, HHV p. 95. A popular variant of AMBROSIUS, especially in Savolax and Carelia.

RUNI(US)M Runius michelson 1469, BID I p. 99.

RUNTTIMRwnttij Korffua 1564, SVT I p. 177.

RUTGERMRodgeer 1431, FMU III 2003.Rutger sthureman 1443, FMU III 2511.


SAARAFKäre hustrw Sara 1577, BID V 186.

SALOMONM Salamon 1443, FMU III 2503.

SALVESalwe Jensson 1466, FMU IV 3299.

SAMUELMSamuel Arvidsson till Gammelby 1575, BID V 120.

SANDERMSanders scriffuar 1508, FMU VI 5341.

SANKKIMSancki Mennistön 1552, SVT II p. 207.

SANTSIMSantzi Mickelson 1551, SVT II p. 77.

SATA-?         An ancient Finnish name element. SATAJALKA Sataielka aff Karuiti 1390, SB 272. SATATIETO Satato de Laynamaesse 1340, SB 99.

SCOLASTICA Fhustru Scolastica 1551, SVT II p. 90.hustru Scolastica 1581, BID V 270.

SECUNDUSMSecundus Siurdsson 1517, FMU VII 5911.

SEBASTIANMSobastianus 1571, SHV p. 143.Sebastianus 1571, SHV p. 150.

SEIKKAFSeijka, Olli Keckons dotter 1561, SVT I p. 28.Seijcka, Anti Hurskans enckia 1564, SVT I p. 148. A woman’s name from Savolax.

SELLIM Selli Hannuxenpoica Luckoinen 1565, SVT I p. 224. Could also be SÄLLI? The modern noun “selli” means a brig.

SEPIM Sepi Långh 1433, FMU III 2078.

SEPPÄM Seppe Targiain 1564, SVT I p. 150.Seppe Pylken 1564, SVT I p. 211. A strong byname perhaps used also as a first name (“seppä” means a smith).

SERTILM Sertil Jönsson 1571, UHV p. CV. A spelling error for BERTIL?

SEVERINMSeuerinn 1491, FMU V 4386.Severin Andersson 1511, FMU VII 5556.

SIGFRIDMSigfridus de Huctis 1470, FMU IV 3456 (lat.).

SIGGEM Sigge i Kyrw 1419, FMU II 1572.Sigge Tauasten 1530, FMU VIII 6493.

SIGLÖGN?Sighlöghn 1322, SB 29 (lat).

SIGNILDmin dotters Signildh 1471, FMU IV 3474.

SIGRIDFSigredh Elofs dotter 1449, FMU III 2799.Sigrett, Per Halons dotter 1563, SVT I p. 69.

SIGURDMSigurd Whenapha 1379, FMU I 877. See also SIUKO and SIURI.

SIGVARDMSiguard Jacopson 1581, BID V 270.

SIITSAF faster Sijtza 1545, BID III 215.Sciisza Anders dotter 1564, SVT I p. 199.

SIKSTUSMSistus Jöennsonn 1571, HHV p. 121.Sikstus Pentinpoika 1572.

SILVASTIM Siluast Hendrickson Mikola 1551, SVT II p. 58.Siluester Hemmolast 1454, FMU IV 2939. A form of SYLVESTER.

SIMEONMSimeonn Ollsonn 1571, SV p. 102.

SIMO(N)MSymon aff Haritto 1378, SB 239. The Finnish form is SIMO,Simo Nilsson 1571, PHV p. 31.

SISILIAFHustru Szisilia 1571, AHV p. 18. A form of CECILIA.

SISSILLEF hustru Sissille 1567, BID IV 337.

SIUKOM Siukå Matzsson 1571, SHV p. 200.Siukå Kommo 1571, SHV p. 202.

SIURIM Siureij Lucasson 1571, SHV p. 139.

SIVALDMSiwaldh Jonsson 1450, FMU III 2856.

SIVARDMSiuarum, natione finnonem 1506, FMU VI 5203 (lat.).

SIVERTMSiverth Roitiold 1447, FMU III 2687.

SOFIAF hustrv Sophia, Hans Kustos aenkia 1448, SB 714.

STAFFANM Staffuan i Willile 1440, FMU III 2343.

STENMSten Eko 1493, FMU V 4528.

STIGM Stigh Karpalaynen 1449, FMU III 2786.

STIGULFMStigholff Jönisson 1450, FMU III 2839.

SUIKKIM Suicki Hanson 1571, KHV p. 21.

SUKARIMsucari de ravraioki 1475, BID I p. 368.

SUMIMSumij Bengttzson 1571, UVL p. VIII. A spelling error for SUNI/SUNNI?

SUNEMSune Vähimast 1462, FMU IV 3189. A Finnish spelling SUNI.

SUN(N)IMSunnij Persson 1571 UHV p. XVI.Swny Langh 1424, FMU II 1740.

SUNNEVAF hwstrw Swniwa 1556, BID III 429.hustru Sunewa 1563, BID IV 135.

SUNNO? Sunno Hidenaltae 1378, FMU I 868.

SUOMIF hustru Some i Viborg 1445, FMU III 2631.

SUSSE? Susse Nittmagh 1410, FMU II 1330.Susse Grip 1410,FMU II 1330. A possible but unlikely interpretation is SUSI (= wolf).

SVANTEMSwante Erichsson till Kiala 1567, BID IV 336.

SVENM Swen Kog  1431, FMU III 2024.Swenn wttuinen 1578.


TALONPOIKA MThanlonpoyka 1491, FMU V 4351. A byname meaning a farmer.

TAPIOM         A god in Finnish mythology according to period sources (Agricola). Evidence for surname use only:laurens tapio 1479, BID I p. 370.

TEINUSM Teinus Henrichsson 1487, BID I p. 119.

TENTTUMThenttus Andersson 1571, AHV p. 32.

TEUSMTheyus Kaskalasta 1457, FMU IV 3025.Theus i Kaskale 1472, FMU IV 3492.

THEOBALD MTheobaldus 1524, BID I p. 418.

THOMASM Thåmas Käyrön Pänä 1450, FMU III 2868. The Finnish form is TUOMAS.

TIBURTIUSMTiburtius 1571, SHV p. 206.

TIDEMAN      MTijdeman 1478, FMU IV 3769.

TIIDIKKAM Tidhecka/Tydeca guldsmed 1373, SB 221. From the name THIDECHINUS.

TIMOTEUSM Timotheus Polson 1571, HHV p. 73.

TI(I)NUSMTijnus Mannin 1559, SVT I p. 5.

TINNEM Tijnne Olsson 1571, UHV p. CXXII.Thynne Perssonn 1571, KHV p. 116.?

TITTI?Tyddi/Tiddi Kiaepunj 1334, SB 78.

TOIKKA? Toykanpoyca 1422, SB 399.

TOIVA-M         An old name element. TOIVO Anders Toiwo 1578, BID V 202. TOIVARI Touara Toiuarasson 1572. TOIVATTO Toijvato 1563. TOIVIO Thoijuijo 1570.

TONIUSMDonivs Magnusson 1450, FMU III 2856.Tonius 1540, BID III 146. See also TÖNNI.

TORDM Tord Kidelingh 1440, FMU III 2347.Tordt Simonsson 1571, SHV p. 65. See also TUURE.

TORKEL        MTårkil i Lagdingo 1432, FMU III 2056.Torkel Pintiaelae 1448, FMU III 2772. The Finnish spelling is TORKKELI.

TORLAFFmyn hustrv Torlaff 1382, FMU I 905.

TORSTENM Torsten Biornsson 1482, FMU V 3909.

TRUDAFhustv Trvdha aff Linnopæ/Trwda 1451, FMU IV 2878.

TUOK(K)IM Thokila gordh ... fadher Thoke 1432, FMU III 2056.

TUOMASM Tomas af Lockalax 1507, FMU VI 5300.Tommas Simonnsson 1571, HHV p. 111. See also THOMAS.

TUROM Toro Mattson 1511, FMU VII 5520.Kijrstin, Turons dotter 1563, SVT I p. 105.

TUUREM Thore Paedersson  1432, FMU III 2032.Twre Swensson 1441, FMU III 2378. Possible pronunciation is also TUURI.

TUVEMTuwa Niclisson 1438, FMU III 2248.Tuvo Nielsson 1439, FMU III 2310.Tuwe Niclisson 1444, FMU III 2590.

TYKEMTijke Larsson, borgare i Raumo 1551, SVT II p. 98.

TYN(N)IMTyni Hakulin 1564, SVT I p. 194.Tynne Olsson 1541.Tijnius Panelia 1551, SVT II p. 95.

TYRILM Tijrll Hendrickson 1550, SVT II p. 7.TyrijlsOlsson 1571, PHV p. 92.

TYSSIM Tyssi Kutaioki 1466, FMU IV 3312.

TYVEMTywe j Hywikikala 1470, FMU IV 3437.

TÖNIUSMThönius Grothe 1476, FMU IV 3662.

TÖNNIM Tönne Monsson 1470, FMU IV 3432.


ULFARDMUlfard Rosendal 1386, FMU I 945.

UOTIMOth i Lawisista 1404, FMU II 1180.Ote Kermela 1424, FMU II 1741.Otj Kuwalainen … Oti Lukkari aff Lokanesby 1430, SB 434

URBAN(US)MWrbanus j Hindzala 1501, FMU VI 4906.Wrban Skinnar 1552.

URSAFVrsa Larsdotter Hauffualan 1552, SVT II p. 163. A shorthand for URSULA?

URSULAFVrsula 1477, SB 652.Wrtzla Enckia 1571, PHV p. 53.


VALBORGF Wallborg Jönsdotter... Walburga 1450, FMU III 2867. See also VALPURI.

VALDEMARMWaldemar i Calmara 1431, FMU III 2022.Waldemar Larsonn 1571, HHV p. 153.

VALMARMWalmar Kukkialast 1466, FMU IV 3312. Finns would use VALMARI.

VALPURFValbor, Matts Turons dotter 1564, SVT I p. 140. The Finnish form is VALPURI.

-VALTA-?An old name element. MIELIVALTA Melewaldus 1332, SB 69 (lat.).

VALTERMValter person wiliussela 1507, BID I p. 141. The Finnish form would be VALTTERI.

VASILIM Vasilij Järlan 1531, BID III 3. A Russian based name used mainly in Carelia.

VASTIM Vaste Haelgasson 1438, FMU III 2252.Waste i Tränawiik 1477, FMU IV 3710.Wasth Persson 1571, AHV p. 54.

VESTERMVester Nowsian 1563, SVT I p. 96. Finns would add an -I, VESTERI.

VIBRUDMWibrudz Kortump 1444, FMU III 2580.

VIDINGM Witingh Persson 1571, AHV p. 44.

VIDKEM Vidke Assarsson 1435.Vitke Mansson i Vithara 1487, FMU V 4140. VITIKKA would be the Finnish form.

VIGULFMWigulff Baenktsson 1431, FMU III 2017.

VIHA-?         An ancient name element. VIHATTU Per Vihaittu 1571, SHV p. 132.

VIINIKKAM Wijnicka Onckala 1463, FMU IV 3219.

VIISAM Viisa Greuszon 1561, SVT I p. 30.Visa Narin 1561, SVT I p. 27.

VIKTORMVicther Kuhalaste 1483, FMU V 3969.

VILHELMM Wilhelm Haghampera 1515, FMU VII 5841.

VILKKIM Vilki Aruedsson 1550, SVT II p. 5. Vilckin i Koijuisto 1552, SVT II p. 239.Viilkij Laman 1563, SVT I p. 131. A form of VILHELM.

VILLEM Ville j Mansiom 1412, SB 333.Wille Karlsson 1378, FMU I 869. Could also be Swedish spellings of VILLI.

VILLIM willi wemast 1480, BID I p. 374.Willi Wichtainen 1513, FMU VII 5641. NB! The noun “villi” means “wild”.

VILMARMWillmar 1486, FMU V 4098.Willmar Salust 1484, BID I p. 24.

VINAMVina Vnkola 1462, FMU IV 3186. Could also be UINA, but neither is a known Finnish name.

VINCENCIUSMVincencius Mennistön 1551, SVT II p. 116.Vinceznius Larsson 1571, SHV p. 10.

VINTERM Winter 1476, FMU IV 3635.

VIRGILIUSM Virgilius Käriänniemi 1420, FMU II 1650.Virgilius Jonson 1571, HHV p. 74.

VITIKKAM          Ks. VIDKE.Vidicka Larson 1571, HHV p. 23.Weticka Sattela 1442, FMU III 2441.
VIVAST(I)M Wywast 1447, FMU III 2685.
VOLMARM Volmar lenszman 1565, SVT I p. 225.
VOLTERMWolterus Bollik, ciuis in Abo 1445, FMU III 2613 (lat.)
VÄMMÄMWæmmæ j Cawcala 1466, FMU IV 3290.


YRJÄNÄMYriän Rukardila 1516, FMU VII 5897.


ÅKEM Oke Jopson 1503, FMU VI 4982.

ÅTTEMÅtte Nilsson till Korsgård 1575, BID V 120.


ÖDGERM Ödgjerd i Jungsund 1442, FMU III 2499.Ödger j Ösma j Kymeta 1486, FMU V 4102.

ÖRJANM Örien Hansson of Köru 1505, FMU VI 5124.

ÖSTENM Östen Sonasson 1450, FMU III 2856.

ÖSTIMœsti poyalayn 1475, BID I p. 369.

ÖVIDMÖwidh j Töuitö 1432, FMU III 2040.