Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
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Bynames Found in the 1296 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Rutland, England
(names based on other relationships)

by Karen Larsdatter (Karen Harris)

Many of the women in these records have a Latin byname indicating that they were married or widowed.

Those whose husbands were alive in 1296 have a byname with the word uxor and then a Latinized possessive form of the husband's name, usually just the given name, but sometimes a full name or other identification. (See the section on patronyms for the given names indicated by these Latinized names.

BynameFrequency   BynameFrequency
uxor Ade1   uxor Roberti 4
uxor filii Symonis1   uxor Roberti Crowe 1
uxor Gilberti1   uxor Roberti de Thy 1
uxor Henrici2   uxor Roberti Erneys 1
uxor Hugonis prepositi1   uxor Roberti Necke 1
uxor Johannis1   uxor Roberti Pere 1
uxor Martini1   uxor Rogeri 3
uxor prepositi1   uxor Rogeri Curteys 1
uxor Reginaldi2   uxor Symonis 1
uxor Ricardi2   uxor Thome 1
uxor Ricardi Filii Ricardi1      

Widows are most frequently denoted with the byname viuda (16 women are labelled that way in these records). Another eight are labelled as que fuit uxor with their former husbands' names:

Emma que fuit uxor Nicholai
Hawise que fuit uxor Roberti
Mabilia que fuit uxor Henrici le Venour
Marg' que fuit uxor Hugonis
Matilda que fuit uxor Henrici
Matilda que fuit uxor Radulphi
Mazir que fuit uxor Hugonis de Notingham
Petronilla que fuit uxor Ricardi de Barewell

Another nine widows are labelled as Relicta with their former husbands' names:

Agnes Relicta Hugonis
Agnes relicta Ricardi
Agnes Relicta Willelmi
Alice Relicta Thome
Alice Relicta Willelmi
Avice Relicta Symonis
Alice Relicta Willelmi
Beatrice Relicta Ricardi
Matilda Relicta Rogeri

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